Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jake shows up for debate, goes batshit afterwards

After indicating to Rick Maynard of the Mud Bugle that he would NOT attend the Downtown/South Main association debate last night because that mean old Jackson Baker would be one of the co-moderators.

I guess he didn't like that news got out and that I called him a PUNK, because he showed up. It might have been better if he hadn't. Pesky has a great report of the proceedings:

Jake's performance at the debate tonight was , I should note, laced with anger. The audience laughed at him when he accused Steve Cohen of saying, "Poor people don't deserve to go to college," and he lashed out a bit asking if the crowd was through with their, "chuckle."

Mark White, as always, came of as an honest guy without an original idea to his name, and Cohen performed professionally, meeting each question with detailed answers. Jake had less to say on the issues tonight than usual, and used every opportunity he had to attack Cohen, making distortions so wild the crowd couldn't hold back the laughter.

If Jake's candidacy wasn't over already, it's over now. He looked like a man who could attack his girlfriend and his daddy. He looked like a spoiled brat with anger issues, and an urge to engage in wild confabulation.

Jake, who kept asking "What's a fucktard?" afterwards, then answered his own question by trying to provoke a fight with our favorite political reporter. Mr. Baker, as usual, showed class and demeanor by NOT kicking Jake's ass all over the stage, which I assure you he could have done with little problem.

Look, this kid is in WAY over his head, OK? Senior, this is undoubtedly one of the worst ideas you've ever had, getting him in against Cohen. Not only is Steve going to out-poll him over all, he will beat Jake in YOUR neighborhood. OK, your old one, anyway, Fisher Island residents can't vote in Tennessee.

This has gotten way too personal, and it's also gone nationwide, as the national political blog The Hotline has found the transcript of your campaign spiel for Jake and is not thrilled.

They comment here:

When asked about them on the campaign trail, Junior pleads that he has no control of the family. Perhaps not, but he's got to know that when his father veers into off-the-cuff remarks defending his little brother's arrest record at Ford for Senate campaign events, it only gives more fodder to Bob Corker and the GOP regarding the "Ford family" and "Memphis," wink wink, nod nod.

Harold Ford Sr may see a son elected to the Senate and he may get another to keep the Ford line alive in the House. But he may not be able to do both.

Look, do us all a favor (especially JAKE) and get him out before he embarrasses the family even further, and WORSE, contributes to a defeat of Junior. You're not hurting Steve Cohen, you're hurting your eldest son and preventing a Democratic takeover of the United States Senate.

Is it really worth it just to prove to Herenton that you're still the Don? Really?


Brad Watkins said...

Thank You.

autoegocrat said...

From the Space Ninja:

Please call up Jerry Lawler and resume your pro wrestling career. While your last rasslin' career was limited to Memphis Wrestling, you could be ready for the big stage. Is Raw scheduled for a Memphis stop before the November 7 election? On last night's WWE Monday Night Raw, John Cena did a finishing move (the F-U) on Kevin Federline on national TV in Los Angeles (see picture above). The crowd loved it and K.Fed was a good sport, because he knew the crowd was going to boo him.

I am quite sure Vince McMahon would get huge ratings if Newton Jake agreed to let Lawler piledrive him on the announcer's table at the Fed Ex Forum.

I can hear Jim Ross commentating it right now, "Dammit King, he's just a kid. This guy's not a wrestler. He's allegedly a Congressional candidate. You can't do this. This isn't right...Not on the table. No! No! My god! King is whooping Jake like a government mule at the Oklahoma U homecoming."

The Memphis crowd would love it! There would be "Fucktard" signs throughout the arena. Newton Jake would be the #1 heel in rasslin'. I know I would watch it with my enhanced ninja goggles.

But seriously, fans of the Space Ninja blog have noticed my criticisms of Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. from time to time. However, I truly feel for HFJ in this situation. HFJ is a man who is caught in the middle, because everyone wants him to do the right thing and endorse the Democratic nominee Sen. Cohen for the 9th District over his unqualified brother. I bet that HFJ is just hoping and praying that his campaign is strong enough to withstand the negativity and loss of votes that Newton Jake's actions will likely cause. If HFJ loses in a close race, then there will be people (myself included) who will blame Newton Jake for HFJ's loss.

Brad Watkins said...

and Thank You.....LMAO!

newscoma said...

Bravo to all of you.

JB said...

Gee, thanks for your vote of confidence, Cracker, but don't pick me no fights unless you're prepared to back me up and then pick me up.

He'll read that and think I'm spoiling for a fight. In his state of mind, you never know.

LeftWingCracker said...

I have every confidence in you, and we ALL have your back in that event.

You're right about his state of mind; I almost feel sorry for him, because he KNOWS he can't fake this much longer.

Brad Watkins said...

Hmmmm...You know Jackson...I used to set up small time boxing events say the word and DFM will set up ....perhaps a short wrestling match for the charity of your choice?
Hell, Cracker could be your shifty manager.
We could get Thad to do blow by blow, and Del Gill for color commentary.
Nikki Tinker as a Ring Girl?
...and all the bloggers could stand around the ring with straps..like a lumberjack match.
It would be legendary.

TN420 said...

Just for the record, :)

Us hicks out here in the East find all this Jake Ford stuff facinating. Thanx for some great stuff, LWC.

and WORSE, contributes to a defeat of Junior.

After following your posts on the guy, this may be the first time I've felt any sympathy for Jr. Ever.

I'm mean, how can Corker not mention Jr's family? He almost doesn't have to. That's how bad it sounds on this end.


polar donkey said...

I think I see a Halloween Bash pay-per-view coming on. WWWOOOO! Jackson will be styling and profiling! If Jake wants to be the man, he has to beat the man. WWOOO!

Anyway, I don't think Herenton needs Sr running around making a fool out of himself and his family to prove that Herenton is the Don in Memphis, but I'm sure it puts a smile on his face.

Blinders Off said...


You have been trying to get Jr. to listen to you and I think you have been more than fair. Whatever the real reasons are for Jake to be in the D9 race, Jr.’s family is destroying him.

Jr. said at a debate, "he turns to his God". In case Jr. read this post he need to turn his bible to Luke 21:16 quote:

"You will be betrayed even by parent and brothers, relatives and friends, and they will send some of you to your death".

In my opinion, He still has three weeks to separate himself from this madness.

JB said...

Steve, you're a dear friend. And I can't tell you how much I appreciate the moral support I get from you and various people on te network. It probably keeps me well and functioning, and there are places where I DON"T get it where I would dearly like it. But I have no taste for monkey business about "showdowns" or taunting disturbed personalities. Please desist with that.

I'm neither the hero nor the weenie that people may think I am. I'm just a working stiff trying to do a job as fairly and comprehensively as I can under all the ordinary pressures that go with that -- and to keep on doing it under extraordinary pressures if that's how it has to be.

It ain't easy under the best of circumstances, and these are not the best of circumstances.

But thanks again, really.

LeftWingCracker said...

I read what you wrote on the new edition of the Flyer today, and all I can say is that, as far as I'm concerned, you don't have to defend your writing to anyone, it stands on its own as the best around.

David Holt said...

As far as taunting disturbed individuals, I have a strict rule against it UNLESS that disturbed individual is trying to be my elected official. I'm funny that way.