Monday, October 30, 2006

An inportant reminder

You will note that there is a VOTE NO ON 1 button over in the blogroll. This is to remind you vote AGAINST that amendment that would put discrimination in our state Constitution.

I ask not only that you vote no, but that you be sure to cast a vote in the Governor's race as well. For whom you vote is your business, just please vote in that race. WHY? Well, whether that piece-of-shit amendment passes is determined by vote in the Governor's race as well as the vote on the amendment itself. It has to obtain a certain percentage of the votes cast in the Governor's race in order to pass, and every vote cast in the Governor's race RAISES the vote threshold needed to pass.

Please VOTE NO ON 1 and vote in the Governor's race to throw a punch at discrimination.


TN420 said...

We voted "NO" on One.

It's not beacuse We have any special sympathy for queers at TN420, we're all straight.
But that's not the issue in our view.

All American citizens should enjoy the exact same rights. Period.
The point isn't even debatable.

Sharon Cobb said...

It's good you let people know they need to vote in the Governor's race because it effects amendment 1.
I voted for a real democrat for governor. Me.

LeftWingCracker said...

Guess what? that's a great idea and you're going to get a second vote!

Jonathan Cole said...

Thanks for supporting the Vote No on One Campaign.

Everyone is invited to join in a streetwise visibility event for the Vote No on One Campaign on this Saturday and Sunday from 2-4 p.m. On Saturday, we'll be at Union and McLean. The timing on Saturday is perfect if you plan to attend the Cohen rally at 4 p.m. On Sunday, we'll be at Poplar and Highland.

MGLCC's Initiative: Fairness (www/ will provide signs, but you are welcome to bring signs of your own creation.

If you need a Vote No on One sign for your yard, you can pick one up at the Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center at 892 South Cooper. Just take one from the front yard.

Jonathan Cole
Co-Chair, MGLCC's I:F

Anonymous said...