Saturday, March 24, 2007

I have a candidate for the 89 interim appointment

Ya know him, ya love him, ya know he'd do the job well until the replacement was elected, and even better, he WANTS to do it.

Not only that, David Holt proceeds to make a compelling case for his appointment, just as Freedonian did the other day. Read a sample:

I’m passionate about politics, as my long-suffering wife knows all too well. I’ve been involved in politics at all levels since before I was old enough to vote. I’ve knocked on doors, helped raise money, called voters, and generally worked myself ragged for issues and candidates I believe in for years. I’ve been called a liberal, a progressive, and a populist. I don’t shy away from any of those labels, although my politics is not necessarily bound by any label. Although I realize that as an interim representative my powers will be limited, I do want to use my time in Nashville to push for improved access to healthcare, strengthening our education system, protecting our environment, and keeping our spending within our means. I am passionate about these issues and hope to be able to affect them in Nashville. In reality, I doubt that my voting record would be much different from what that of Sen. Marrero and Councilperson Chumney would have been.

All righty, then. County Commission, here's your interim choice. Come on, whaddaya want me to do, gift-wrap him? David Holt is your best choice.

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