Tuesday, January 31, 2006

So Harold's our best bet, eh?

There is a huge post from Kos his own self showing Rasmussen poll numbers for the Senate race. yes, it also has Minnesota numbers, but half the comments are about Tennessee and how the race is shaping up.

By the way, here are the numbers from Rasmussen:

Rasmussen Reports. 1/17. Likely voters. MoE 4.5% (12/12 results)

Corker (R) 42 (36)
Ford (D) 40 (42)

Bryant (R) 42 (41)
Ford (D) 40 (38)

Hilleary (R) 43 (41)
Ford (D) 37 (39)
I feel more confident already...

Tip of the hat to Bryan at Brassmask for letting me know about this, and to Frank at Polar Donkey for linking to several of us so people around the country can learn about the race!

The Rude One gets it right

Today's Rude Pundit offering shows how pathetic many of the Democratic Senators have become. Here's a sample:

Today, Senators who voted for cloture are going to vote against the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. And when Lincoln Chafee, Maria Cantwell, Herbert Kohl, Blanche Lincoln, and Jay Rockefeller, as well as all the others run for re-election, they can say, "Look, I said 'No.'" But that "no" matters so little as the very issues they say caused them to vote that way - the power of the presidency, abortion rights, the right to privacy, the favoring of corporations - are turned against them time and again. Yeah, they voted against Alito, but there's a starving, beaten prisoner in Gitmo, a pregnant teenage girl in Nebraska, a coal mining family in West Virginia who are all gonna be the ones fucked because of such cowardly courage. And when they say they voted against Alito, someone's gonna be smart enough to say, "Hey, Maria, if it's such a big fuckin' deal, why didn't you join the filibuster?"

'Nuff said; go read the rest of it.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Another new member of the Posse!

David Holt, who also serves as 3rd Vice Chair of the SCDP, has taken up blogging at CONFESSIONS OF A WEST TENNESSEE LIBERAL. You will note that I have linked to it down in the blogroll, go check it out.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Back to the 9th District for a moment.

As you can tell from the bloggers and the posters out there, there was a good turnout Tuesday night for the DFM Forum (BIG props to Brad Watkins, Frank Burhart, David Holt, Bob Hayes and the rest of DFM for pulling that off as well as they did!)

I don't think that I need to remind the candidates of this, judging from their answers, but I will anyway: PRIMARIES ARE WON BY CONNECTING TO THE BASE. I think MOST of you understand that issues are what drive the base. Some of you apparently DON'T and that will come back to haunt you.

This Forum was a great idea, and it connected faces to names for a lot of Democratic activists, who can be VERY helpful to you, especially if this is your first race. UPDATE: Stanton wins the SCDP Straw Poll with 56 votes, full report from Jackson Baker right here.

Remember, you can go chasing to the center AFTER you win the nomination, not BEFORE.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

On the other hand...

While I did not support Ophelia Ford in the District 29 Primary for the Senate, and I, like 3/4 of everyone in Shelby County, happen to be curious about the election that she won over Terry Roland, I have no problems supporting her in her battle to be seated in the State Senate.

First, the Republican Party stole at least one and possibly two Presidential elections. Second, if this election is declared null and void, the Republican-controlled County Commission will almost certainly appoint Terry Roland to the seat.

It has been said that you can't hold speaker elections in mid-session; however, if Roland gets that Senate seat, I wouldn't put it past them to try. Then, Democrats lose their chairmanships and any Democratic agenda (such as REAL TennCare reform) goes into the toilet.

This also would create gridlock as the Senate killed bills by the Democratic-controlled House.

Do I wish Ophelia Ford would have primary opposition this year? Yes, because her candidacy drove a lot of hardcore Democrats to vote for Roland (and not just in the white community, bubba!) because they simply do not believe that this seat is anyone's property other than the voters.

However, the risk to the Democratic control of the State Senate is too great not to hold your nose and support the fight, because, in the long run, this is about a hell of a lot more than any one person.

I obviously need to clarify something here.

I have received notes and posts as to why I crack down on my own Democratic Party more than I do the Republicans.

First, if you have to come here to learn that the Republican Party is filled with greedy, incompetent boobs with the expressed intention of destroying government as we know it, then you just haven't been paying attention. Besides, most of those lovely national blogs over in the blogroll do a much better job of it than I ever could.

Second, I have to crack back because of things like this. Why is the DSCC crapping on Rosalind Kurita by refusing to even acknowledge her candidacy? This is the sort of thing that caused me to support Howard Dean first for President, then for DNC Chair.

These Washington morons, who have NEVER gotten a President elected (Clinton was smart enough to keep them miles away from his campaigns) have no clue what goes on outside the Beltway. All they see is that Harold the Younger has a pretty smile (not to mention pedicures!) and has raised lots of Washington $$$.

Never mind that he is about as electable statewide as Otis Campbell is in Mayberry. Despite Jackson Baker's comments about the race (see about halfway down the page) being pushed by the national media, I have my doubts that he can carry more than Shelby and Davidson Counties.

Can't you imagine what sort of evil commercials are already in the can at TRP headquarters? Not to mention that it's possible that Uncle John's trial may be taking place during the general election campaign, and Ford's nomination is a recipe for disaster.

If he weren't such a sellout, it would be easy to buy into the narrative of the proud, articulate African-American from the South (bring in choir here, please) fighting those nasty old racists and his less-than-perfect family to be the first elected Black (or at least 3/4 black, if you ask him) Senator from here since Reconstruction. It kind of gets you right here, eh?

This, however, is about Junior, not Barack Obama, the guy who voted for a bankruptcy bill that hurt his own constituency, not some proud warrior for the common good. For crying out loud, he grew up in Washington, not South Memphis!

So, dear friends and gentle readers, it's this sort of thing that makes me crack out the verbal 2X4 on my own party. With the help of you, Howard Dean, DFM, MSDIA and any other initials you may want to bring, we'll clean this bad boy up or die trying!

There's LOTS to read about last night's 9th District Forum

For good solid analysis, there's Jackson Baker's column in the Flyer here. Then, you have the CA's slightly bizarre column here, with this odd note:

Rev. Ralph White, pastor of the Bloomfield Full Gospel Baptist Church, drew chuckles for his folksy language and for referring to the other candidates as "fine young men" who reminded him of his sons.

But he was also the only candidate willing to criticize organized labor, which he said could be corrupt, and the only one who talked about prison reform.

Dude, if you're in a UNION HALL, why would you say that???? Why does Oliver Staley make it sound like it's a great thing for a DEMOCRAT to do? If Angus MacEachran were still alive, by God, they'd know how to write a story.

What? He's not dead, just retired? Hell, go get him back NOW!!!

However, for hard-hitting coverage with just a slight hint of opinion, go read Polar Donkey, who applies the serious smackdown on Nikki Tinker for ducking the event. Also, Autoegocrat advises that he RECORDED the entire event on audio tape, with a report to come tomorrow at Flypaper Theory.

Yours truly had to work late and missed the spectacle, which had a terrific attendance in my book, and everyone seemed happy with the event. There is a SCDP fundraiser and 9th District Straw Poll at the Rendezvous on Thursday night, but you have to shell out $50 to vote, if my understanding is correct. What the hell, it IS a fundraiser!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

9th District Candidate Forum on the 24th

ATTENTION: This is an update as of 7:40 PM CST on January 20! Please note that we have a NEW venue and more candidates have signed up!


Democracy For Memphis wants to invite you to the first of several candidate forums for the upcoming 2006 elections. On Tuesday, January 24th Democracy For Memphis and our good friends at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (special thanks to Paul Shaffer), will host a question and answer forum with five of the current candidates for United States Representative of District Nine.

In attendance will be Lee Harris, Tyson Pratcher, Ron Redwing, Nikki Tinker, Ralph White, Ed Stanton and Joseph B. Kyles. We decided to open this meeting up to the public so that the greater community of Labor and Progressives could become better informed about this exciting and historic race in local politics. We also want to know your questions; DFM members, please submit your questions to Brad@democracyformemphis.com. Please label your email Forum Questions.
Any Non-DFM member questions should be sent to Steve Steffens at sjs1959 at earthlink dot net.

We also want to add that while we attempted to contact all candidates in this primary there were some whom we could not obtain contact information for. We want to make sure EVERY candidate has an opportunity to attend this event and want to extend an invite to any in this race who we have not spoken to.

I hope as many of you as possible can attend, this is a great opportunity for the voters of District Nine to meet and get to know their next Representative.

DFM Candidate Forum

Tuesday, Jan 24th, 1870 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104 at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Hall.

Free Admission

Brad Watkins
Democracy For Memphis

Say it isn't so!

Mike Hollihan, local libertarian blogger at Half-Bakered, is apparently calling it quits.

While I usually disagreed with him, whether I commented there or he commented here, I always enjoyed reading him. On local politics, we agreed more often that you might think and we always had fun arguing.

Now, he says he's taking a walkabout; don't make it too long, Mike, as you will be missed.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Jack Murtha is being SwiftBoated!

A so-called worthless piece of $#it "news service" is attempting to attack the good name of Congressman Jack Murtha, Marine war hero. These chickenhawks have the gall to attack someone who has faced enemy fire in defense of our freedoms.

These people have the morals of hyenas; however, BUZZFLASH goes into more background on who and what's behind this unwarranted attack. Thanks to Jeannette Warren for letting me know about this!

Wow, this sums it up right here...

Go to driftglass now, this is terrific! I saw this at Dark Bilious Vapors, and had to link to it.

The CHAIRMAN is coming! The CHAIRMAN is coming!

Howard Dean is coming to MEMPHIS!!!! He will be here in Memphis on Tuesday, January 17 from 2 P.M. to 3 P.M. at the Hunt-Phelan Home, and you can meet him!

Click on the above link, which will take you to MemphisDemocrats.com (David Upton's website) and you can sign up to meet the Chairman, who is changing the way Democrats fight and win (and it's damn sure time for that!).

TDP Chair Bob Tuke will be there as well, and we look forward to a great turnout, but do this quickly, seating is LIMITED.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Somehow I had failed to notice that...

The SCDP website is up and rolling, and since they have been kind enough to link to this blog, I have returned the favor in the blogroll to the right.

Go check it out, it's still somewhat under construction but it's coming along pretty well, nice work, folks!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

This would change EVERYTHING.

Jackson Baker reports in the Flyer column above(click on the title for the story) something that I had figured would happen after I spoke with my Senator at the Shelby County Democratic Women's Christmas party - that Steve Cohen is a likely candidate for the 9th Congressional District seat being vacated by Harold Ford Junior.

Unlike 1996, when he lost to Harold the Younger, he would be facing a group of largely unknown candidates, with the possible exception of Rev. Ralph White, the former candidate for Criminal Court Clerk who was unsuccessful in 1998 and 2002 against GOP incumbent Bill Key.

Newer candidates like Lee Harris, Ed Stanton III, Nikki Tinker, and Tyson Pratcher could find it tough sledding against Cohen, who has served since 1982 in the Senate representing what was then mostly Midtown, but now extends further east and southeast into the city.

Ron Redwing, who is close to many of those folks in the Sidney Chism sphere of the SCDP, is also among those raising money right now and seems to be making solid progress as well.

However, should Cohen, with his years of service to the area and a very devoted base of support (both of volunteers and money) make the race, it would be difficult to see how he could lose, UNLESS..........

Some of the younger candidates get together, draw straws, and pick one candidate. Even then, it would be hard to stop Cohen, especially if the Man Who Would Be Senator holds fast to his stated neutrality in that race, which I suspect that he would.

What would a Cohen in Congress look like? I suspect he would go after the Bu$h policies like a rabid badger, and represent the 9th District like it hasn't been since, oh, 1996?

Look, I've known Steve Cohen since, well, longer than either of us would admit. I haven't always agreed with him, and I've let him know it. However, if he makes this race, I can't imagine supporting anyone else.

That's my bias, and you might as well know it up front.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Sad news

Thanks to Len Cleavelin for letting me know that CG, blogger of Mama Said There'd be Days Like These, apparently passed away last month from cancer.

CG was an astute observer of local life who occassionally graced these pages with his comments, and he will be missed.