Friday, November 18, 2016

Some Friday Notes

First, I haven't written about the election because I have been too enraged and would have likely have pissed off more allies than enemies, so there is that.

What you need to do today to get ready for the weekend:  Read Steve Ross today at VIBINC about what the Democratic Party needs to do everywhere, particularly here.   Then, at 1 PM, go to Radio Free Nashville to hear the first radio show from our friend Trace Sharp, AKA The Artist Formerly Known As Newscoma, for her takes at THE SHARP EDGE.  If you forget, I believe it can be downloaded as a podcast.  My understanding is that this will be a weekly show, so give it a listen!

WRT to state politics, I see where Bill Freeman called for Mary Mancini's head since we only were able to flip one House District this year.  Well, I kind of understand, but I do want to note that the TNDP was crucial in Dwayne Thompson's victory over Steve McManus.  And, of course, is this really about her performance or does it have more to do with getting someone in charge of the TNDP who would be more supportive of Freeman's race for the Democratic nomination for Governor?

Ok, First, Mary is a friend and my inclination is to support her. All I know about Holly McCall is that she ran a tough race in Williamson County, where Democrats are not likely to win for the foreseeable future, and that Will Pinkston has said she is tied to the charter school industry, which is not good if you are a Democrat.

Frankly, I could really give two hoots in hell about the 2018 governor's race.  If we can't find a way to flip more GOP seats while holding our own, and while not giving up on our core values of economic justice and equality for all, the governor's race doesn't matter a diddly damn.

Ok, that's enough for one day, enjoy your weekend!