Friday, October 13, 2006

Roscoe: 63 months

Well, we knew this day was coming, but it doesn't mean we're happy about it. The first MAJOR domino of Tennessee Waltz has fallen, as Roscoe Dixon received a sentence of five years and three months for his role in this corruption sting.

Apparently, Roscoe STILL doesn't believe he's guilty, according to the article:

Outside the courtroom later, Dixon, 57, said he was "sorry about the whole situation," but maintained that he was entrapped.

Roscoe, the government went fishing, but no one said you had to bite. The sad thing is that he was a GOOD legislator for Shelby County, by and large, and it hurts us that he is not there. although not as bad as it hurts that John Ford is gone.

We have to clean up our own house, folks, and it starts here.


bob said...

"...although not as bad as it hurts that John Ford is gone."

Excuse me?

Exactly how does it hurt that a top-to-bottom currupt politician is gone? Or did you mispeak?

LeftWingCracker said...

Ask AC, Willie, Jim Rout or Bill Morris who did the heavy lifting for the City or County in Memphis?

It was John, crazy-ass, Father-of Our-County, wild-driving John Ford that got what the Mayors, Council and Commission needed at the General Assembly.

Yes, he's everything everyone says he is, and that's why he was indicted.

He was also effective for Shelby county. Given that the other 94 Counties would rather see us given to Arkansas or Mississippi, we need all the help we can get up there.

It's sad, but it's no less true.

David Holt said...

I love you, man, but I am NEVER going to shed a tear for a corrupt politician, whether they bring home the bacon or not.

LeftWingCracker said...

It's not so much that I am shedding a tear for HIM as I am that we will have almost NO clout in the Senate after this election, except for Kyle.

and if the Goopers take the Senate completely, with Ramsey as Lt. Governor, even with potentially Norris as a committee chair, we're screwed with regards to anything remotely progressive.

On top of that, we'll have rookies like Opehlia, Reg Tate and whoever replaces Cohen, so we will get nothing but COAL in our stockings.

TN420 said...

"We have to clean up our own house, folks, and it starts here."

This is absolute truth.

I don't know enough about any of the West's local politicians to judge their character. I rely on you guys and your Blogs for that.

But what I do know is this; we cannot speak one word about Repedocans and their culture of corruption unless we become more pro-active in cleaning our own house.
If we tolerate things like this we are hypocrites, plain and simple.

Of course a bad Democrat is better than a good Republican any day, but we still have to be better than that. Better mentally, morally, better state of mind.

We're Democrats. We drink, smoke pot, gamble...but we don't favor money over people. We don't practice deceit. That's what Republicans do.

We have to clean it up so the nation can see clearly who are the Patriots and who are the Pigs.

Dixon may have done good things, but this is politics and you're only as good as the last thing you did. He got greedy and he got caught.
He's gotta go.

There's only room for one double standard and the Republicans have a monopoly. It will be their undoing.

Oh yeah...
Democrats also have sexual relations...with adults.

shelbyvoter said...

I believe Roscoe act the best of all of them. John Ford is just wild toward making his point. Wonder what he is thinking?
So for changing the subject, BUT vote for Beverly Marreo if you live in Mid-town and Terry Roland if you live in Downtown. VOTE RIGHT this TIME...