Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This year is finally over, and not a second too soon.

Before I begin my year-end round-up, Vibinc and I joined other bloggers in NashVegas last night to meet with the candidates for TDP Chair.  GoldnI and Aunt B. have the best reports, so I am sending you to them to get a feel for what happened.  Vibinc may have something up later.

Now then, other than Election Day (outside Tennessee) and the World Series (OK, so I've got a soft spot for the Phils these days), can we agree that this year truly, madly, deeply SUCKED?  

As the economy crept toward disaster, with the Bushies doing nothing until the bubbles all burst, our retirements evaporated, many lost jobs and those that didn't lost pay for the future.  Oh well, 95% is better than 0%, eh?  Happy Holidays!

Then on top of that, since Bush and Cheney failed to get us in a war with Iran, it seems that Israel is making a late effort to see that we go there; thanks, old friend!  You know, I firmly believe in Israel's right to exist, but I also believe in the Palestinians' right to exist there, too, and that DOESN'T make me the bastard child of Martin Bormann, folks.  This is not of the good, as our beloved Newscoma would say.

What I AM hoping for in the New Year:

1) That January 20 arrives before we find ourselves in WW IV.

2) That President Obama channels FDR, not Hoover, taking the actions to create jobs and wealth.

3) That I still have a job with the same pay at this time next year.

4) That the Republicans finally understand the difference between CREATING wealth and HOARDING wealth (not at all hopeful on that one, folks).

5) That we survive this coming year with our health and our hopes and our lives intact.

6) That Bush, Cheney and the rest get sent to The Hague for war crimes trials.  Hell no, I ain't forgettin'!

7) That we all pull together to get through all of this crap in front of us.  Remember, it took Bush eight years to destroy the Clinton prosperity and then some, so it will take a long time to rebuild America, please don't give up hope.

8) Which is not to say you shouldn't call bullshit if you see it!

OK, that's it, I will see you NEXT year!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Georgia on a Fast Train

Look, there's not going to be much politics from here until after January 5th, which is my 50th Birthday.

Until then, here's the greatest country singer/songwriter you've never heard of, Billy Joe Shaver. Enjoy.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Feel Good Friday

An interesting FGF to end 2008

This year, something unexpected happened to Lauren and me. We got sucked into a REALITY SHOW, Can You Duet on CMT. I know, it's odd. However, this couple from Columbia, Tennessee, Joey and Rory. they finished third (i thought they would win), and this song in particular was a favorite of Lauren's, Cheater Cheater. So, for Lauren, I present Cheater Cheater by Joey and Rory.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Post 1301 is a Christmas post

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Yule, Happy Kwanzaa (Where the hell did it go, anyway?  Kernell and I were talking about this the other day.), Happy Saturnalia, and Happy Solstice Festival.

And, of course, HAPPY FESTIVUS!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Now, THIS truly put me in a Christmassy mood!

I saw this on a car in the parking lot at Poplar & Humes after getting my hair cut.  All I gotta say is this: 


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My last Christmas FGF of the season

And I wish you a Patrick Swayze Christmas!

You know, I've kept my mouth shut for a while

But now I gotta say something. You know, I didn't say anything when Obama picked Gates to stay on for a year or so at Defense, and his choices overall aren't that much to write home about, but yes, they are better than Bush.

That's not saying a hell of lot, now, is it? But I digress.

It's one thing to make mostly lackluster Cabinet choices, but, I have to ask, Mr. PEOTUS, did you have to openly piss on one of your largest constituencies? WTF? Rick Warren? He looks like he's less Dobsonite than Dobson, but he openly supported Prop 8, fer crissakes! And HE'S going to give the invocation?

Seriously, Mr. PEOTUS, WTF? Ted Haggard wasn't available? Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, this is stupid and unneccessary.

I fully expect a Christian minister, so that's not the issue, but why did you pick a HOMOPHOBE?

Look, people, Civil Rights are Civil Rights, and they should apply to ALL. You didn't have to be black to march in Selma, and you need not be queer to support equal rights for all, regardless of orientation. Do NOT hand me that utter and contemptuous bullshit that being gay is a choice; if you knowingly have any gay friends, you KNOW better.

You can choose your orientation about as much as you can change your eye or skin color, which is to say not at all, Michael Jackson notwithstanding. With that said, we need to make homophobia something of which one should be ASHAMED, not celebrated or even accepted.

Again, Civil Rights is Civil Rights, and I don't care if that statement harelips everybody in Bear Creek, as an old friend of mine used to say. I haven't spoken up enough about this myself, and that shows an appalling lack of guts on my part. I apologize to the gay community for being quiet in the past; you'll hear more about this from these quarters in the future.

I may be straight, but I'm not narrow by a damn site, and I'm NOT just talking about my weight, either.


President-elect Obama, whoever told you this was a good idea was horribly mistaken, and you need to reverse this in whatever manner you can. Pick Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, or pick local Catholic Bishop Terry Steib, or pick someone, ANYONE, who's not a homophobe.

It may take a little longer, but it sure as hell ain't THAT difficult.

One last thing, Mr. President-Elect. We certainly don't expect perfection, and we're willing to let a lot slide because we're glad to be freed from the Bush-Cheney cabal, but that doesn't mean your base will allow itself to be pissed on and told it's rain.

Look how well that worked for John McCain.

Just sayin'.

Hell, go read DIGBY, she says it even better than I do!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Congressman Cohen elected Regional Whip

From his Press Office:


Washington, DC – Yesterday, Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09) was elected by his colleagues in the Democratic Caucus of the U.S. House of Representatives to serve as a Regional Whip during the 111th Congress. Elected by acclamation, Congressman Cohen will serve in a leadership position in just his second term as the Representative from Tennessee’s 9th District.

“I’m honored that my colleagues in the House have selected me for this leadership position in just my second term,” said Congressman Cohen. “I appreciate the opportunity to work with Congressman [James] Clyburn (SC-06) (the Majority Whip) to enact the agenda of our Congressional leaders and that of the new Presidential Administration. President-elect Obama and the Democrats ran on an ambitious platform for change in the fall, and I look forward to working with House Leadership and the Obama Administration to address the challenges America is now facing, including the economy, jobs, health care, energy, and bringing our troops home from Iraq. I thank my colleagues in the Caucus for entrusting me with this responsibility, and I look forward to serving as a Regional Whip.

At the call of the Majority Whip, Congressman Cohen will count votes for upcoming legislation from other members within a geographical boundary in his capacity as Regional Whip. Congressman Cohen will represent Region VII, a territory which includes Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina and South Carolina. Congressman Cohen will be responsible for relaying concerns and questions about legislation from his Members to the Majority Whip, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. Additionally, as a Regional Whip, Congressman Cohen will frequently be asked to participate in floor discussions of bills. He is one of 12 Regional Whips.

Congressman Clyburn remarked, “I’m pleased to have Congressman Cohen join my whip team for the 111th Congress. Congressman Cohen will play a key role in helping me bring members from the southern region together to support legislation that will create jobs, strengthen our economy and establish our energy independence. With his help we can bring lawmakers together and move the country in a new direction.”

Well, we have to honor this the only way we know how, which says more about this blog than our Congressman:

Yeah, I know, but I couldn't resist! :-)

Here's my Xmas Exception for FGF

In addition to my receding hairline and an Eastern European build, I inherited from my father a love of Nat King Cole.  So, if I gotta do one Christmassy thing, here's my #1 Christmas fave, The Christmas Song, written by Mel Torme and sung beautifully as always by Nat.

Also, you need to go over to the Docket, Mute put up Lush Life, Billy Strayhorn's classic sung by the late Johnny Hartman, complete with lyrics. You'll be glad you did.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ok, Blame Pesky!

Or not, but his redesign looked SO GOOD that I had to play around with mine, so here we are.  Let me know what you think...

Also, if you like this blog, FOLLOW IT!!! Check out the new widget over in the corner, I stole that idea from WTL, who just put it up, apparently. Hell, go follow THEM, too!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jon Stewart on Blagojevich

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Breaking news: The Illinois General Assembly reacts to the news of Blagojevich's arrest

Notes: that's Patrick Fitzgerald in the dress, and the short guy with the certificate of death is Mike Madigan, I believe.

Reason #759 why I have a crush on Rachel Maddow

Well, my mood just lightened!

They finally nailed that crook Rod Blagojevich in Illinois!  Woo-Hoo!

More here from the Trib and the Sun-Times.

Now, for those of you are saying, uh, Cracker, he's a Democrat, why are you happy, let me say that first, he's an idiot who has been mismanaging the state and been engaged in a moronic feud with House Speaker Mike Madigan for the duration of his time as Governor.  Second, he refused to move to Springfield, where the Governor's Mansion is located, third, he shows the petulance of a Democratic version of Bush, and fourth, we KNEW he was a crook, we were hoping that something would bring him down.

On top of all that, his replacement, Lt. Governor Pat Quinn, is a reformer's reformer and a progressive's progressive.  Pat Quinn is OUR kind of Democrat, folks, so this will be a win-win for my old home state.

I hope they throw Blagojevich UNDER the jail, the punk!  WOO-HOO!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Yeah, I'm still here, and I'm getting through it.

Not writing much, but I'm here.  It's Christmas time, which I'm not thrilled about because A) I'm not Christian and B) I'm no longer 9 years old.  Other than a replaying of White Christmas on the telly, it's not my time of year, at least not until New Year's Day.  

New Year's is my holiday, going to New Year's Gongyo (morning prayer), going over to Lauren's for her grandfather's open house and making them my Sausage Roll-ups, and then just hanging out and watching endless amounts of football.  Now, THAT'S a holiday for me.

So, if you whine at me because I say Happy Holidays, I'll tell you to take a hike, sister.  The only reason they moved the observation of the birthday of Christ to December 25 was because it was really a pagan celebration of the Winter Solstice, so that predates Jesus.  Him, I like.  His followers? Well, most are nice, but some are a pain in the ass.  

If we had snow on the ground for most of the month, I might feel a little more Christmassy, because that's what I grew up with back on the old sod.  This yo-yo weather stinks, let it get down to 14 degrees and then warm up to 28 and snow like hell, that's what I'd like to see!  Seriously, how can people talk about Christmas without snow?  That's like the Kentucky Derby without mint juleps, Memorial Day without bratwurst and beer, or a COGIC Convention without big hats.  It just isn't right.

So, If I have too much of a BAH HUMBUG attitude for you, just avoid me until after Christmas, it will get better afterwards.  Me and Alaska turn 50 within two days of each other, the NFL playoffs will start, and I'll realize we're only a month away from the greatest gift of all, Spring Training.

In other things that make me feel way too old: one of the greatest of all Memphians left us too soon this morning at the age of 83.  Once upon a time, in a land seemingly far away, there used to be these great things known as "full-service" radio stations, like WDIA used to be in the Goodwill days, and like WGN has always been.  

Before they became Memphis' most well-known exponent of hate-filled garbage radio (and the Tigers, too!), WREC was a shining beacon of service to its community, and Fred Cook was its star.  He and John Powell did ZERO HOUR for many years together, and was the first news anchor at WREC/WREG Channel 3.  His voice was unmistakable whether on TV, Radio, or as the PA announcer at the Coliseum for MSU basketball.  For those of us of a certain age, his is a deep loss, and a sign that radio as we once knew it is gone forever.  To his family, his friends and his co-workers of all those years, we here at the Cracker offer our deepest sympathies.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

All I gotta say is this:


Hey Democrats! Come to DL tonight and meet Chip Forrester!

I have learned that TNDP Chair candidate Chip Forrester will be coming to Drinking Liberally TONIGHT.   Come out and meet him and ask him about his plans for dragging the TNDP out of the depths in which it now finds itself, and how we can work with them (and THEM WITH US) to achieve this.

As always, we are at RP Billiards at 525 South Highland from 7-9 PM, come on out!