Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Come on, they were BOTH closer than you thought.

Call me Cassandra if you will (and HAVE), but you have to admit that you were startled when the early voting numbers came out, and secretly said, OH SHIT, Cracker was RIGHT.

I was surprised at the House 92 numbers being that close, but let's give the devils their due, the Goopers made a real run at us during early voting, and it scared me, and should have scared YOU, too. Props to David Upton for the Election Day GOTV effort, but why not have that kind of effort all along???

We need to be more organized for the whole race, as we now have yet one MORE special election to fill Beverly's soon-to-be-vacated House 89 seat (like, probably, TOMORROW), and we need to be ready.

I have a thought; what are the chances that, with session at the halfway point, the Honorable Phil Governor decides to have the special election coincide with the Memphis city elections in October, in an attempt to save money? What are your thoughts?

Also, do you think that the interim appointment should go to someone who is NOT running for the seat, as was done with Senate 30 and House 92? Let's hear what you have to say, folks!


MemphisPI said...

Looks like we got a tradition going so I would say appoint someone who will not run for the seat. The appointment should be made immediately by the county commission like call for a special meeting. About 8 weeks are left in the legislative session.

If I lived in 89 I would want a state
representative for as many of those eight weeks as possible. Remember that when the Republican Senators removed Ophelia Ford there was no replacement made for the final part of the session. As we know that is when most of the voting takes place. I thought the people in that district were pretty easy going about that! Anyway since I don't live in 89 I won't voice an opinion about when the special election should take place.

I was driving through the eastern part of Dist 30 election day during the rush hour. The Republicans had a half dozen street corners covered with sign wavers. Usually you only see a couple of the big ones covered.

They were working hard for these two races. Repubs I know don't like Parrish and nobody could tell me who Richard Morton was. If they had some different candidates it would have been closer and possibly a victory.

Sharon Cobb said...

You're such a Cassandra! I posted Jackson's piece on Beverly with that classic line.
You've got to admit, Memphis politics is a Greek Tragedy.

John Harvey said...

Gee, I hate to cast aspersions on the EC, but is that Java applet not the absolute worst you've ever seen? Why don't they just publish it in html with a meta refresh tag and skip all the downloading of plugins, etc.

Another thing that would be nice is if they put the correct information up. One screen shows 68/68 precincts reporting in the header and 58/58 in the data.

Then there is no break-out of early voting from absentee. That might be informative.

Oh well, keep up to "good" work at the EC. We've come to expect nothing and our expectations are being met - again!

gatesofmemphis said...

Cassandra, I wouldn't have voted if it hadn't been for your warnings. I appreciate it.

PeskyFly said...

Cracker: Cassandra isn't pejorative (though it's often used that way to describe doomsaying buzzkillers).

Cassandra was ALWAYS right about EVERYTHING. The villian of the tale is Apollo who gave her the gift of prophesy and also insured that she'd be regarded by the Trojans as a raving loon.

In this case AJK played the role of the Trojans with the "Midtown is Memphis" mindset standing in for Apollo.

I'd say Jack was on the money with the classical nomanclature.

LeftWingCracker said...

OOPS.... That's what I get for graduating from MCS!

My bad, I am GREATLy appreciative of all who have backed me up, this was FAR closer than it needed to be.

Formerly Considered Moderate said...

Definitely. Appoint someone who isn't running. However, since Kevin Gallagher is running and presumably will win the primary, we don't need to worry about a close race. He will actually WORK for it and campaign!