Friday, October 20, 2006

Did Junior screw up today?

As you may know by now, Harold Ford Junior showed up at a Bob Corker press conference that was to discuss "ethics" legislation that was a thinly veiled shot at Senior's lobbying business.

If you haven't seen the video, go here to watch it and then comment, I want to know what you think.

Personally, I think Ford did all right, but that it may not have turned out as he would have liked. Kleinheider thinks this was a misstep by the Ford campaign.

I want to know A) what you thought, B) who came out better and C) will it have any bearing on how you will vote?


autoegocrat said...

I think Junior just lost the election.

captainkona said...


I never have a problem watching a Repig get punked...
But Ford did make himself look like a worried candidate.

It was a ballsy, but at the same time foolish thing to do. Jr. now looks like Jake.

All in all, my view is that the DLC lost this race when they favored Ford over Kurita (who would be leading Corky by double digits right now).

Ford still has a slim, outside chance, but only because Corker is such an idiot.

I'll call it a draw only because I would love to have seen them both start throwing blows. Can you imagine that stick-man brawl? :D

Won't change my plans. I'm voting for Chris Lugo like I planned to the day Kurita was "backed out" in favor of Jr.
Only non-Democrat on my list.

Michael Roy Hollihan said...

Big misstep. Corker walked up to him, told him off and WALKED AWAY. Ford was left standing there. And, the reporters picked up on Corker's comments and then posed them to Ford. Not a good thing.

Ford took a gamble and lost. He should be glad it happened on a Friday, before the weekend, which means it'll all be over before the Monday news when folks start watching again.

BTW, Ford is caught in yet another lie. He said, on tape, that he's ahead in all polls. But the most recent poll this week shows Corker back ahead but within the margin of error. Oops!

Brad Watkins said...

Honestly speaking.
I thought that it could have been great for him, but he quickly lost control of the situation and was put on the defensive.

I kinda agree with Mike,he took a gamble, and it did not work out,but it easily could have.

Kenneth Neill said...

Key factor was how smoothly Corker responded. "Never let 'em see you sweat." The Corkster turned a potential disaster into a huge pr victory. Junior came off like another frenetic Ford.

Brad's correct; it was a gamble (hmm, i wonder how bad the Ford campaign's internal numbers are)but one whose success depended ENTIRELY upon Corker stumbling. He didn't and HF came up snake eyes.

Would love to have been a fly on the wall inside that bus as they were driving up...

Blinders Off said...

Corker’s ad talking about Ford’s family was no different from HFJ’s ad talking about Corker’s business.

What happened to the polish politician? Is he cracking under pressure? Did he forget they debated the issues and have other debates scheduled like the one October 28, at Vanderbilt University? With that said, WHY would he make a foolish move to challenge Corker to a street debate at a Corker press conference?

Harold Ford Jr. did not come off looking like a mature politician; he appeared to be a spoil child having a tantrum because he did not like a political advertisement talking about his family. Corker did not become rattle and lose focus at his own press conference… it backfired on HFJ.

In my opinion, people who were not in tune with what the Fords are trying to accomplish in politics this year are now. HFJ have no one to blame but himself.

polar donkey said...

Normally, I'm all for guerrilla tactics, but Jr fucked up. Haven't they had two debates and the next one is on the 28th. Plus, he talked way too long.

Corker is wee little person. Jr, as monarch henchman #24 says "He's a dick!"

I was downtown Friday around 12:30 and Jr campaign was setting up a stage and band. I waited around for a while. No sign of Jr since he was waiting for enough people to gather before he'd show. (that's bullshit ego stuff and disrectful to voters. asshole) While I was waiting, I asked a staffer if he was going to take questions. She said no he wasn't. Screw Jr and I left.

Fernandes said...

Good street theater only works when it is well planned. Jr.'s question about the "Iraq thing" made him sound foolish. I would have loved it if he would have come in citing stats, discussing Bush's lies, etc.

Corker's press conference was sleazy in that his "ethics" reform is only aimed to point out Jr's family connections. BUT, if Jr. doesnt want folks talking about his daddy then he needs to tell his daddy to shut up and stay out of his Jake and Jr.'s campaigns.

egalia said...

On the up side, Corker sure looks like a little fella standing next to Ford. Tall candidates do tend to get the votes of discriminating American voters. heh.