Friday, March 23, 2007

We were THISCLOSE to Armageddon.

Courtesy ESPN/AP

If the Tennessee Vols had held on and beaten #1 seeded Ohio State, Armageddon would have taken place in the Alamodome Saturday, as it would have been a Tiger-Volunteer South regional final, and San Antonio might not have been left standing by Saturday night.

However, 'twas not to be, and Ohio State survived to play our Memphis Tigers on Saturday for a berth in the Final Four at 3:40 CDT, live on WREG-TV 3.

Good luck to the Vols, who blew a 20-point 2nd-half lead to lose to the Buckeyes.

The Tigers AGAIN hit critical free throws to beat a decidedly pro-Aggie crowd in San Antonio, 171 miles from their College Station campus.

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Sharon Cobb said...

I was on the phone with Kernell and I told him I hadn't seen you posting a lot lately, and he said, "Are kidding? It's the NCAA playoffs!"

My bad.

That being said, my bracket has Ohio and UCLA in the championship game, so I am still alive in my ESPN bracket.