Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So, Mark Foley was abused as a child.

So says his attorney. OK, that's a horrible thing, but he also says Foley is not a pedophile. Technically, that's true; more accurately, he's an ephebophile, defined as someone erotically attracted to post-pubescents, applicable to gays or straights equally. Gay men of this nature are often referred to as "chickenhawks"; given that he's a Republican, how appropriate, although most were a different type of ChickenHawk.

However, the fact that he used his POSITION OF POWER to chat up and attempt to have sex with House pages, most of whom were 16 or 17, means that he is still nothing more than a sexual predator. The fact that the House leadership was advised of his creepy actions over a year ago makes them protectors of a predator.

Think of that; the very people who claim to be the only ones able to protect America from terrorists don't even ATTEMPT to protect teenagers from a sexual predator. No wonder they're the party of family values, eh? Whose family, the Borgias?


Two Sheds said...

Check it out. Fox News is trying to pass Foley off as a Democrat ... http://www.bradblog.com/?p=3570

TN420 said...

Pedophile schmedophile, he's got the hots for kids.

"the Borgias" :D :D

This sick, twisted perv is the quintessential Repiglikan. There are more sex offenders, pedos in particular, in the Republican Party than there was in ancient Rome.

Looks like Hastert may be going down with this ship also. Let's hope so. Bringing down the #3 man is a pretty good prize.

There could be more to this than meets the eye as well.
Lest we forget....



Good post, LWC! This story has real legs. Keep it going 'til the bastards choke on it.

Regards, captainkona

leahlex said...

Foley is just a pedophile and conviently gay. Lets see hi, produce his gay lover