Tuesday, March 27, 2007

From Confessions of a West Tennessee Liberal...: Thank You, Joe.

Confessions of a West Tennessee Liberal...: Thank You, Joe.

Joe asked me to post this here as well, it speaks for itself:

I rarely post comments on blogs. In fact, I've posted only one blog previously on my friend Steve's Leftwingcracker. There's always an exception and I recognize this as an exceptional exception. I can't and shouldn't be mute on this matter. I've known David for a few short years but recognized his value asa human being when I first met him. Through him a optimistic preview of what hopefully lies ahead for political leadership and community activism is possible. There are honest,dedicated, servant-leadership oriented, and hard-working young people outthere. Such a person is found in my friend, comrade, and ally, David Holt.

I went to work immediately when I heard the rumor that David was considering this step. When I called him and confirmed what I heard was true, I went to work in support of him that same hour. All readers of this blog should do the same. Find out what you can do to help David and Just Do It! No hesitation, nogames, procrastination.

David Holt has a great mind and moralcompass. He's reliable and sees a thing through to completion. He is well-respected and has a quiet and unassuming dignity that I respect and admire greatly. He is a man of courage and honor. We have a blessing, gift, and advocate in David Holt!

Yours in service,
Joe Wm.Young, II

I am honored to have Joe as my friend as well.

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