Sunday, December 31, 2006


Wow. I stumbled onto this at YouTube. This is the Complaints Choir of Birmingham, England, and it's funny and fun and all of that. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Vaudeville in the 21st Century

The Asylum Street Spankers are all right! Hat tip to Jeannette Warren and Mark Ledbetter..

Friday, December 29, 2006

Lots of terrific posts about the city and its future

First, Brassmask comes in with a post about WHAT a new mayor should stand for, and what the city needs in addition to a new mayor.

Next, Polar Donkey comes in with TWO posts (maps included, natch!) that illustrate the great divide in Big Shelby between white and black, and Republican & Democrat.

Then, Desi Franklin at WTL gives us a shout-out and also links to a Smart City post about what great city mayors can do. Inadvertently, it reveals that we have never had one, IMO.

Great work, folks!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Willie Herenton must be smiling..

As he looks out at the political landscape and sees a veritable plethora of candidates lined up to beat him in the 2007 Mayoral Election. The Mayor sees everyone from Councilor Carol Chumney to John Willingham to a local dentist named Mark Roudebush gearing up, and that's just the white candidates.

Herenton could possibly face former MLGW president Herman Morris and Councilor Myron Lowery; had Rickey Peete not experienced his recent unpleasantness, he might have jumped in as well.

While Bob over at 55-40 is convinced that the Mayor will NOT seek an unprecedented fifth term, I look at the field and wonder why, as only an indictment could beat him if the field is this split.

Remember 1999? John Bakke, who was polling and counseling candidate Joe Ford at the time, announced a poll prior to the beginning of the race that showed that 55% of the City of Memphis electorate wanted a new mayor.

By Heavens, he was almost dead-on; when the votes were counted, Herenton had 46%, a minority, but also a PLURALITY. There was NO single candidate that could consolidate the Anti-Herenton vote, and he was back.

This is the problem that a heavily-populated field could bring. While a year ago, Herenton looked like a goner, even among African-Americans, things have changed.

I am saying, as Polar Donkey has, that the election of Steve Cohen to the 9th Congressional District seat has made it impossible for a white candidate to be elected Mayor of Memphis. I could be wrong (I prefer my crow grilled, please) but I don't think so.

If Bob is right and Herenton gets out, he has to have thought about a successor, and I'm betting it's NOT one of the candidates above.

However, unless the Mayor knows something about his future that I don't, I can't see him passing up what appears to be an easy re-election bid.

As a Memphian, I'm not thrilled, and I will support the candidate of my choice (which WON'T be him), but that doesn't mean I can't read the numbers.

On the passing of Gerald Ford.

While everyone lionizes the 38th (and only UNELECTED) President, I am going to be slightly less praising of him.

To be sure, he was a nice guy, and, like the Rude Pundit says, Gerald Ford WASN'T bugfuck insane, something we haven't been able to say about a Republican President in a LONG time. He seemed average and unassuming, which are good qualities to have in a President, especially when you're succeeding the Worst President in History (remember, neither Reagan nor the Bushes had come along yet).

Yet, Gerald Ford (the man who would rather have been House Speaker) will always be judged for the fact that he pardoned Nixon. Most of the Beltway Blatherers laud Ford for "putting this behind us so the country could move forward."


The fact that Nixon never had to face an American jury is what allowed the Iran-Contra traitors to be pardoned by 41, and may allow 43, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld to avoid the war-crimes trials they so richly deserve. It set a horrible precedent, and deserves condemnation over 30 years after the fact. Would it have torn the country apart? Well, the response to that is this: how much more COULD it have been torn apart?

Steve Gilliard says this today about that:

1975 was a difficult year. The US military was dysfunctional, American society was shattered, there was a real question if the US could have survived the trial of Richard Nixon for his various crimes.

Once he had slunk off, to everyone's relief, there was no great appetite for punishment among Congress.

But, by pardoning Nixon, he helped save the GOP, by not exposing the criminal nature of that enterprise. It was allowed to reform as a right wing party, catering to small business and backwoods rednecks. The Dems never really pressed the advantage they could have had by exposing Nixon and his crimes.

Read the rest of it, it's terrific.

Also, think how much we could have avoided if Nixon had been tried and convicted:

No Reagan or EITHER Bush.

Perhaps the implosion of the Southern Strategy before it went any further than it did.

Folks, if there IS a God, Gerald Ford is doing a LOT of explaining right now.

UPDATE: Jeff has EVEN MORE that I had forgotten about at the Pesky Fly!

Tom, I'm posting this because it's terrific.

,I got to know Tom Guleff during his campaign for the GOP nomination for the 9th Congressional District. While I knew we didn't agree on policies, I immediately thought that he was the type of person who NEEDS to be in politics, because he struck me as a straight-shooter who you could count on in the clutch. I even endorsed him for the GOP nomination, knowing full well that I would stick with Steve Cohen in the general.

Now, Tom maintains It serves as a watchdog over local issues, and I am blatantly stealing this post, because it needs to be seen:

Political Corruption is Evil

Political corruption kills the legitimacy of our government. Democracies are fragile institutions that require the trust of the governed. Those who hold these governing offices must act and live far from any hint of impropriety. There is a natural tendency to question authority, predicated on the belief that those who govern will act only in their best interests. As cynical as human nature may be, the truth is that there’s a lot of good people trying to make a difference.

The battle to keep institutions legitimate is tough and ongoing. Trust earned over a life time can be lost in an instant. Without the trust of the system, people resort to a state of warring factions, a mentality that leads to minimizing values and principles. Sometimes these become the disconnects in politics allowing us to tolerate corrupt behavior, especially when a politician's personal interests are in-line and associated with our own. In these circumstances, those who are governed will overlook the articles of corruption. However, corruption still remains and seeds of distrust are sown, whether short term or for the future. This is why corruption is lethal.

Our citizens deserve a system free from the cancer of political corruption. Corruption destroys any sense of fair play and merit. To win at any cost is really a loss for nothing. Many times, those corrupt office holders who have fought so hard against the injustices of the system, damage and destroy the effectiveness of the very institutions that can impact change. To be rid of political corruption is a moral imperative for our society. Candidates and the elected must be held to the highest of ethical behavior. We must instill the principles of selfless service in those who seek public office.

Today, our elected officials are not bad or evil people. Some have made bad decisions, and it quickly became a slippery slope in betraying the trust of all of us. Our failed politicians did not start out corrupt; they just got used to the system of perks and entitlements, and lost their way. The real problem is that there is a new generation of politicians with no shame or guilt who have decided to start where the corruption left off. This we must stop.

In the final analysis, we want a community that fosters the best in all of us. However, there must be a presumption that the system is fair and that it works under a set of rules. Adherence to these rules is our social contract. Holding to principles and learning from failures allows us to travel further than we ever thought possible. These are the conditions required to foster growth and fulfillment toward our dreams. Our dreams that we hold so dear. Dreams free from corruption. These are our American dreams.

Autoegocrat is on the case!

Auto writes today about the billboard that has magically appeared on Poplar Avenue, in the heart of Senate District 30, where (gasp! shock!) Spence is running for the seat vacated by Congressman Steve Cohen.

So, you say, he put a billboard? What's the big deal? Eh, go look at it and read Auto's commentary about it, and you'll learn more about why this man is unfit to serve.

Yeah, I said it; unfit to serve.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

OK, then.

Kevin Gallagher, as has been reported by Desi Franklin at WTL, has withdrawn as a candidate for the special election to fill the vacated seat of Congressman Steve Cohen in State Senate District 30. Early voting begins in the Democratic Primary on January 5, with Election Day for the Primary set for January 25.

I expressed my concerns early on about Beverly's campaigning, but with Kevin out, I will get behind her and support her. This is a situation that requires our attention, because Robert Spence's problems would kill our chances to keep this seat in Democratic hands. Freedonian has already documented that after just a few minutes on Google; what do you think the Goopers could dig up?

So, those of you of the liberal persuasion in Shelby County need to rally behind Beverly Marrero to ensure that we continue to have optimal representation in District 30. I know Kevin Gallagher will, and if you, like me, were supporting his candidacy, you need to get behind Beverly now.

Then, we will work on House 89!

Monday, December 25, 2006

James Brown 1933-2006

This is NOT the way any of us wanted to begin Christmas morning.

The Godfather of Soul left us, stunningly, at 1:45 this morning at Emory Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta after entering earlier yesterday with pneumonia.

His effect on the world of music is immeasurable, he wasn't just the Godfather of soul, he was the father of Hip-Hop, in my opinion. He took risks other entertainers never dared, his music took popular music where it had never been before.

Compare the songs he put out in the mid-60s to the Motown hits of the '60s and you'll see what I mean, they always went further and had that EDGE to them.

This is somewhat incoherent, I know, but this is a big one, folks; music will never be the same again.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Have a Festive Festivus!

Chanukkah has concluded, sorry for being late! Have a terrific Kwanzaa!

And of course, let's not forget why Christmas is celebrated at this time of year, the Pagan festival of Yule to celebrate the winter solstice, which is today.

I will be back on Tuesday, crotchety as ever about something or other. Now, though, after I leave work, I go to celebrate with friends and family this weekend, and hope that you're able to do the same.

When you're being annoyed this weekend and wondering why you went back to your family to celebrate, wondering what happened to THEM, just remember: they're thinking the same thing about you, so be glad you have them!

Happy Yule!

A Shameless Plug!

This Saturday night, at that wonderful dive known to one and all as THE BUCCANEER, our friend the Pesky Fly slips into his other persona (or ONE of them, anyway) as Papa Top, leading Memphis' (hell, the SOUTH's) best purveyors of the Bakersfield Sound.

He even has an opening act, more about that here.

10 PM's a little old for Grandpa here, but I am going to do my damndest to go see this terrific band, and you should too, it will be a great break from the family before Xmas Eve and Xmas.

Remember, always keep the X in Xmas!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Does this new blog make me look fat(ter)?

Well, I have upgraded to the NEW Blogger, we'll see how it goes..

Bye-Bye NPR Talk!

According to this CA article, WKNO is selling WKNA-FM 88.9 in Senatobia to Donald Wildmon's American Family Radio and selling WKNQ-FM 90.7 in Dyersburg to another religious broadcaster, moving Talk of the Nation to 91.1 from 7-9 PM, beginning on January 22.

WKNO claims that, despite having upgraded the power on the stations to 100,000 watts, they still can't reach all of Shelby County, and so have given up for now. They say they are also looking at possibly obtaining another full-power station, which presumably would provide us with the NPR Talk format that we've grown accustomed to around here.

Mad? Yep. Want to do something about it? Call (901) 325-6544 and make sure they know you're pissed.

Monday, December 18, 2006

EC Jones now has even MORE to worry about...

The 1st District Councilman was on the local TV news all weekend answering charges that, because he too had leased a Cadillac from that supersalesman Joe Cooper, he might have been involved in the shenanigans that got Cooper, Rickey Peete and Edmund Ford indicted.

The West Tennessee Liberal is hinting that former 7th Congressional District candidate Bill Morrison either IS, or SHOULD oppose EC Jones for his City Council seat in 2007. Morrison, a teacher and a HARD campaigner, could give Jones a run for his money.

Oops, maybe not a good choice of words there.

In any event, we are in the last 2 weeks of 2006, and 2007 looks to be the wildest City elections we have yet seen!

Interesting day, to say the least.

No one dropped out in the Senate 30 race, so I am openly announcing my support for Kevin Gallagher. As much as I think highly of Beverly Marrero, I want a hard campaigner who can WIN this seat and stop Robert Spence.

Congratulations to Shea Flinn, our new interim State Senator in District 30. He will do a great job representing us until our new Senator is elected in the spring. I am not pleased that SOME of our Democratic Commissioners tried to hand the job to Robert Spence on a silver platter, even though he would have been hamstrung and not been able to raise money, either, after January 9. Props to MY Commissioner, Steve Mulroy, and District 3 Commissioner James Harvey for standing up for Flinn, who is way more liberal than his father, District 1 Commissioner George Flinn. We needed a place holder, and Shea will do just fine and represent this district well.

You just can't keep a good man down, can you? John Ford was indicted in Nashville for something called "honest services fraud". This is NOT connected to his TENNESSEE WALTZ indictments, however, this is in regards to his "consulting" work for OmniCare and Doral Dental.

You know, there has been some grumbling about the fact that most of those indicted around here have been Democrats. So what? If they're innocent, they will be acquitted, if not, let them go to jail. You don't expect a Republican DA to send Republicans to jail, do you? Look, we're just going to have to work to elect a Democratic President who will appoint a Democratic US Attorney. Then, we can do the same favor for the Republican Party that Terry Harris and David Kustoff have done for us by cleaning out the crooks.

Friday, December 15, 2006

It's going to be a wild weekend

The three Democrats who pulled petitions for State Senate 30 all filed them yesterday, with the withdrawal deadline of MONDAY at noon, instead of the normal week-long period to withdraw.

Our friend Wintermute has already fired up the Beverly Marrero bandwagon, and 24 hours ago, I was ready to concede that she would be the best candidate to face Republican Larry Parrish (he of "Deep throat" prosecution fame), the only Gooper to file for the seat.

After discussions with friends, it pains me to say she may not be the best option. As a Democratic progressive, she is untouchable, and she is a solid legislator with unquestioned integrity and is a delightful person who cares for her community.

However, as much as I personally appreciate her, I also realize that she is in the safest of Democratic districts, is not the hardest campaigner in the world, and will be hamstrung by the fact that, as a sitting legislator, she CANNOT raise money after the General Assembly session begins on January 9. Add to this the fact that she will be running in a district 2 1/2 to 3 times larger than her current district, and I am forced to come to the conclusion that, for the sake of the Party's chances in the general election, she needs to withdraw from the race.

It pains me to say this, because, if this were a normal election rather than a special election (where the fundraising problem would not apply), I would be cheering for her loudly.

Kevin Gallagher is a tough campaigner and he is already on the ground working the hell out of this district, and he would be just as progressive as Beverly. If he weren't, I sure as hell wouldn't be supporting him. He will raise the money that it takes to win, he will represent us proudly in Nashville, and he will not have the baggage that Robert Spence carries with him.

Frankly, given the investigations into corruption that are taking place in this town right now, we cannot afford to have Spence be our nominee. The Republicans are DESPERATE to win District 30, as it will enable them to force out John Wilder as our Lt. Governor and replace him with Ron Ramsey, killing ANY Democratic legislative agenda. If something were to blow up about Spence after he had won the primary, the Democrats would be screwed STATEWIDE. That simply cannot be an option.

You know, in your heart of hearts, if a Democrat like the Freedonian can find this stuff out, you can only imagine what the Goopers will be able to dig up.

This is why it is not in our best interests to have a three-way race for the Senate, which would enable a Spence victory, and thus a defeat in the general election. This is why I must respectfully, yet painfully, suggest that Beverly Marrero withdraw from the race; the future of the Democratic Party in Tennessee may well be at stake.

UPDATE: David Holt agrees!

And now, a word from my Commissioner

My County Commissioner, Steve Mulroy, has asked me to pass this along to ALL of you in Shelby County:

A new issue has arisen re: Libertyland and we need your help once again. The Cooper Young Community Association has been sending emails to the City Council urging delay of next Tuesday's vote. As explained better below (see bottom of this email, after the City Council contact info), they want more information, but good answers to their questions are already available, and further delay could kill this deal.

BETWEEN NOW AND TUESDAY, WE NEED PEOPLE TO EMAIL THE COUNCIL AT THE EMAIL ADDRESSES BELOW TO OPPOSE DELAY. Calling Council members would be helpful as well. Please email or call regardless of where you live, but ESPECIALLY if you live in the Midtown or Cooper Young area, and BE SURE TO STATE THAT YOU LIVE IN MIDTOWN/COOPER-YOUNG.

Please send this to whoever you know in the Midtown/Cooper Young area. Thanks---Steve Mulroy

Please send your email to everyone on this list of City Council, staff, and media:

*************************************************************************************************************** s


Here is contact info if you are willing to call the Council:
CITY COUNCIL 125 N. Main St. 38103 576-6786
District 1 E. C. Jones 2920 Vista View St. 38127 358-2918
District 2 Brent Taylor 736 N. Ericson 38018 754-9085
District 3 TaJuan Stout Mitchell 3558 Acacia Dr. 38116 398-7408
District 4 Dedrick Brittenum, Jr.1161 E. Parkway S. 38114 725-9663
District 5 Carol Chumney 38 Charleston Sq. 38122 (901) 327-8528
District 6 Edmund H. Ford 194 Golf Club Cir. 38109(901)396-1555
District 7 Barbara Swearengen Holt 1636 Sydney St. 38108 458-9406
District 8, Pos. 1 Joe Brown 1024 Terry Cir. 38107274-8142
District 8, Pos. 2 Rickey W. Peete 915 N. McLean Blvd. 38107 278-7464
District 8, Pos. 3 Myron Lowery 66 Monroe Ave. 38103 382-8818
District 9, Pos. 1 Scott McCormick 8895 Hickory Trail Dr. 38018 753-6014
District 9, Pos. 2 Tom Marshall 5109 Greenway Cv. 38117 (901)767-1665
District 9, Pos. 3 Jack Sammons 208 Saint Albans Fairway 38111 (901)685-2002

Here is a sample letter which contains the info you need to address the issue:

I am a resident of Cooper Young/Midtown writing to urge you to APPROVE the amusement park deal this Tuesday WITHOUT DELAY. An op-ed in Friday's Commercial Appeal (attached) explains why the deal is good for Memphis. I know the Cooper Young Association has proposed a delay to get more information about the T-Rex Amusements Company, but a delay would be bad for three reasons:
(a) since the company needs time to prepare to open next spring, moving this to early next year could kill the deal;
(b) the questions raised by the CYCA have simple answers which are available to the Council this Tuesday (see below); and
(c) the property has been vacant, attracting vermin and vandals, long enough.

Rather than seeing the property vacant, I'd like to see $5 million in investment for a public purpose compatible with the overall recreation theme of the Fairgrounds.

Answers To The CYCA's Questions

1. T-Rex does not have significant "financial problems." The City has done due diligence on the company, and determined that it is financially sound and well able to afford the $5 million in investments contemplated in the letter of intent. Administration official Robert Lipscomb can confirm this. Nor are the deficits experienced this past year in Joyland amusement park, the defunct park revived this past spring by T-Rex, particularly dismaying. As anyone in the amusement park business will tell you, it often takes several years for an amusement park to be profitable.

2. Robert Barnard of T-Rex can explain, the "ownership squabble" referenced in the editorial concerns a claim by the private landowners who sold T-Rex the land on which Joyland was built. The lawsuit was dismissed. The landowners suing T-Rex noted in a public statement, "It is unfortunate that this delay occurred, and (it) should in no way reflect poorly on the T-Rex Group." See article

3. The concerns raised about late night parties at Joyland are not relevant here. T-Rex has indicated that it does not intend to hold such parties in the Memphis amusement park, which will not be open any later than Libertyland was. Robert Barnard of T-Rex can confirm this.

4. It is not a problem that T-Rex has the option to purchase during the 3-year lease. The contract will provide that if it exercises this option and later decides to sell the property, the City will have the right of first refusal, and can thus prevent it from being used for a purpose it doesn't like. This is the same as with the recent Kroc Center deal, which mirrors the Libertyland deal in many ways.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This could get REAL interesting

We are a little over 12 hours from the filing deadline for the special election for Senate District 30, and Democrats Kevin Gallagher, Robert Spence and State Representative Beverly Marrero (D-89) have pulled petitions for the Democratic Primary.

The Freedonian has been looking into the background of former City Attorney Spence, and doesn't like what he has found

Spence is hardly a stranger to the world of “old boy” politics. After serving a whopping eleven days longer than he needed to collect a city pension, he found a means of representing the City of Memphis that was far more lucrative than civil service--- He provided it with legal representation in private practice to the tune of $310,912.44 over the span of fifteen months.

Not bad work if you can get it. The city so cash strapped that the mere mention of raises for policemen sparks a battle the likes of which is rarely seen outside Fallujah somehow managed to find enough change in the sofa to toss a former City Attorney roughly $250,000 per year to do the same job that he was doing at $97,000 per year when he had a city office.

And that’s on top of his $33,500 per year pension.

Ouch. There's a lot more to this, go read it AND the comments, they are almost as interesting!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bob may be on to something here...

Bob may be onto something here. He has been saying for some time that the Mayor of the city of Memphis is NOT going to seek re-election.

He notes that over the last year, he has given jobs in the administration to some of his strongest supporters, such as Janet Hooks, Sara Lewis, and now Tajuan Stout-Mitchell. In addition, his Special Assistant/chief spokesperson Gale Jones Carson is leaving to take a new position, director of Corporate Communications for MLGW.

Wait, you say, for Hooks, Lewis & Stout-Mitchell, how does that help them if they're only in office for a year or so? Well, it is my understanding that the city pension is based on your five highest-salaried years, as it is at many corporate entities. If their five highest years run 15, 30, 30, 30 and 80, that bumps the average up a bit, doesn't it?

As for Gale, she has spent her career in the communications field, and who needs help more than MLGW these days? The fact that she will continue to serve the city after WWH has retired is one positive that his administration can actually leave us.

If Bob is correct, and I am beginning to believe that he is, it changes the dynamic for the 2007 City elections quite a bit. With no Herenton, and no Rickey Peete in the Mayor's race, the field gets more wide open.

Now, it may well be that Polar Donkey is correct, and no white candidate has a prayer in hell of winning the City Mayor's race after the election of Steve Cohen to TN-09 congressional seat.

On the other hand.......

Free Coffee on Monday; Vince is buying!

Photo courtesy AP/ESPN

Ahem. Vince Young is coming VERY close to turning me into a Titans fan (no rock-throwing, please). The former Texas Longhorn made his hometown Houston Texans pay dearly for not drafting him, as he dashed 39 yards for the winning TD in overtime as the Titans stunned Houston 26-20

The free coffee? Every Monday after a Titans win, they give away a free cup of coffee at Exxon. No one says you have to BUY anything, just get the coffee and thank Vince, as he has led the Nashvillians to four straight wins and a 6-7 record in the AFC South.

Friday, December 08, 2006

The County Commission will be appointing someone to the District 30 Senate seat

and that someone needs to be a party NOT interested in running for the seat full-time. My understanding is that names under consideration include Kevin Gallagher, as well as Robert Spence, friend of the Mayor and a former City Attorney.

Let's consider, from a strictly partisan standpoint, that if someone is appointed who plans to run in the special election (filing deadline December 14 at noon), then they will be unable to raise money while sitting in the Senate seat once session starts the second week of January.

This will hinder anyone who wants to hold the seat beyond that special election. It would be far better for the constituents of the District if a placeholder was appointed who had NO interest in running in the special election, so that they could focus strictly on the interests of the district for the month or so that they would serve.

The winner of the special election will have to run again in 2008, when the term ends.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gee, who saw THIS coming???

I first saw this at the CA, but the NBA has issued a statement regarding the proposed sale of the Grizzlies to The Blue Devil Boys:

“The NBA has not yet received from Messrs. Davis and Laettner sufficient information to conduct our review of their proposed purchase of the team, in accordance with NBA rules. Among other things, and despite numerous requests from the NBA, we have not been provided with important information about other potential investors, including the sources and amounts of funding that they would supply.

“In addition, based on the limited information that we have received, it appears that certain elements of the transaction would not comply with NBA rules. As a result, and contrary to their public statements, the NBA is not taking any action at this point with respect to the proposed transaction.”

Well, in New York they have a saying about such situations, and like all things New York, it's brief and concise:


It appears that The Blue Devil Boys aren't doing much talking, are they? All along, they only planned to put up a certain percentage of the $252 million needed to buy Mike Heisley's 70% of the Grizzlies, they had $40 million in, tops. They have been out for MONTHS looking for suckers, er, investors willing to make up the other $212 million needed.

Now, the late, lamented (and SAINTED, as far as I'm concerned) Bill Veeck used to buy Major League Baseball teams the same way, and with the exception of the St,. Louis Browns, was pretty successful. That's because he always found the right people to invest, and they ALWAYS got their money back, and more.

From the start, neither Brian Davis nor Christian Laettner has been upfront about who would "invest" in this team. Watch Laettner in this video interview with Jarvis Greer of WMC-TV (video is down at the bottom of the page) as he tells us that the NBA has told them not to reveal any of the details.

Wouldn't that imply to you, me or anyone else with a modicum of intelligence that there actually WERE other investors? Guess there weren't, and if these potential investors check out that the Grizz have been hemorhagging money out of Heisley's wallet on a consistent basis, they're not likely to be investors.

(Side note: With all of the goodies we gave them to bring the Grizz here, how the hell is Heisley losing as much money as he says is?)

Folks, I WANT the Grizz to succeed here, I want them to win an NBA title, I have never missed a home playoff game. I also want REAL answers to our questions, and now, so does David Stern.

Which suggests to me that this deal will NOT go through, and it's back to the drawing board for Mike Heisley.

Interesting post from the Brassmask

Polar Donkey had this interesting reply to the earlier post about the Council and the Mayor:

I hope there is 20 more indictments.But back to the mayor's race. With Cohen winning the congressional seat, no white candidate (outside of Bill Clinton) could be elected mayor.

This caused Brassmask to reflect and post at his own place, some of which is excerpted here:

This is the time for someone not of the establishment to stick their foot in the door, pry it open, stick the fire hose in and start washing out the old hacks who have dominated the local political scene for way too many years.

This is the time NOW!!

White or black would be moot in the face of a message that speaks to The People of Memphis. What is bizarre is that no one is jumping in with both feet and rocking the boat HARD.

Ok then, go read the rest of it!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Polar Donkey is BACK with a vengeance!

The mighty PD puts out his observations on the Mayor's recent hirings and you need to go read it!

Will the last person leaving the Council chambers please turn the lights off?

First, Rickey Peete and Edmund Ford get nailed in a corruption sting, so they are presumed to be leaving the City Council very soon.

It is not too much to think that any or all of the following Councilpeople have either announced for Mayor or are considering it: Carol Chumney (rabid wolves couldn't keep her out, IMO), Myron Lowery (I'm betting a 50/50 shot now with Peete out), Jack Sammons or Tom Marshall (one but not both), and people keep telling me EC Jones is thinking about it, but I'm not ready to believe that just yet.

Add to that the impending departure of Council Chair Tajuan Stout-Mitchell to the Herenton Administration, and we are looking at a wholesale turnover of the Council next year. Given the record of this Council, this is not a reason to be pessimistic!

The question now becomes this: who will REPLACE each of these Councilpeople?

Other than my sources telling me that Jim Strickland is planning another run at District 5 in the event of a Chumney mayoral candidacy, I haven't heard much.

What have you heard?

Free EC Day December 6!

From Christie at Planned Parenthood (hat tip to the mighty Pam):

. 6

“Free EC Day” Highlights Backup Birth Control Now Available Without a Prescription — and at Planned Parenthood

MEMPHIS, TN—Memphis Regional Planned Parenthood is joining its sister Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country to offer free emergency contraception (EC) on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2006.

"Every woman deserves every chance to prevent unintended pregnancy,” President Barry Chase said. “As a trusted health care provider, Planned Parenthood wants women and couples to know about emergency contraception and all their contraceptive options. We hope that Free EC Day will encourage people to think about preventing unintended pregnancy and to come to our health center on Dec. 6 to get EC, just in case.”

EC lowers the risk of pregnancy when started within 120 hours of unprotected intercourse. The sooner EC is administered after unprotected intercourse, the better it works, making timely access critically important. Studies show that women do not use EC as a regular method of birth control.

Memphis Regional Planned Parenthood’s health center, at 1407 Union Ave., will be open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Dec. 6. No appointment is necessary.

“Planned Parenthood strongly recommends that women and couples back up their birth control,” Planned Parenthood Federation of America Vice President for Medical Affairs Dr. Vanessa Cullins said. “Keep emergency contraception in your medicine cabinet in case the condom breaks, you miss two or more birth control pills or have unprotected sex. The sooner you take EC after unprotected sex, the better it works.”
In August the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted over-the-counter status for Plan B emergency contraception for women 18 and older. Women of all ages can continue to get EC at Memphis Regional Planned Parenthood, where they can also talk with health care professionals. Research shows that over-the-counter access to emergency contraception does not increase or encourage sexual activity among teens.
Memphis Regional Planned Parenthood (MRPP), founded in 1938, is an affiliate of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. MRPP’s mission is to ensure broad public access to reproductive and related health care through clinic services, education, advocacy and community partnerships in Memphis, Shelby and Crittenden counties, West Tennessee and North Mississippi. MRPP has a health center at 1407 Union Ave., Memphis, Tenn., with over 14,000 patient visits annually.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


So it WON'T be USC playing Ohio State in the BCS championship game.

And, sorry, Gator fans, as deserving as you are of the SEC championship by beating my Hogs, 38-28, tonight, here's the deal: You lost to Auburn, who got whooped at HOME by the Hogs and who got lucky against LSU.

The only team who deserves to play Ohio State is the team that almost beat them IN THEIR HOUSE, and only lost by THREE POINTS AT OHIO STADIUM.

Yes, you know who I'm talking about: The Michigan Wolverines.

Gator fans, if you start crying that nobody wants a rematch, remember, no one did in 1996 either. However, you got another chance at Florida State and destroyed them, 52-20, giving the Old Ball Coach his only National title.

Michigan played a tougher non-conference schedule, opening up a can of whoop-ass at Notre Dame, making Touchdown Jesus cry. The Gators had trouble beating a 6-6 FSU team that limped to the finish line and bowl eligibility, and their other non-conference games were made up of Sun Belt opponents and other cannon fodder.

Ahem, you say, we won THE FREAKING SEC, GOD'S OWN CONFERENCE. Well, you were in a weak Eastern Division (for heaven's sake, if the Kentucky QB had just thrown to the right receiver at Knoxville last Saturday, UK would have finished SECOND in the East!). Again, you LOST at Auburn to an overrated Tiger team, and you have Arkansas' number, we can't beat you to save ourselves.

The only argument you have is REGGIE NELSON, a god among safeties; sadly, that's just not enough.

Sorry, folks, if there is justice in our land, the Wolverines go to Glendale and you Gator fans will be back on Bourbon Street where you belong, because they need a good party in New Orleans these days.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Does THIS look like a man who's worried about his future?

This terrific picture by Nikki Boertman was splashed on the front page of the Commercial Appeal this morning to accompany the coverage of the arrest of Rickey Peete and Edmund Ford on corruption charges and of Joe Cooper on money laundering charges.

This jumped out at me; he looks like he's saying, "This ain't nothin'; you ain't seen the last me by a longshot!" Why? He's already done time for bribery, which cost him his District 7 Council seat years ago, and if convicted, he will likely never hold public office again.


If Rickey thinks he can take down a lot of people with him, and starts talking, this could make Tennessee Waltz look like a mere blip on the political landscape, reshaping Memphis and Shelby County for a long time to come.

Like I said, pull up a chair and a bowl of popcorn!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shocked, Shocked I am to find corruption in this establishment!

City Councilmen Rickey Peete and Edmund H. Ford (yes, of THOSE Fords, for those of you from out of town) have been arrested and charged with criminal corruption regarding legislation before the Memphis City Council.

On top of that, former County Court Squire and perennial County Commission candidate Joe Cooper was indicted on money laundering charges stemming from an investigation into narcotics dealing in the Mid-South area.

According to the CA article, Peete is alleged to have taken a total of $12,000 from an FBI informant who is facing criminal charges on his own. Ford is alleged to have accepted a total of $6,000 paid over three installments at his mortuary, E.H. Ford Mortuary.

Well, since we're going in to City elections next year, this should open things up a bit, eh? Will Peete and Ford do as Kathryn Bowers did and run for re-election anyway?

Grab some popcorn and pull up a chair, it's getting interesting around here!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

For a VERY good cause..

You're Invited to
MCIL's Annual Open House &
Silent Auction

Date: December 1, 2006
Time: 4pm – 8pm
Location: 1633 Madison Avenue

The Gift Shoppe will be open for inexpensive
last minute holiday shopping.

Silent Auction will be open from 4:30-7:30pm

There will be music by the Specimens
and light snacks.

Call to R.S.V.P. at (901) 726-6404
**Credit cards accepted for
Gift Shoppe and Silent Auction
Free Our People!

The DSCC responds..

Yes, I know, R. Neal beat me to it, but Mike Liddell of the DSCC sent me a nice email challenging The Prince of Darkness' claim in the post below that they had sandbagged Harold Ford Jr in the closing days of the race.

Here is Mike's email, reprinted with permission:

Hey Steve, I saw your post on the DSCC and support of Harold Ford Jr. and wanted to pass along some info.

Just to let you know, the idea that the DSCC abandoned Harold Ford Jr. is simply not true. Novak got it wrong in his latest column. We were up on the air running ads right up to Election Day. In the last two weeks of the campaign we easily spent over a $1 million – about a fifth of the $5 million we spent throughout the race. I’ve included the money we spent through our Independent Expenditure for those last two weeks below.

Perhaps most telling though is what Ford himself said – in an interview on the Situation Room on Nov. 16th Ford said “Chuck Schumer did an extraordinary job for me.” [link: - I’ve also got a wmv video clip of this if you want it.] Those aren’t the words of a candidate that feels abandoned.

At any rate, I can pull more data if you need it but there’s simply no evidence to back up Novak’s BS claim that Schumer abandoned Ford. Let me know if you have any questions on this – I’m happy to help.



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