Monday, December 30, 2019

Respect The Grind

Memphis, the Grind City.

It is what we are, it is who we are. Grit n' Grind was the Grizzlies, our beloved NBA team for many years. Mark Jones called us that in the Cotton Bowl this past week.

It is what we want our representatives to do. Grind out the work needed for their constituents. Make their lives better. Do it over a period of time that shows your commitment.

We respect and honor those who make it to the top by putting in the work and earning their way to success. We don't like flash, we love substance. We love people who earn the love.

Memphis has two favorite sons. Jerry Lawler, the wrestling King of Memphis. He did the grind to take the torch from his mentor, Sputnik Monroe. Penny Hardaway would be the second, he took the torch from the previous basketball god of Memphis, Larry Finch. Hardaway has come home to continue the grind. A lot of fans wish Penny had continued to be a viable player when the Grizzle came from Vancouver.

We are due for a torch passing of sorts within the next 4 or so years in two major areas. Jim Strickland, a man who has grinded out working on making the city better, has four more years in public service. Steve Cohen, a Memphis icon who will never get the respect and honor he deserves in this state and this city, has fewer years left ahead of him in office than behind.

There will be a rush to fill their voids. Who will get your vote? My only recommendation. Respect the grind.