Friday, October 06, 2006

Now that I'm a Ford supporter, I can say this from another angle:

Congressman, get off your ass and endorse Steve Cohen. TODAY before 5 would be preferable.

Why do I say this? Because what Kleinheider refers to as the "De-Obamanization" of your campaign has already begun, what with the "OJ treatment" you received in the Gooper fund-raising letter.

However, Congressman, go back and read those comments on the post below to see why a lot of my progressive friends don't feel like they can join me in voting for you. Your votes have given all of us pause, and it damn near made it impossible to vote for you.

You MIGHT be able to get the rest of us back; however, as Kleinheider points out, you are going to have to cut off your brother in order to do it. He notes the following:

Harold Ford's appeal seems to be as non-racial as possible. With his family running an implicitly racial campaign in the 9th District, Harold Ford has given the Corker camp a golden opportunity to degrade Ford's image. I suggest they keep it up. The polls aren't giving them much choice.

You KNOW what you have to do, Congressman, in order to drive the last nail in the Corker coffin. You also have to know that it will NOT hurt you in the African-American community to do so, Congressman; hell, half of them are voting for Cohen any way.

Save your campaign and stop Corker all at once, it's up to you; you can pay now, or pay later.


70s Kid said...

The question concerning Cohen didn't arise in tonight's debate. The Memphis media is giving Ford a pass.

Further, I saw little difference between Ford and Corker with the exception that Corker seemed more genuine. This is surprising given that Ford was technically debating on his own turf. As I listened to Ford, Sade's "Smooth Operator" started playing in my mind.

Unlisted said...

I am now afraid that the Fords will solidify Memphis as their personal fiefdom...

Blinders Off said...

Harold Ford knock out punch was when he said, “A vote for Corker is a rubber stamp for Bush". Then right after that Norm Brewer delivered the knock out punch…reminding Harold Ford he rubber-stamped 15 times for Bush.

He also did not hide his anger well, his veins where showing each time he said, “Because I have Joy in my heart.”

I was not impressed with either candidate.

A Ford and Cohen united Democratic ticket would have been in Ford’s favor. Too bad his brother entered the race to spoil it for him.

Sid said...

hey there
I'm trying to find an ->honest<- review of the TN-09 debate. I would trust your opinion and conclusions more than I do the other two bloggers who have reviewed it (names withheld out of pity). I've seen such a split reaction that I don't know what the general consensus is.
Since I'm actually posting this on a thread about the whole endorsement-of-Cohen issue, I guess I should voice an opinion about that, too. I think it is important for H to endorse Cohen, but I don't think it's the most important thing. It would be nice if H could talk J into just dropping out, but I think the odds of that are about equal to the odds of Lugo winning the Senate race. In the meantime, I hope we could rally behind our Democratic candidates, all notions of hypocrisy and machines aside, even if they can't seem to do the same. It seems to be increasing clear that the Fords care more about the Fords than they do about the Democrats, but that doesn't mean the Democrats should abandon the Ford. As terrible as it would be for Cohen to lose to J.Ford, I believe it would be worse for H. Ford to lose to Corker.
Anyway, if you'd like to put up a spiel about TN-09's debate on DKos, I'd really appriciate it :)

kibitzer said...

Crackeer, get off your ass and put up a new post. TODAY before 5 would be preferable.


Which is to say: Welcome back. Your public demands to hear from you.