Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cord-Forker Debate Tonight

Yeah, I KNOW what I wrote, thank you very much. Thanks to brother Wintermute, who advises that C-SPAN is carrying this tonight at 6 PM CDT, (7 PM EDT, check your local listings).

In other Cord-Forker news, Pesky takes a shot at our outgoing Congressman for the way he answered a Kiwanian here in Memphis the other day:

Last week when Harold Ford Jr. addressed the Kiwanis club, a man identifying himself as, "A good Republican," praised the Democratic Congressman, and his artfully nonpartisan speech. He then offered Junior the opportunity to confirm his hard-earned, but often contested capital-C Conservatism."

If elected," the good Republican asked, "Will you take a pledge to vote against any tax increase."Junior didn't flinch."

No," he answered. "That's just ignorant." He went on to explain why he was inclined not to sign pledges on any issue saying, in essence, that "you never know what tomorrow holds." Cue the violins.

Now, for an announcement from the Cracker: I am going to wait until Election Day to vote, so that I can wait to see if the Congressman or his father pull any last minute shenanigans on behalf of Jake Ford, who has commercials out now.

Jake has now apparently decided to run as a Dixiecrat now, attacking Steve Cohen for his liberalism.

Look, moron, what the hell do you think the Democratic Party is supposed to be about? We are the Center-LEFT party, not right-wingnut! You CLAIM that you will caucus with us if you win (and that's a BIG fucking if, pal) but like your older brother, you seem to have a problem with our policies. How do we KNOW you would caucus with the D's?

Jake Ford, Black Dixiecrat.

Also, I want to send a shoutout to Chris Lugo, the Green candidate for Senator. Look, Chris, as far as I'm concerned, YOU have the Democratic positions for this race, but you're not going to win, and it's not necessarily because of the issues, OK?

The problem, Chris, is that if you didn't dress like either a hippie or a Mennonite farmer (not that there's anything wrong with that!) people would take you more seriously. It ain't 1974 any more, and people CARE about how you dress when you're running for office. Get rid of the beard, OK?

No, you need not get a pedicure or an Armani suit, but at least dress like you're applying for a bank loan, for heaven's sake. Then people will find out that, even if you're not likely to win, that you're right on the issues and you might even take enough away from Junior to move him back in the correct direction.

Rant over!

UPDATE: Pesky concurs on Lugo, and presents a picture to prove the point; however, Blogger won't let me upload it, so go check out Pesky to see it.


polar donkey said...

I'm out in rural, middle Tennesse visiting family for a few days. I was here for the three months leading up to the 2004 election, so I know what a motivated conservative base looked here. I was stunned driving around. I've seen a few 4'x8' Corker signs, but just as many Jr 4'x8''s as well. I have seen very few small yard signs for Corker, but many more Jr signs. Plus Bredsen and state rep & senate Democrat signs. It sure doesn't seem like conservatives give two shits about Corker and overall the conservative base is really demoralized. My conservative family doesn't like Bush and aren't anymore inclined to vote for Corker than Jr. In mid-September I thought Corker would win and Jr would get 45%. Now, I think Jr will. Foley and Iraq are killing Republicans. Even North Korea and their Nuke aren't helping Republicans. Unless Jesus comes down from Heaven and endorses the Republicans, they are going to get slaughtered.

Sid said...

You have got to be kidding me.
Except you aren't.
Jake Ford, (D for Dixiecrat)? I know the young man isn't very bright, but...well lets see what wiki says.
"The term has also been used to refer to conservative white Southerners who remain within the Democratic Party, and those who were formerly Democrats but now identify as Republicans."
So which is it, Jake?
Conservative white Southerner, or formerly Democrat, now identifying as Republican?

David Holt said...

I imagine Cracker was refering both to Jake's social conservatism and use of race-baiting (as in a white can't represent this district) as a sort of weird, ironic cousin of dixicratism.

Jim Maynard said...

It's really low to attack a candidate for how he looks rather than his stand on issues..
I'll still vote for Lugo over Jr., since I do not compromise my principles for a slick politician who probably gets manicures..

LeftWingCracker said...

Again, this in 2006 and appearances matter. If you are trying to convince people to vote for you, you can't reinforce their stereotypes.

Brassmask said...

Dude, come on.

I agree that Chris could use a makeover but geez that is NO reason to vote for Ford.

I know that you have crossed over the more "adult"/"level-headed" thought process that Ford is "your" SOB but damn are you really gonna start throwing immature rocks like "he looks like a hippie"?

I almost want to ask if you got a check from Ford and the gang. Just kidding!

And if you can't re-inforce peoples' stereotypes then that must be why Ford keeps telling people he's not a Democrat and insinuating that he may not actually be black.

LeftWingCracker said...

I said what I said because i lived through the 1970s and remember what hippies looked like, by gum!

In all seriousness, B, while you and I may look hard at the issues, the voters out there who AREN'T hardcore junkies like us will look at Lugo in just that manner, and he won't be able to get through to them.

is that sad? Yes. Is it accurate? Absolutely.

Brassmask said...

Now, that is true, LWC.

The "average" voter would take one look at Lugo and just tune out UNLESS some very wise, principled, blogging, long-time Dems took the time to spell out to voters and the mainstream press that Lugo was the man for the job EVEN IF he doesn't look the part.

FYI, I got an email from Chris Lugo just yesterday saying that he was going to be in town and he'd be bringing me a yard sign.

I don't understand why everyone is cursing the darkness rather than lighting the candle.