Monday, May 31, 2010

It's time to remember a LOT of things today

Remember those who fought and die for our freedoms.

Also, Bob is right, you need to read this Chris Hedges essay which points out that all they fought for is being taken from us, and it's time to get radical again.  Don't freak out at the title, read it all and tell me if you don't think he's nailed it.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Yes, Hell Week is at end and Memorial Day is upon us

If you want to know what I am doing this weekend, go to STP and check out this story and scary picture from Trace.

Also, I used to watch Sex and The City on HBO, one of only two known straight men to have ever watched it, the other being my attorney.  SATC2 is out, and you HAVE to read this review, this may even top the Tom Shales reviews of Kathie Lee Gifford's Christmas specials.

Go back to STP to see how the Senate GOP wants to slash money to prevent infant mortality; those sons of bitches had better NEVER refer to anyone as a baby-killer again without looking in the mirror.  A Pox upon all of them of locusts, frogs, and sores.

And now, I get ready for the weekend with a Feel Good Friday, because I will feel good around 8 PM tonight:


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jim White Speaks to G-Town Democrats on May 26 for Mike McWherter

Due to a scheduling conflict, Mike McWherter, Democratic Candidate for Governor of Tennessee, will not be able to speak at the Germantown Democratic Club meeting.  Jim White who served as Commissioner of Labor under Governor Ned McWherter will represent him.




WEDNESDAY, MAY 26, 2010 at 6:30 PM
Socializing will begin at 6:30 pm
The meeting will begin at 6:45 pm
The Meeting will be held at the Cordova Library.
8457 Trinity Road, Cordova
Our guest speaker will be

Jim White
Mike McWherter
Democratic candidate for Governor

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some notes on TN-09

I arrived after the speechifying yesterday at Congressman Cohen's headquarters opening, so I missed him calling the Doc a Coward, but I don't think it was a bad thing; why should a former Golden Gloves champion be scared of two old reporters?

At the end of the day, it's just that the former Mayor is trying to control his media coverage as he did when he was in City Hall; however, as he has no real power any more, it becomes nothing more than an attempt to get free media, since he can't seem to raise much money on his own.

In fact, if I were to sum up the Doc's campaign in three letters, it would be WTF?

There are ways to campaign against Steve Cohen that might work, but it doesn't seem that the Doc is planning on trying any of them.  By trying to race-bait Cohen, one could almost suggest that if the races were reversed, Herenton is running like an old segregationist from the late 50s and early 60s.

On the merits, Cohen is essentially unassailable from a Democratic and progressive standpoint; one could argue that only Harold Ford Senior has done as much for the African-American community in terms of 9th District Congressmen.

The real question here is this:  Why is the Doc running?  What does he have to prove?  He has never lost an election, to be sure, but remember two things here: 1) he has NEVER run in a party primary before and 2) his elections have always been in October or November.

Let's look at that latter part in particular.  The African-American community has never voted as heavily in August primaries as they have in October or November general elections. This fact is a major reason the GOP has continued to dominate County offices, whose elections are held with the state & federal primaries in August.  I have a solution for that, if anyone is willing to listen.

The Doc is also running for a LEGISLATIVE position, when he has spent the majority of his professional career as an administrator.  In this area, whenever legislators run for executive positions or vice versa, they have not been successful.  In the first instance, only Wyeth Chandler (1971) and Jim Rout (1994) come to mind.

Only LAMAR! Alexander has done what Doc is attempting to do, and that was after a several-year gap between his governorship and his race for the US Senate.  In short, it's hard to imagine a 70-year-old freshman Congressman, especially someone like Doc, who is expected to sit down and do as he is told, which is the rule for all freshmen.

So, why is he running?  Is he bored? Is he doing this to get back at Cohen for some imagined slight?  At the end of the day, he risks destroying what is left of his legacy, with real Nixon-in-62 potential here.  Considering that, to give the man full credit, his first two terms were arguably the best of any Mayor of Memphis in my 38 years here, this is remarkably sad.

Why, Doc?  This really just doesn't make sense to anyone, and it will only hurt you in the end.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today is Congressman Cohen's HQ Opening!

Cohen for Congress header
MAY 15TH 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Just a friendly reminder that we want you to join Congressman Steve Cohen as he launches his 2010 campaign!
Come by the Campaign Headquarters at 1460 Union (Map) for food and entertainment and show your support for his campaign for re-election for Tennessee’s 9th Congressional District seat!
There will be free bumper stickers, yard signs, and Cohen for Congress t-shirts for sale.
We hope you decide to join Congressman Steve Cohen tomorrow as he continues the fight to “Build A Better Memphis” one brick at a time!
More details below:
Saturday, May 15th at 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
1460 Union Ave. (Click here for a map)

Visit us at the newly redesigned Cohen for Congress website to make sure you have all the latest news.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

From the House Democratic Caucus


Leaders to roll out alternative to Republican budget

NASHVILLE (May 12) – House Democrats on Wednesday announced a push to stand up for teachers, farmers, working families, and other Tennesseans hurt by cuts proposed by the Republican-controlled Senate.

On Monday, the Republican majority in the Senate offered a budget amendment putting over $140 million in funding on the chopping block. These include $34 million in cuts to teacher pay, $6 million in cuts to agriculture investments in farmers, $100 million in cuts to state employees, and $3.5 million in cuts to public safety.

“The budget proposal offered by Senate Republicans is unacceptable and shows a fundamental lack of compassion for Tennesseans,” said House Democratic Leader Gary Odom (D-Nashville). “What Tennesseans need is a budget that will lead them to recovery, not ruin.”

Additional program cuts offered in the Senate Republican budget proposal include Tennessee’s Meth Grant Program, Internet Crime Grant Program, and Children’s Services.

“The Senate began work on this proposal this afternoon. We are going to counter that when they decide to send it to us,” said House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner (D-Old Hickory). “We have asked for weeks for the majority party plan. It is here and we disagree.”

House leadership Wednesday morning approved a preliminary counter budget to the Republican-backed proposal.

“We have already begun work on an alternative budget proposal,” said House Finance Chairman Craig Fitzhugh (D-Ripley). “We intend to fix as many of the Senate Republican cuts as we can because they hurt our teachers, farmers, state employees, and Tennessee families.”

Democrats now wait on the Senate to approve their budget proposal, at which time the House will take up the measure and conclude business for the year.

“After years of fiscally conservative budgeting and belt-tightening, we are in the position of using savings to help the people of our state,” said Speaker Emeritus Jimmy Naifeh (D-Covington).

Added Speaker Pro-Tem Lois DeBerry (D-Memphis), “Our rainy day fund is for a rainy day, and here in Tennessee it’s raining.”


Mike McWherter talks to FOX17 in Nashville about the flooding

and he does a nice job of it; I'm feeling better about his candidacy as it goes along.  Yes, that IS Nick Paranjape (formerly of Action News 5 here) talking to Mike.  Hat tip to Speak To Power, this won't allow an embed, so you'll just have to go here to see it, it's worth your time.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I have a new hero

I agree completely with Ross

He shows Ron Ramsey for the fool that he is at Speak To Power, go read it!

And about Ramsey's prolific PAC fundraising among lobbyists, which Ross notes with help from Tom Humphrey, I dedicate this to Ramsey:

Friday, May 07, 2010

A Tennessee Moment If There Ever Was One

First, go here and read this. Go ahead, I'll wait, we'll be here when you get back.

Nice, wasn't it? I agree, it DOES mean a lot more these days in the aftermath of the worst flood since 1937, one that still is hitting Dyersburg hard as it recedes in Midstate.

This below represents the ultimate Tennessee moment, even if it was sung by a man from Macon, GA.  it was recorded on McLemore Street right here in Memphis, written by Nashville's best.

This goes out to all of the heroes who have been fighting this flood, from Lebanon to Franklin to Ashland City to Clarksville to Jackson to Millington to Munford to Dyersburg, and yes, NASHVILLE, you have been magnificent.

And especially for my heroes the #assbastards, you know who you are; I got this from one of them.

Thank you all.  You have made me more proud to be a Tennessean, and made me feel like more of a Tennessean, than in any of my prior 38 years in this state.  Enjoy the best this state has to offer:

Thursday, May 06, 2010

The White House statement on disaster relief and Kenny Chesney with Anderson Cooper

From the CA, here's the White House update;

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs released the following statement at 12:44 p.m. Central time today:
"This morning, President Obama was briefed by Assistant to the President for Homeland Security John Brennan on the ongoing efforts in response to the severe weather and flooding in Tennessee and other southeastern states. The federal government has been engaged in the response since this weekend, with FEMA representatives on the ground working directly with state and local officials. FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, at the request of the President and the Secretary of Homeland Security, will be traveling throughout the state of Tennessee today and tomorrow to view the damage, meet with state and local officials, and receive on the ground briefings on the response efforts.
"This is the Administrator’s second trip to the state since last weekend’s severe weather and flooding. On Monday Administrator Fugate visited Nashville, where he met with the Governor and local officials to discuss federal support for the response. The President also spoke with Governor Bredesen earlier this week, and the President and his staff have been receiving regular updates on the situation from FEMA.
"In addition, President Obama spoke earlier this week with the governors of Kentucky, Mississippi and Arkansas. FEMA representatives are on the ground in those states, as well as Louisiana, and are working closely with state officials to assess the damages from the severe weather and determine any needs for additional federal resources. The President asked Mr. Brennan to ensure that the federal government continues to respond swiftly to any requests for further assistance and requested ongoing updates on the situation."

Here's Kenny Chesney talking to Anderson Cooper with footage that he shot on the way to his flooded home near Nashville:


Volunteer Tennessee, working with the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA), has activated the Tennessee Emergency Donations Hotline to accept contributions and support state flood victims.  The toll free number is (866) 586-4483, and the hotline is staffed from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CDT daily.
Volunteers from local charitable and volunteer organizations, including AmeriCorps programs and Hands On Nashville, aree staffing the hotline and assisting callers with donations through a Web site that hosts 48 organizations active in responding to disaster relief actions.
Visit and click the “Donations to Disaster Victims” link to donate online.
The Tennessee Emergency Donations Hotline was established in 2006 following deadly tornadoes that hit 15 counties and killed 35 people. The call center’s goal is to help manage the volume of calls received by the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) in Nashville during natural disasters and other emergencies.
At this time, the primary need is for cash donations; however, goods or services will also be accepted. Water and used clothing are NOT needed at this time. All donations will go to assist flood victims in Tennessee.
Folks wanting to give also can easily contribute $10 for flood victims by texting "redcross" to 90999. Donations also can be made online at or by calling (615) 250-4300.
Additionally, if you want to physically help, sign up to volunteer in Middle Tennessee at Hands On Nashville, and in West Tennessee at Volunteer Mid-South at
For the most up-to-date information about the floods, follow AARP Tennessee on Twitter at and on Facebook at

Wonderful cartoon from Beth Cravens

with hat tips to Speak To Power and Mike Silence:

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

SCDP Unity Breakfast this Saturday at 10 AM

I am thinking about going, will have calmed by then, I HOPE.

                   P.O. Box 40864               Memphis, TN 38174-0864                   (901) 283-5017                                          Van Turner, Jr., Chair



Date:   May 5, 2010               Time:  1:00 a.m.

            I want to first congratulate all of the candidates who participated in the Democratic Primary yesterday.  Whether these candidates won or lost, they all waged rigorous campaigns which were clean and did not tear down their fellow Democrats.  Now, we as Democrats must come together for the General Election on August 5, 2010.  We must put aside our differences, our petty preferences, and what we thought was disrespectful in the past to unite as one.  In order to be victorious on August 5, 2010, we must all work together.

            Accordingly, we have organized a Unity Rally and Prayer Breakfast this Saturday, May 8, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. at Metropolitan Baptist Church, 767 Walker Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38126.  We will use this event to officially kick-off our coordinated campaign.  We are calling for ALL DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES in the primaries, whether they won or lost to attend this event.  It is FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  We will be calling on all Democratic elected officials at the federal, state, county, and municipal level to attend to show their support for our Democratic slate of candidates.  We are also calling upon each and every one of our Democratic elected officials at the federal, state, county and municipal level to endorse and support our Democratic slate of candidates.  Furthermore, we appeal to our friends and allies within the religious community to support our Democratic slate of candidates as well. 

            I am proud to be assisting with our capable slate of candidates for 2010, which include:

Shelby County Mayor                          Joe Ford
Shelby County Sheriff                         Randy Wade
Shelby County Trustee                        Regina Morrison Newman
Shelby County Clerk                           Corey Maclin
Shelby County Register                       Coleman Thompson
Shelby County Juvenile Court Clerk    Shep Wilbun
Shelby County Probate Court Clerk     Sondra Becton
Shelby County Criminal Court Clerk   Minerva Johnican
Shelby County Circuit Court Clerk      Ricky Dixon
Shelby County Commissioner             Steve Mulroy
Shelby County Commissioner             Walter Bailey
Shelby County Commissioner             Justin Ford
Shelby County Commissioner             James Harvey
Shelby County Commissioner             Melvin Burgess
Shelby County Commissioner             Sidney Chism
Shelby County Commissioner             Henri Brooks.               

Finally, I am asking the Memphis Democratic ClubGermantown Democratic ClubShelby County Democratic Club and the Democratic Coalition to join with us in pushing a consolidated ballot with our Democratic Slate of candidates.  If we stay unified and focused, I know that we will in 2010!!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

You're not getting any analysis out of me tonight..

Because I still want people to speak to me tomorrow.

Congratulations to Randy Wade, Regina Morrison Newman, Shep Wilbun, Steve Mulroy, Coleman Thompson.

I'm still stunned about Joe Ford; nice man, I like him personally, let's see how he campaigns in the summer.

The rest? Let me sleep on it so I don't offend anyone.

Let me leave you with this thought: Rarely have I seen an election where straight-up name recognition mattered so much.

Oh, and all of you out there, remember to send money to the Red Cross for relief efforts, and if you are a baseball fan, say a prayer in memory of a great man, Ernie Harwell.

Night all.

We Interrupt Your Flood Coverage to Remind You That

Forty years ago today, four Kent State University students were murdered by the Ohio National Guard.

Never forget.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Well,, this was a helluva first day of vacation

As you know if you follow me on Twitter, I was Tweeting and re-Tweeting other posts and working on flood coverage for Speak To Power.

Frankly, if you are a Tennessee resident north of I-40 between Lebanon and the Mississippi River, chances are you are either flooded or close to a flooding stream.  Unfortunately, between the oil slick in the Gulf and the Times Square bomb threat, no one but the Weather Channel seemed to give a rat's ass outside our borders.

Fortunately, Keith Olbermann mentioned the floods tonight:

Much appreciated, sir.

Remember, if you haven't voted in the Democratic primary, yet (and why NOT?). Tuesday is Election Day. so GO VOTE.  Good night, see you at the polls.

Mason YMCA is having trouble

Their pool, which is over 30 years old, needs to be replaced. They have held it together with duct tape and baling wire (figurtively) for the last few years, but the circulation system that regulates the water temperature could give out any day. This will signal the death nell for this University District icon if this occurs.

The pool is the driving center piece of the Mason YMCA. It is used by young and old for lap swim, water aerobics, exercise, and swim lessons. If the pool is closed permanently, then the Y will most likely close as well shortly after. This will close the dormitory there as this why is one of the few in the country that still does housing as well as putting several people out of work.

Please donate to the Y for their pool fund. They need $15,000 to replace everything. They accept donations from both members and non members, personal and corporate. Their number is 458-9622.

The flooding is everywhere

From Shelby County to Dyersburg to Middle Tennessee, this state has been devastated by floods.

Here is a somber video taken of the Nashville area, hat tip to Mike Silence: