Friday, October 13, 2006

Do you think Junior and Jake have had this conversation?



I've always taken care of you FREDO.


Taken care of me. You're my kid brother and you take care of me. Did you ever think about that -- did you ever once think about that. Send FREDO off to do this -- send FREDO off to do that! Let FREDO to take care of some Mickey Mouse night club somewhere! Send FREDO to pick somebody up at the airport! I'm your older brother Mike and I was stepped over!


That's the way Pop wanted it.


It ain't the way I wanted it! I can handle things I'm smart -- not like everyone says -- not dumb, smart and I want respect!

What to do when the kid brother keeps embarrassing the family? Well, I'm not expecting Junior to have someone take Jake fishing on Lake Tahoe, never to return. However, as this continues to draw more local, state and national attention, one wonders how Harold the Younger will continue to tolerate the insanity that his younger brother's campaign has become.

For all that Harold Ford Jr. protests that he can't help who his family is, it is apparent that the Bob Corker campaign is going to attempt to tie his family around his neck like a millstone. Things like Jake's revelation of arrests in the 80s and 90s (to be fair, the charges were dropped, but how did this happen in the first place?) will only hinder Junior's attempts to be the first popularly elected African-American senator from the South.

What will Harold do? His election will probably depend on how he handles this situation, because whatever he's doing now is no longer working.


Sputnik57 said...

You and I envisioned a similar scenario. I heard Jake ask Junior, "how do you say Banana Daquiri in Spanish."
Randy Haspel

OSIRIS said...

Here in Middle TN as more voters discuss the Corker/Ford choice, Democrats are sharing that we are very unlikely to vote Ford at the polls. Daily, many Middle TN Dems are inquiring about Ford's performance in Memphis. We don't like what there is to say about him. Read this