Wednesday, October 18, 2006

OK, who's paying for this?

As we know, Harold Ford Senior is having rallies around this city for the campaigns of BOTH of his sons, and we know what he has been saying at them.

My question is this: just WHO is funding these events? I can't imagine they're coming out of Senior's pocket (when few campaign funds ever have), so where is the money coming from? Is the TDP Coordinated Campaign funding these? (there's not an SCDP Coordinated Campaign, if there is, sorry, it's not very visible).

I can only imagine, if this is the case, people who gave money to the Coordinated Campaign on behalf of the DEMOCRATIC ticket are going to be pissed off to learn that some of it is being used to prop up a failing "Independent Democrat" campaign.

So, all you reporter types out there, TRACK DOWN THE MONEY!

We would sure LOVE to know where it's coming from, because we KNOW where it's going.


TN420 said...

Best I can do on a quick search...

He's not getting enough(or reporting enough)to buy a car.

But think about this, Jr's worst enemy is Jake. Correct?

Maybe Jake's on the Corky payroll.

pissedoffdemocrat said...

at these events he has a road construction sign scrolling " Free food, family picnic sponsored by Congressman Harold Ford,Jr." Now my question is who is paying for the usage of the sign, the campaign or taxpayers.