Friday, March 23, 2007

Dave and BCD have a GREAT point here...

David Holt posted a comment at WTL from one of our regulars, Brave Cordova Dem, about an anonymous mailing sent to the convention delegates detailing problems SCDP Chair candidate Jay Bailey has had with the Bar Association's Board of Professional Responsibility:

It looks like some anonymous individual (I have my suspicions) is trying tohelp us choose the next leader by mailing out some crap about one of them to all who attended the Ward and Precinct caucuses. No matter who you support, every good Democrat should denounce this action. Actions like this have set a bad tonewithin the Party for the last several years.I challenge the individual to stepforward and let us know who he or she is and why they are sending this out.Also, if anyone knows who is behind this, speak up.

I know that every SCDP Chair election is a knockdown, drag-out brawl, but BCD nails it. It's one thing to call a press conference, lay this out for the public, and say that, for these reasons, I can't support Jay Bailey.

However, to put this out anonymously makes you nothing but a PUNK (or PUNKS), in my opinion. Don't have the cojones to put your name on it? Don't do it, PUNK(S).

I would expect that a good and decent man like Keith Norman would quickly denounce a treacherous act like this, and I expect a response before the G-Town Democratic Forum on Monday night. If not, I expect someone to GRILL him about this.

Rant over.

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mike said...

Thadeus Matthews openly points a finger at West Tennessee Liberal's own Desi Franklin.

Interesting that no one is posting the return mail address, to aid in finding the party involved. It was a mass public mailing so there's no reason to keep the return address "secret."