Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bill Maher knocks it out of the park

Hat tip to the NEWS BLOG and Rising Hegemon.

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MemphisPI said...

LWC, Topic change here. I wanted to comment on your UM sports piece but in the meantime I read our paper.

Did you read the special section "on the take: A culture of corruption in Memphis"? The photo lineup says it all, we live in a corrupt government environment.

When I travel comments are made about the "problems" in Memphis. Comments are easy to make and those of us here who fight the good fight are living large and on the front lines. At least we did not take the flight option.

While I am glad to still be living here and associating with many who are trying to make the city better!

I'll close with a quote from the article which blew me away.

"Memphis is in the midst of such an epidemic of scandal that it rivals other historical hotbeds of public corruption.... for the dubious crown of the nation's most
venal city" Marc Perrusqula, The Commercial Appeal, March 25, 2007