Friday, April 30, 2010

We WILL have a David Kernell trial post up later tonight

Until then, let's remember this: David was acquitted of wire fraud, convicted of a MISDEMEANOR on unauthorized access to a computer, convicted of a minor felony on destruction of evidence and the jury was hung on Identify Theft.

So, of the four possible felony convictions, the government got ONE. The USA's office will determine next week whether to re-try the Identity Theft charge, and no one really knows right now what will happen.

It could have been far, far worse. 

Feel Good Friday

oh hell, enjoy

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please Help The House Of Mews

The House of Mews is one of the great unsung places of Memphis, especially if you love cats, as I have come to do over the last few years.  They NEVER euthanize, and keep cats until they are adopted.  Whenever Lauren and I would visit Cooper-Young, we went by there and went in if they were open.

Of course, the cats, knowing a kitty person when they saw one, would flock to her, and it would take all her strength NOT to take one, two, or all of them home.

That's why it hurts to see that they are in deep financial straits, as many of us are.  The founder is even trying to sell her house to keep it going, but it may not last.  They need our help, either with adoption or donation, and so I am asking you to help.

If you can kick in a few bucks, great, if you can adopt one of their kitties, even better, but they need our help.  If you knew Lauren, and remember her love of cats, do it for her, but do it for those wonderful cats who are so well taken care of at The House of Mews.

You'll feel better for having done so.


Kennedy Day is two DAYS away!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Well, I voted the other day

I voted on Thursday, and in addition to the recommendations I gave you at the start of Early Voting, I had to make decisions on some races.

I decided to vote for LaKeith Miller for County Clerk, and it turns out that he got the highest rating from Coalition for a Better Memphis.  Corey Maclin is a nice guy, but being a wrestling promoter is not what I call a good background for elective office; as any wrestling fan truly understands, part of what makes it work well is occasionally frustrating your audience.  Not so good for a public servant.

I voted for Carmichael Johnson in the Circuit Court Clerk's race, and I have to confess I did so because he's Cheyenne's husband.  I know, that's not a reason to vote for anyone, but you know what, I didn't have any other reason to do so.

Folks, even with the reduced numbers of voters in the county now, we have only had TWO FREAKING PERCENT of the voters to vote in this primary since early vote started.  I have gotten nothing from any of the candidates (except those I already supported) since this started.  WTH? And I am a political junkie, what about those who are unaware and uninformed?  you have to ASK for votes, candidates, not just expect them.

Too many of the people running in our primary are hoping to sneak in and steal the nominations and then let the Party carry them to victory in August.  The hell with that noise, you need to go out into all the communities, SEND MAILERS, and make phone calls.  Show us you can run a real countywide campaign.

Rant over, it's Monday.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Preach, Brother Ross, PREACH!

My Speak To Power co-blogger Steve Ross calls out his brother and sister Democrats and says the time to regain your faith is NOW and the time for action is NOW.

So, go read him and then get off your butt!  HAVE YOU VOTED YET? I HAVE!

Way to go, KnoxViews!

Hat tip to Woods at Pith, great work from our friends in the east:

CSF Event with Bobby Rush on Friday, May 7

DATE:              Friday Night, May 7, 2010
TIME:               7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
ADMISSION:   $  50 General Admission
                          $100 Gold Circle (Preferred Seating)

Benefit Concert for the Center for Southern Folklore
The Center for Southern Folklore rolls out the red carpet for veteran performer and one of its greatest friends and supporters Bobby Rush Friday night, May 7 in the Folklore Hall (119 S. Main Street @ the Peabody Place Trolley Stop in the heart of downtown Memphis.)  Proceeds from this special benefit concert will go to support the Center’s Multimedia Archives and Memphis Music & Heritage Festival Labor Day Weekend.

The first set begins at 7:00 p.m.  Between sets there will a photo opportunity with Mr. Rush and a live auction.  Check the Center’s website for the items to be auctioned.  Tickets for this special benefit performance will be $50 for general admission and $100 for preferred Gold Circle seating.  Gold Circle ticket holders will be able to attend a 6:00 p.m. pre-show meal with Mr. Rush in the Folklore Hall.

Bobby Rush has been writing and performing blues, R&B, and soul songs for almost six decades.  He grew up in Mississippi listening to artists such as Louis Jordan, Elmore James, Muddy Waters, and B.B. King.  He released his first hit, Chicken Heads, in 1971 for Galaxy Records.  Rush’s shows are legend and are considered among the most dynamic performances in the entire blues field.  He has received many awards including "Best Live Performer of the Year", "Best Blues Entertainer of the Year", and "Best Soul/Blues Albums of the Year" (“Blues Highway” on Malaco Records).  He was also prominently featured in the “The Road to Memphis” segment of “The Blues” produced by Martin Scorsese for PBS in 2003.

Despite the success and notoriety he’s achieved, Bobby Rush never forgets his roots and the importance of giving back to his community.  His generosity in performing benefit concerts for causes he believes in is legendary.  His association with the Center for Southern Folklore goes back several years including performances at the Center’s last three Memphis Music & Heritage Festivals.  He does it because, in his own words, “I want to support an organization that unites Memphis’ culture, music, history and arts the way the Center for Southern Folklore does.  The Festival is a show that everyone should attend to see how Memphis’s diverse communities come together to learn about each other and enjoy their city together.”

We appreciate your interest in and support of the Center for Southern Folklore. To learn more, go to  For tickets to the Center’s weekend shows, click here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh My, Aren't Those Partisan Primaries Just AWFUL? They're So, So PARTISAN!

I first noticed it yesterday on Zack McMillan's outstanding blog, Eye on City Hall.  (Note, Zack, I am GLAD you are back there, it's actually readable again for something other than Wendi or Sports for the first time in a LONG time.)  Zack was suggesting that since partisan primaries in May for County races were low turnout, perhaps they should be eliminated.

Old partisan hack that I am, I responded:
Zack, it rings hollow from a partisan perspective that the GOP, who began the partisan county primaries on their own in 1994 (the SCDP did not start until 1998) now wants to get rid of them.
Now, a more cynical person might think that this had something to do with the fact that much of the GOP base has exited Shelby for Tipton, Fayette and DeSoto Counties, and that it is highly unlikely that they will win more than two offices this August.
However, the REAL problem here is the statewide requirement that the County general elections be held at the same time as the State and Federal primary elections in August. This leads to confusion among even savvy voters.
The REAL answer would be a change at the state level that A) consolidates ALL primaries to August and B) all General Elections for November. This would reduce confusion and allow parties to create serious tickets and build themselves up at the County level.
While they are at it, they could arrange for all the Court Clerkships to be appointed by the judges of the particular jurisdiction and not elected, as there is no reason for them to be elected. Court clerks serve judges and lawyers, and that's who should choose them.
Then, the CA followed it up with an editorial today calling for the abolition of primaries. (Heh, I'm linking to the CA; maybe some day they will link to me!) What they DON'T mention is that the mixture in August of primary and general elections creates utter confusion for even the most savvy voters.

I believe that this may have to be done at a state level with the Constitution, as these are constitutional offices.  With that, you would have all primaries in August and all general elections in November, and it would have the added value of aiding in party-building at the local level.

However, I'm not done yet.

I believe that since we're dabbling with Constitutional change, let's kick it up a notch and make some of our statewide officials ELECTED rather than appointed.  The offices of Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Treasurer, and State Comptroller all should be elected statewide rather than be appointed by the majority party of the TGA.

Yes, GOP Cynics, I thought this would a great idea when WE were in charge, too.

While I'm sure any Democratic leadership in Nashville will need a change of underwear having just read that, the fact remains, the ONLY elected statewide position for a State office is that of Governor.  How is a party supposed to build a bench?

Until a decade ago, we at least had the Public Service Commission.  Then, my Congressman made one of his rare errors while serving as my State Senator by getting a bill passed to change the PSC from elected positions to appointed positions, now to be called the Tennessee Regulatory Authority.  (This is why you don't invite our Congressman to the same soirees as Senator Kyle, but, as Alton Brown would say, that's another show!)

As no Republican had ever been elected to the PSC (wonder why?  :-)) I thought it was wrong-headed, and still do.

You make these changes, as complicated as they may be, and you will increase turnouts in August and in November.  It will hopefully draw REAL distinctions between the parties, so we can focus on such things, as well, ISSUES, and not how cute their families are.  What the hell that has to do with policy-making and governing is beyond me; we're elected leaders and administrators, not Prom King and Queen, dammit.

Ok, that's my thought, what's yours?

 UPDATE: Wintermute makes a solid point here, and I want to share it:

Well, the Court Clerks DO interface with much of the public. They have to pay fines and costs. There are more than a few pro se suits filed in General Sessions Civil. Danny Kail wants to use the Probate Court Clerk's office to educate the public about end-of-life issues.

The organized bar and professional associations probably SHOULD take a more active role leading up to a public vote.

I'd just like the Court Clerks to be accountable to me and my brethren as well as to the public, not just to a majority of 10 Criminal Court Judges, 15 General Sessions Court Judges, 9 Circuit Court Judges, and 3 City Court Judges respectively.

So, at the end of the day, we only have THREE Senate Democrats with guts?

The Tennessee Senate passed SB 2686, the companion to HB 2681, passed the Senate last night 27-3 with TEN DEMOCRATS voting for it.  This is a bill that, if found to be Constitutional, could result in not only abortion services not being paid for by healthcare plans, but conceivably not even contraceptives.

And TEN DEMOCRATS voted for this shit?  Are you telling me that the only Senate Democrats with courage are Beverly Marrero (who ALWAYS has courage), Ophelia Ford (I've got your back now, Senator) and Thelma Harper?

You see, our legislative caucuses are locked into a strategy that will lead to their assured destruction this fall.  They seem to think that all is as it was from 1976-1994, when Blue Dog Democrats ruled the state.  Not so, any more, not with Tea Partiers everywhere, and rather than move to the left (i'm talking about even just TO center, not beyond it, they think that if the GOP is at 1.2 on the left-right scale, all they need to do is come in at 1.4 and they can call themselves Democrats).

Outside of Shelby and Davidson, they're all pretty much screwed.  What's worse, is that they have completely abandoned any pretense of trying to find ways to help Tennesseans, and they are rolling over for bullshit like SB2686/HB2681.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what part CONSERVATIVES HATE YOU AND WILL NEVER VOTE FOR YOU have you not figured out yet?  Not only that, this is YOUR fault for not pushing any even remotely progressive agendas since Blackburn sent all her anti-tax buddies to stop the income tax! 

You gave up, and now you're about to be swallowed up.

I'm not alone in my disgruntlement.  First , Your Liberal Friends notes this:

Beginning of life and end of life issues are thorny and intensely personal, and I’m willing to cede a lot more ground than many progressives. If the vast majority of residents of a given state or country are opposed to their tax dollars even touching the money that pays for abortions, I’m fine with that.
What I am not fine with is redundant legislation. What I am not fine with is funding campaign talking points on the taxpayer dime.
Most of all, what I am not fine with is overly-broad language that may rob men and women of the means to avoid unintended pregnancies – and ten Democrats afraid to be Democrats and at the very least, before voting for this bill, demand clarification on the language defining “abortion services” to ensure that they do not include contraceptives.
 Next, Aunt B gets to the real heart of the matter:

When the chips were down–and the chips are down, folks–in a bipartisan effort, your state legislators turned from your real problems to passionately embrace voting on some made up problem.
This means something very, very sad and scary for the state of Tennessee:
They don’t know what the fuck to do to help us.
I repeat, they don’t know what the fuck to do to help us.
And so, they are going to do nothing.  Instead of trying to figure out what would bring jobs to Tennessee and what would make us an irresistible workforce, instead of passing the budget, they’ve turned their attention to theater–to making dramatic votes on made up crap in order to have stuff to put in their re-election materials.
Everyone who voted ‘yes’ on this has told you in as plain a language as our state legislature can give you that they have given up on trying to help us get back to work and have moved on to the important task of trying to help themselves get reelected.
That should put a chill in the bones of everyone in the state, regardless of your political persuasion.

And we're all supposed to get on the Democratic train after that?  Well, I personally am lucky, as I have Mike Kernell, who never votes for shit like this (and has his own problems right now, send him all the good will that you can), and I have Beverly, one of the three SENATORS WITH GUTS listed above.

They sure as hell seem to be outnumbered these days, that's for sure.  And it's a shame for every person in Tennessee who needs assistance, and not bullshit, from their legislators.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sorry, Predators Fans

Tonight the National Hockey League playoffs begin as the Nashville Predators, a decent team, must travel to the United Center to face the Chicago Blackhawks.  I believe this lovely little video sums up what is going to happen to the Preds.  Sorry, folks.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Save the Date of April 16 - Regina Newman BBQ!

Moved to the top as a reminder

Stolen with pride from The Daily Docket!

Our Congressman Remembers Dr. Ben Hooks

Thanks to Joe Spake for the code!

Another giant has fallen

Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks, 85, civil rights icon and tireless worker for the underprivileged, passed away early this morning at his Memphis home.

Dr. Hooks served as the leader of the national NAACP from 1977 through 1993, this came after having served as a Federal Communications Commissioner and as a judge and attorney here in Memphis.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and his numerous friends.

See Also:

Speak To Power
Jackson Baker/Flyer

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cracker's Picks to Click

No, I'm not calling a Sox game with Hawk and Stoney, but I thought it an appropriate title to list the people for whom I intend to vote in the County Democratic Primary.

COUNTY MAYOR - Deidre Malone

Gee, what a shocker, eh? I made this decision before ANY of the other candidates on either side entered the race, and it remains the best possible decision.  She is a successful business owner, a veteran of media, and has a record of accomplishment since coming to the County Commission in 2002.  Deidre has chaired the Budget Committee and the Commission itself, and understands the budgetary process for the entire County better than any of the other candidates.

I do not begrudge appointed Mayor Joe Ford his right to run, and will take at face value his comment that he changed his mind after succeeding AC Wharton.  I just don't think that he is the right person for the job, and frankly, if he won the primary, he would guarantee that Sheriff Mark Luttrell would win the general election in August with a coalition of Republicans and disgruntled Democrats.  He's a nice man who has had a decent career on the City Council and County Commission, but I don't believe he deserves a full term on his own.

As for Otis Jackson, I'm not even sure I like the idea of him serving as General Sessions Court Clerk; if he somehow won the Democratic Primary, I would have to write in someone else.

If you're still not sure, please go to Speak To Power's 10 Questions with the candidates, so you can read the questions asked by Steve Ross and see each candidate's responses.


Again, a no-brainer.  Mulroy has done a good job representing this Southeast Shelby district, and has been an activist on the Commission for good causes.  He got the Living Wage ordinance through the Commission, and is endorsed by the Tennessee Equality Project for his work to pass a non-discrimination ordinance.  He is opposed in the primary by Jennings Bernard.

(NOTE: I will address other races after these, sit tight, and keep reading!)

TRUSTEE - Regina Morrison Newman

She was appointed to fill the seat of the late Paul Mattila on September 28, and has hit the ground running.  She has served in the past as the Assistant Treasurer of the City of Memphis, and worked in the State Department of Revenue under Governor McWherter.  She understands the role of the Trustee in handling the County's money and property, and is clearly the best candidate.  Full disclosure, I have known her and worked with her for Democratic candidates for more years than we are willing to admit.

She is opposed by LaTroy Williams, who ran as an Independent for the office last time.

SHERIFF - Randy Wade

The heart of the matter is that Randy Wade has served this community for years.  He retired from the Sheriff's Department after 25 years, and then has served ably as District Director for Congressman Steve Cohen.  Randy understands the role of the Sheriff, and works well with all in the community.  He will do a superb job as Sheriff.

Bennie Cobb, for whom I would vote were Randy not in the race, is a solid candidate, I just believe Randy is the best choice.  Others in the Democratic race are Larry Hill and the losing candidate in 2006, Reginald French.


The three candidates are Ricky Dixon (yes, it's Roscoe's brother, but that's all I really know), Carmichael Johnson (husband of Assessor Cheyenne Johnson) and Steven Webster, whose website reveals that he has a public service record, but I'm not sure what any of it has to do with handling court papers.

This is kind of a problem I have with a lot of our candidates, because what does your candidacy have to do with the job that you seek.  If it were up to me, all the court clerkships would be appointed by the judges of that circuit, like Chancery appoints its Clerk and Master.

So, guys, tell me why you should be the Clerk and why you'll do a better job than Jimmy Moore, whom I still won't vote for.


Minerva has a record of public service going back to the 1970s, and what's more, SHE HAS ACTUALLY DONE THE JOB AND DONE IT WELL!.  I think the world of Rev. Ralph White, but Minerva is clearly the superior candidate.  As for Vernon Johnson, who nearly won this race four years ago, the judges of the Criminal Court won't even allow him the privilege of writing bonds in their courts any more due to what they call a "terrible history".

Minerva by a mile.


I believe in redemption, and I believe Shep Wilbun learned from his first stint as Juvenile Court Clerk, which ended with his loss to Steve Stamson in 2006.  I believe he has a deeper understanding of the system, what went wrong then and what will work well if he is elected.  Shep was an outstanding member of the Election Commission, which he resigned to seek this office.  Shep is opposed by Sylvester Bradley, Jr, and Charles Marshall


Danny has been a close friend of mine for over 25 years, and I can't imagine supporting anyone else.  He has been a tireless worker on the campaign trail doing probate workshops for all sectors of the community.  Danny has worked with the IBEW and in the Personnel Department for Shelby County during his professional career, and NO ONE will outwork him.  He has a record of service to the entire community, and has close relationships with labor, the Latino community and the African-American community.

Also in the race is Sondra Becton, who has run for this office on several occasions, Annita Sawyer-Hamilton, Clay Perry and Karen Tyler.


I am still undecided among wrestling promoter Corey Maclin, who has been running longer than anyone, La'Keith Miller, Charlotte Draper (UPDATE 4/16 - that's all, the listing of Joe Young was an error, he ran last time, not this time).  I will go back to each of the websites and study more, but I'm just not feeling it on this race right now.

REGISTER - Coleman Thompson

Coleman is again seeking the office that he lost to Tom Leatherwood in 2006.  The head of Pyramid Recovery Center, he has been involved in Democratic politics for many years; we served as co-managers for Carol Chumney's 2002 County Mayor race, and served together on the SCDP Executive Committee.  He is opposed by Lady J, Swift and Carlton Orange, who is a formidable opponent, one that I would support if Thompson were not running.

And now, to races in which I cannot vote:

COUNTY COMMISSION, District 1, Position 1 - Mike Carpenter

HEY! Wait a minute, he's a REPUBLICAN!  Well, yes he is, but there are no Democrats in his race, only he and Joe Baier, and we're not sure who's backing Baier.  Look, Carpenter works every well with Democratic commissioners, and I know that I can always contact him if I need another viewpoint on a county issue.  Mike's a good guy, I hope the Goopers don't get on him about a voice of support from the Cracker.

COUNTY COMMISSION, District 2, Position 3 - Norma Lester or Reginald Milton

It's rare enough to find ONE good candidate, but TWO????  I jumped on board Norma Lester's campaign early in 2009 when I found out she was running for the seat being vacated by Deidre Malone. I had worked with her for years on the SCDP Executive Committee, and knew her to be knowledgeable on the issues as well as a tireless worker.

Imagine my shock, then, to learn later that Reginald Milton was also running for that position.  He too is a tireless worker for the community and deeply understands public service.  He founded the South Memphis Alliance to give low-income women and their children a chance to have better lives.

There are others running, such as Melvin Burgess, but Norma and Reginald are head and shoulders above the rest.  The truly sad thing is that we need BOTH of them on the Commission.

COUNTY COMMISSION, District 3, Position 1 - James Harvey

COUNTY COMMISSION, District 3, Position 3 - Edith Moore

Hey, you forgot the race between Sidney Chism and Rome Withers!  Um, I'm not getting in the middle of that one, you're on your own there, folks!

As always, these are NOT for wagering purposes, these are for your consideration.

Remember, Early Voting starts Wednesday and goes through April 29.  The election itself is May 4.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Hoots Report

Well, ladies and gents, after much cajoling, nagging, and requesting, your humble Cracker went north yesterday to that mystical land that our beloved Newscoma and Squirrel Queen refer to as Hoots, better known to thee and me as Weakley County.

After arriving in Dresden, SQ gave me the tour of the county seat, Dresden, where I searched for and never saw the Confederate memorial on the courthouse square.  Next, we went by the home of Tennessee's best Governor in my 38 years here, Ned McWherter, the last Democratic Governor this state has produced. (Phil?  Who's Phil?  That Republican Bredesen?  Don't EVEN go there.)

Next, we headed westward to Martin, where 'Coma, Mr. Ross and his beloved, and our friend Samantha of NashVegas were roaming around.  After a brief discussion and a short run to my resting place for the night, we gathered in Downtown Martin and met at, well, a dive, beer joint and pool hall rolled into one, Cadillacs.

After plotting and scheming as bloggers will do, discussing our wonderful collaboration STP, we ate cheeseburgers and had beer.  Then, we moved to our next location, a wonderful place that I may never get to see again.

It's called the Stable, on Lindell Street in Martin, a place so friendly that even the Secretary of Steak (known to thee and me as 'Coma's dog Mabel) has been known to occasionally visit.  The group I met there included the best cartoonist you've never heard of, Badger Beth, and, to my delight, the legendary Mr. Jimmy.

Spry, and sharp as a tack, we discussed all sorts of things, from Memphis when he lived there as compared to now, and Wal-Mart, for which we both share a deep disdain.  It was an amazing and delightful conversation that I was better for having been a part of it.

Mr. Jimmy then left, and the famous Dirk Diggler arrived, and we were introduced (Ross and his beloved had split to get ready for date night, it was his BIRTHDAY you know), so I got to meet many of the wonderful, REAL people whom our beloved Newscoma had written about for years.  He was quite nice, and I enjoyed the Stable.

I broke away to head back to the resting place for an hour before joining my comrades at the Opera House in Martin, which from the inside looks like it should be in downtown Memphis and not in a quiet college town.  It seemed like the whole town was there having dinner, nay, all of the County, as Coma and SQ held court, and seemed to know everyone there.  We even struck up conversations with two people we didn't know, who introduced me to their wonderful Dirty Martinis, of which I would have two.  We then ate well, as can be seen here:

For a bigger view, go here.

After two hours or so of drinking, eating and talking, we left and went to a club (no, not THAT kind of club) further up, where we were rejoined by Ross & beloved and we hung out until this old guy waved the flag of surrender and came back to the resting place for the night.

After a breakfast fit for a king at the Hearth (two words, people: STRAWBERRY BUTTER) I headed north to Fulton, KY and then south to Memphis.

In short, it is a wonderful place filled with delightful, interesting people, and provided me with a relaxing weekend with good friends, good food, and good beer.  I have an understanding now of why 'Coma is SO passionate about the place, there is a lot to like.

Fear not, dear readers, the Cracker ain't goin' anywhere, he has too many Memphians to annoy, which will come either later tonight or tomorrow in the form of Cracker's Picks to Click in the County Democratic Primary.  Later!

Friday, April 09, 2010

A Completely Different Feel Good Friday

Just look outside if you're in Memphis, why wouldn't you sing this?  From the underrated Bakersfield legend, Wynn Stewart:

A Sad Yet Warm Remembrance for Feel Good Friday

Malcolm McLaren, the founder and manager of the Sex Pistols and one of the fathers of the punk movement, has lost his battle with cancer at the age of 64.

Our memorial, which we believe touches all the right sentiments, is this lovely ballad from the Sex Pistols, God Save The Queen.  Rest In Peace, Malcolm.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Shelby County Democrats, Listen Up!

If you have yet to make up your mind for whom you will vote for County Mayor, Speak To Power has prepared 10 Questions for each of the candidates, and has published their responses, in their words.

Go there now to read each one!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Today is Opening Day

Yes, I know the first game was last night, and the Red Sox came from behind to beat the Yankees, but today is the REAL Opening Day, when the Cardinals go visit the Cincinnati Reds, who have hosted the traditional opener for as long as i can remember.

Today is the day when the Cubs and the White Sox start 0-0 and have a chance to win the pennant, and I hope it lasts longer than June.

Gotta have the Big Hurt, even if he was with Toronto at the time.

So, thanks to the Internet Archive, I want to give you a gift: here is the recording of Vin Scully, the greatest play-by-play man of any sport, the voice of the Dodgers for 62 years (yes, you read that right) calling Sandy Koufax's perfect game on September 9, 1965.  It is a masterpiece, as was Koufax's pitching.  Enjoy!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Thursday, April 01, 2010

I just now figured something out

Sarah Palin is the Lonesome Rhodes of the 21st Century!

A Face In The Crowd, the 1957 Elia Kazan classic written by Budd Schulberg, documents the story of a charming yet shady Arkansas drifter, played to perfection by Andy Griffith, who is found by a young producer (Patricia Neal), who starts him in radio, then helps glide to a Memphis TV show and then national fame before he is exposed for who he really is.

That, my friends, is Sarah Palin's fate.  If you have not seen the movie, watch for it on TV or rent it, you'll see what I mean!

Jon Stewart shows you how to deal with racists!

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