Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Liberate Tennessee!!!!!!

As you know, interim Senator Shea Flinn has introduced legislation to liberalize Tennessee's archaic liquor laws, which hurt liquor store owners and consumers, and make excess $$$$ for liquor distributors.

Nashville's own Sean Braisted (proudly found on our blogroll) has decided to start Liberate Tennessee, a blog about changing these laws, so that we can get a bottle of wine on Sundays, maybe even in our grocery stores!

It's one thing for the backwoods counties to stay dry or force people to the moonshiners; however, for those of us in the refined metro areas, we need RELIEF. You will find this site on the blogroll later today, go there and support this noble effort.

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TN420 said...

I gave Sean's button high billing on the Cove. :)

I don't drink as a rule, but I do get the hankerin' for a cold Red Stripe from time to time. Even on Sunday.