Sunday, August 10, 2008

So much for trying to ignore the Olympics

Doug Mills/The New York Times  Garrett Weber-Gale, left, and Michael Phelps after the United States won the 4x100 freestyle relay.

Damn you, Michael Phelps, you sucked me in.  I had planned to avoid these Olympics, because of China's horrible record on human rights, and also I was ready to projectile vomit every time I saw Bu$h frolicking over there.

However, Michael Phelps, who is now 2-for-2 in his quest for eight gold medals, made me watch, first by winning the 400 Individual Medley last night, and then was part of a world record 4X100 Freestyle Relay win less than an hour ago.  

This was all the more stunning considering that USA anchor Jason Lezak made up a huge lead by the French, who had trash-talked the USA squad earlier in the day.  

The winning margin? .08 of a second.  Yes, you read that right, .08 of a SECOND.

Wow, just wow.  

Oh, and the USA men's hoops team won a squeaker over host China this morning, 101-70.

So much for ignoring Beijing 2008, eh?


David Holt said...

Made even better by the French acting, well, French about the race.

David Holt said...

Dude just did it again. He ain't human.
Although for some strange reason I prefer Mays and Walsh over in beach volleyball.

Sharon Cobb said...