Thursday, October 19, 2006

More information on the money

Mike Kernell contacted the Coordinated Campaign in Nashville to inquire if the Friday night picnics held by Harold Ford Senior are being paid for by that campaign. They advised Rep. Kernell that they will not reimburse any expenses for NON-Coordinated Campaign candidates, which would mean any that promote either Jake Ford or Steve Cohen or the Gooper, Mark White.

Neither Cohen nor 7th District nominee Bill Morrison chose to contribute to the Coordinated Campaign, and as Jake Ford is NOT a Democratic nominee, he would not have been allowed to contribute to this, and as such, they will not receive any funds or promotion from that Coordinated Campaign.

The Coordinated Campaign consists of Governor Phil Bredesen, Senate candidate Harold Ford Junior, and the State House/Senate Democratic caucus.

Rep. Kernell commented to me, "Harold Ford Senior is a devoted father and I respect that; for the rest of us Democrats, we need to make sure Harold Ford Junior is elected to the United States Senate and Steve Cohen to the US House. If that doesn't happen, George Bush wins."

So, thankfully, it's not the Coordinated Campaign paying for these gatherings, so again we ask, who is?

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Brassmask said...

Real nice of Mike to toe the scare tactic line of "George Bush Wins".