Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I sent a comment with a tasteless and misguided attempt at humor back to what I THOUGHT was just to a friend; unfortunately, out of habit, it went to my entire email list, so

I offer my apologies first, to my Congressman, to whom my comment should IN NO WAY be connected.

To Nikki Tinker, whom while I do not support, should not have been the subject of any such comments, election or not,

To the members of my email list, who should be pissed at me, even if they are not, 

and to all of the readers of this blog.


memphistigersfan said...

your comments were not off base. I have seen the latest attack ad Tinker has launched on my Congressman and it is more taseless than the last one. This woman needs to be stopped.

GoldnI said...

I'm just mad that I didn't get the email :)

But whatever it was, it couldn't have been that far off base.

memphistigersfan said...

now a Tinker supporter posing as a reporter is removed from Congressman Cohen's home... who is off base now

Anonymous said...

I got left out. Someone copy me.

Sharon Cobb said...

Tinker's a stupid, race baiting bitch.

Did you say anything worse than that?

The truth is the truth.

I'll go 3 rounds with her if she's willing.