Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Let's wait on that Ford yard sign for a minute, pal...

Our local treasure, Jackson Baker, has written the Political Notes column in this week's Nashville Scene, and it's about Ford's two-step around the 9th District race featuring his brother, Jake the Dixiecrat, and my friend and State Senator, Steve Cohen.

You need to read ALL of it, but here's a cut:

The problem is not just that first-time candidate Jake Ford, a G.E.D. holder whose résumé has been something of a mystery, threatens to split the Democratic vote to Cohen’s detriment. It is—as the Cohen folks see it—that Jake’s illustrious brother, currently the national Democrats’ Last Best Hope to regain the Senate in a showdown with the GOP’s Bob Corker, is looking the other way. In short, is Junior really a new generation of Democrat, as he says, or is he just another Ford tacitly supporting his brother and the Ford family machine over the rightful Democratic nominee?

AC Kleinheider has also posted about this story, read that here.


Unlisted said...

I get depressed when I think of the prospect of Jake and HFJ both winning

captainkona said...

We'll it's not really news that we at TN420 do not trust Ford Jr. I'll spare you the links LWC, you probably read it at the Cove already.

Corker has screwed up enough that Ford has a chance, but had Kurita been the pick instead, she'd be leading Corky by double digits as we speak.

If the bum wins at least it will be another seat with a "D" on it (if nothing more).
But I don't think he's going to. Part of me hopes he does and part hopes he doesn't, that's why my vote will go to Lugo.

I just don't trust Ford. Never have, never will. If he interferes with Cohen's chances, it will confirm my worst fears about him...
He's in it for himself.

Good post, bro'