Sunday, March 11, 2007

I don't want to alarm you, but....

Beverly Marrero may be in trouble. Yes, you read that right.

The Goopers have put on a stronger campaign than expected, and there have been more early votes from Republican areas than OUR area. It is no longer unthinkable to suggest that the term SENATOR LARRY PARRISH could be heard in the most Democratic and liberal Senate district in Tennessee.

Why? As much as we all love Beverly Marrero, she is at best a mediocre campaigner, and it has seemed since the primary that many in her camp thought that her name would carry her through, just as it has in the smaller (and more liberal) District 89, where no Republican has reigned since 1972.

This is clearly NOT the case, as the Goopers smell blood in the water. Why not? Once they were given the Senate as a gift in January (thanks again, Ros!), they have wanted to solidify their hold.

Now, with Senator (and former Lt. Governor) John Wilder in the hospital bouncing back and forth between serious and critical condition like a 2 year old child on Jolt cola, and Marrero sleepwalking to a possible defeat, they are ready to put a stranglehold on the upper chamber.

Now, then, if you live and vote in District 30, you need to do the following:
2) CALL EVERYONE that you know who votes Democrat and lives in District 30 to remind them to vote for Beverly on Tuesday.
3) If you can take Tuesday off to come and help her, please do so and then contact David Upton to see how you can help. (I will verify that's it's OK to put his number and email addy up first).

NO, the Cracker is not crying wolf, folks, this is possible, and it's time for the cavalry to ride in.




autoegocrat said...

As long as no freak storm occurs that only rains on Democrats, Marrero's going to win this one. Republicans have to beat a three to one ratio in their GOTV if they want to win that district, and I don't think Parrish has the legs to do it.

LeftWingCracker said...

Take nothing for granted here, Auto, they are busting their collective asses, and we need a STRONG Election Day turnout.

Ian said...

Of course you shouldn't take anything for granted. Don't forget that these races are usually decided by a very few amount of votes. What does this mean, it means that all of you lazy ass democrats need to take a working interest in what is going on.

YOu figured since Cohen held this seat for so long that it could never be taken by a Republican.

Well folks, that is why we have campaigns. If you don't run one then you ain't gonna win.

lucy said...

First thing is we do all have to get out and vote and get our friends to too. When I overheard David talking about Thee turnout in rep areas I almost paniced. I went out to a rep early vote site on wed. though and they were almost all Marrero voters. So lets work hard but I dont think we have any real reason to panic.
(how you like the new name)

BraveCordovaDem said...

One point of correction LWC. A Republican has never won in District 89. Doy Daniels won in 1972 as a Democrat but switched parties by 1974 (perhaps one of the stupidest political moves ever) and was defeated by Democrat Pam Gaia that year.

MemphisPI said...

LWC you are right as this election is not in the bag. I am in the eastern part of the district. Parrish has a small number of signs up including some big signs along Walnut Grove Road. I have observed only one Marrero sign out east and that does not include the one in my front yard.
Worst of all when I early voted on Summer Ave., there were no Marrero or
Hardaway sign at that polling station.

If we lose this one it will be more than embarrassing. As the Freedonian points out (see link at bottom of comments) Parrish is not
a progressive! Yea we probably will win this one but it shouldn't be a squeaker. Squeaker's aren't very impressive or progressive!

There is no room for excuses like she can't raise money during session. Somebody has money as I have received around 4 mailers and one robo call from the Kernellmeister.

By the way where is the party Tuesday night?