Friday, August 01, 2008

Sharon Cobb and Vibinc have also been hit

As Sharon is still down, she has asked me to post this:

Once again,'Feel Good Friday' couldn't come quick enough for me. Aside from blogging, I spent a good part of the week trying to get a very important message to Barack Obama, directly. (Bill Burton, call me) See if you're willing to look a wee bit nutty to help your candidate!

But not today!

Today, unless there is important breaking news, from one end of Tennessee to the other, liberal and conservative alike, we will try to make YOU feel good and forget about politics and other news for just a few moments and put a smile on your face with a music video that "feels good."

LeftWingCracker out of Memphis compiles a list of all the bloggers who are participating, so make sure and check his site for not only his entry, but to see who else in Tennessee is participating and check their entries as well.

My selection this week is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. If it doesn't, you may want to consider prozac.

Please watch this video all the way through, as the last minute is particularly entertaining.

Without further adieu, I present 'The Zimmers,'with the most enjoyable version of The Who's "My Generation."

Enjoy! (And thanks for Cracker for posting this for me. Blogger still has me and thousands of others locked out of our accounts under the guise of thinking we're spam. Something fishy is going on with Blogger/Google, but we'll discuss that another day)


Squirrel Queen said...

Now that was certainly enjoyable. You can be a rebel no matter what your age.

Newscoma said...

I'm also compiling a list in case you guys need it over at my wordpress account. Let me know how I can be of help.

Anonymous said...

That video was groovy when I posted it in April 2007, and it's still groovy.

Anonymous said...

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