Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mike Williams Goes Indy, Leaves Goopers!

Hat tip to Kleinheider!

State Senator Mike Williams (I-Maynardville) gave his R back and added that I this afternoon by leaving the Senate Republican Caucus, leaving the State Senate at 16-16-1.

According to the article, Sen. Paul Stanley (R-Germantown) made this not-so-subtle threat: "He has given us a hunting license to go into his district and I intend to go there," a visibly upset Stanley told reporters. "He's looking for attention and has put himself on an island, I hope he likes it there."

Now they know how WE felt when Don McLeary jumped.

Before you ask, no, there will be no leadership change and no committee changes for this General Assembly. It WILL make things interesting next year when Williams is up for re-election, though.

UPDATE: The Morons at the CA put the WRONG headline on this; Williams is going INDY, not to our side!!!!

UPDATE @ 5:03 PM: The CA fixed the headline on the front page AND the article, I'm glad they read this site!

MORE on this from JB at the Flyer, great insight as usual....


Dave Oatney said...

Since I live in Williams' district, you'll have to trust me on this one: Politically, he is now as good as dead.

LeftWingCracker said...

Exactly, Dave. I figure Mike Faulk will have more money and more people helping him than he can imagine.

What are the odds Williams WON'T seek re-election?

mike said...

Williams now has two years to find other employment. Talk about Dead Man Walking....

BraveCordovaDem said...

" . . . .trust me on this one: Politically, he is now as good as dead."

Being the good urban Democrat I am, I don't tend to trust "expert" local comments. I am not that familiar with that District. Looking on the map, it seems to encompass mostly rural territory with some Suburban Knoxville.

From what I can see, this is the kind of area that appreciates independent thinking politicians, more than they used to. From that standpoint, I would think that Williams should stress his independence from a rigid leadership and wimpy ass Senators from Memphis that talk about a hunting license against their local folks, that is, if he runs for re-election.

richard said...

A former democrat consultant whose now employed at a certain college in Tennessee told me last night that democrats had internal polls showing Williams losing to Mike Faulk by 19 points in the GOP primary and that primarily lead to his switch after Joe Haynes had a chat with him. But given the make-up of that district though and the fact that democrats wont likely campaign for President in Tennessee next fall and Lamar is seeking re-election. Its highly unlikely Williams will survive next fall IF he runs again.

The Austin Farley said...

Good coverage Cracker. Gosh do you know how bad it hurts to complement you? I am glad to see Williams have the guts to leave the GOP. Maybe his convictions mean more than an office. Also I would like to zero in on Stanley's comments. What do you lefties think about Stanley? Arrogant ass comes to mind with me. Yeah, I know I am not your favorite either, but he is much worse.
Love Always

LeftWingCracker said...

You're always welcome here, Austin, even if we rarely agree, although we DId agree on Ophelia!