Thursday, October 26, 2006

What a dumb ass Harold Ford Junior is...

All year long, whenever any of my fellow bloggers have tried to explain on Daily Kos how Ford has worked against progressive issues, we have been shouted down as "concern trolls", what ever the hell that is.

Then, Ford STUPIDLY let these words out of his mouth:

"I do not support the decision today reached by the New Jersey Supreme Court regarding gay marriage. I oppose gay marriage, and have voted twice in Congress to amend the United States Constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage. This November there's a referendum on the Tennessee ballot to ban same-sex marriage - I am voting for it."

OK, WTF? What does this have to do with Tennessee? NOTHING, other than it's a good day for civil rights in America.

Kos FINALLY woke up and issued this comment:

First of all, what New Jersey does is none of Ford's business.

Second of all, the NJ court didn't mandate gay marriage. It mandated equal protection under the law. How fucking awful! It's a disgrace! Equal rights? Pshaw! How dare the NJ Supreme Court refuse to allow discrimination?

Yeah, I want Ford to win. But I won't cry when he doesn't.

The Comments are now approaching 900, and it slows my browser to a crawl. You know what, though? They are not calling KOS a concern troll. With the exception of the same few Ford staffers who have gone after US, they are in agreement with Kos.

It's about damned time people out there woke up to the fact that Junior is trying to out-redneck Corker and will NOT represent our interests in Washington. yes, they have been trying to call him the N-Word using code, but this proves that Ford is no better, because this is the moral equivalent of screaming FAGGOT!

A pox on both their houses.

H/T to WTL for emailing me, Auto has a great post exploring it further at the Fly.


Anonymous said...

It's magical. It's almost like a religious cult over there. All these Kos-weenies running around defending the cause against trolls like yourself. Then one day High Priest Markos comes out and says something a little different and instantly they all scurry over to the new position.

That's why I told one of my commeneters a while back that I don't really like dealing with that crowd.

A consern troll is just a troll, but one who insinuates himself into a group by pretending to be one of the group while inserting opposing views under the guise of concern, as in:

"Yes, I agree, but I am concerned about yadda yadda yadda."

polar donkey said...

Yeah, I got slapped with the concern troll tag. Liberal version of right-wing kool-aid drinkers.

Did you see Rick's post there this afternoon. He lit into them and had background links to prove it.

David Holt said...

And was promptly troll rated.

Richmond said...

Harold, of course, knows what he is doing. Of course he is trying to outredneck Corker. He lines in Tennessee, is named Ford and--ahem, represents "Memphis" in Congress. He knows full well that "gay marriage" isn't the issue in New Jersey, but wants to win and thinks--I think incorrectly, but he ain't listenin' to me--denouncing the issue will cordon off the inevitable GOP attack ads.
Gay marriage will someday be an accepted and honored part of our culture, as it is in (most of?) Europe. Until the courts in states that are far ahead of Dixie and (most of) the Midwest undertand, however, that they need to wait a year or--in this case--a month to issue their rulings, the Harolds of politics will bloviate, overreact and violate what's left of their principles--no pun intended, but it works well.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Shoot, Auto and I have posted and even started diaries over at Kos' place discussing the voting record of Uncle Junior and we got flamed each and every time we did.

Like Bob said, I stopped diaring at Kos - it's like he's the "Jim Jones" of bloggers over there. He says something nasty about a pol and everyone falls in line to drink Kos' kool-aid. The comments are up to over 1100 on Harold's comments in an attempt to out Corker Bob Corker.

However, there was a rare time when Kos was supporting the candidacy of Paul Hackett until the DSCC slung him under the bus in favor of Sherrod Brown. Then he tried to say Hackett should stop whining about what the DSCC and Schumer did to him. And, then, adding insult to injury, Kos tried to say he was in the Brown camp all along, until a poster dug up one of Kos' posts supporting Hackett.

LOL, that loud sound you heard was Kos choking on his own petard.

And, finally, he ran ads for Cynthia McKinney's opponent and joined the "she's a loony" crowd. I think those ads for Hank Johnson cost Cynthia the primary, thanks to Kos.

Kos is an opportunist and has gone Hollywood. He was perfectly okay with Harold until Teh Gay card got played by Junior, and Kos is a big supporter of Teh Gay.

TN420 said...

"concern trolls" is the name the Kosacs give to anyone who dares go against their DLC loving, fence sitting, "we don't know what to do so follow blindly" Centrist groove.

Several of my friends at Air America were run off for simply suggesting that there may be more to 9/11 than meets the eye.

Kosacs truly are the DemoCon dittoheads they appear to be.
They howl about how corrupt Repiglikans are and how Bush lies like a broke leg dog, but it's ok for their candidates to do all the same shit?
This is why the Democratic Party finds it so difficult to maintain credibility.

Check it out... Kos, DU, and the rest will be the first one's whining when Ford Jr. starts sucking up to the GOP and acting like Lieberman Jr. That quote by Ford sounds just like Santorum or Allen.

This is the reason we can't get new Liberal voters, they look at Kos and Ford and the like and they see no real difference between Democrats and Republicans.

Lately, I don't see much difference either.

Brassmask said...

The craziest thing to me about DailyKos is I wound up there because everyone was so gung ho for Howard Dean back in the day.

It was refreshing to see a site that was so widely read actually supporting something that the mainstream was completely trying to dismantle.

It seems to me that since Dean imploded (I hate to use that term because that's not EXACTLY what happened) they are now all DLC-pretenders and think they are king makers but they've not really made any kings.

Maybe since it was so hard to get people like Dean support and they poured everything they had into it and then LOST, they're thinking that they want to go with the low-hanging fruit like Ford. That way, in their minds, they get liberal street cred by supporting a black candidate but they're get to show off their "do-anything" political "savvy" by running a guy who is appealing to conservative voters in TENNESSEE!

It's kind of sad in a way.

And I get troll-rated over there all the time, I think, because I go in there and start talking about principles and its been taken over by strategy-lovers.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Yeah, Kos' place has been taken over by DLC strategists, apologists and those only interested in "keeping their powder dry" crowd.

They won't take Harry Reid to task for continuing to enable Lieberman, because Reid showed up at Yearly Kos. Should the Dems take back the Senate, or worse, the ReThugs keep control, Lieberman is going to extract revenge on Reid and any other ReThugs who threw their support to Ned Lamont. That's going to get sick and ugly, real fast.

It's true that we are prone to becoming what we despise and I thought Kos of all people would see that.

You used to be able to have sane, political discussions over there. Not anymore. I feel like starting a blog for those in recovery from Kos' blog...

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Sorry, I meant "any other Dem" who threw their support to Ned Lamont. I have "ReThugs" on the brain, LOL.

But this is why Junior is doing major butt-kissing and keeping on Lieberman's good side - should he get that Senate seat, Junior's going to have to keep on prostituting himself to committee members like Lieberman, if he should win...

Jane Johnson said...

But after the election, who is more likely to support civil unions or gay marriage -- Ford or Corker? I know it stinks today. Until these politicans figure out who their real core support is they will still try to play the centerist. Undecideds don't funds candidates, don't door bell for candidates, don't GOTV for candidates -- they only do it for the issue of the day and they don't care if the believer is a dem or gop. We liberals are who's important -- we brung 'em and they better start dancing with us! I'm afraid that your Senate race is a taste of what will happen in the '08 presidential race -- the great DNC vs DLC face off! A rumble that will put the WWF to shame! I'll be in your corner!

Anonymous said...

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