Monday, October 15, 2018

These recommendations are solidly on point, and I agree with all of them

Every election year, I am fortunate to receive a list of endorsements from my friends Paula Casey and Jocie Wurzburg, along with Dottie Jones, daughter of their late great friend Happy Jones.

Usually, there are a couple of endorsements that I don't agree with, but not this year.  I received this earlier, and I found them to be so on point that I asked if I may post them, as I concur with every bit of this, and ask that you consider these before you go vote.  By the way, Early Voting starts at ALL SITES this coming Wednesday.  Without further ado:

Dear Friends:

Early voting for this important election begins on Wednesday, Oct. 17. The first thing you need to do is make sure you are registered. It takes 30 seconds with this link:

Do this before you go to the polls. If you're not shown as registered and you know you are, call the Election Commission at 222-1200 and ask where is your registration. Be sure to take a photo ID to the polls. PLEASE VOTE EARLY. Early voting locations are at

Also, we are recommending you vote NO on all the ballot referenda which appear at the end of the ballot. Our buddy, Dan Conaway, explains it beautifully in his Daily Memphian column:

We recommend the following:

Governor - Karl Dean is the obvious choice. Medicaid expansion is his top priority and pre-school education. We need someone in the governor's office with governing experience. We need Karl because he understands how to govern. He also believes in separation of church and state unlike his opponent.

U.S. Senator - Phil Bredesen. He is far superior to his GOP opponent who opposes everything we believe in. Phil's opponent believes in snatching small terrified children from their panicking parents., many of whom were seeking asylum. Who believes in that? We don't. Vote for Phil Bredesen.

U.S. House -District 8 - Erika Stotts Pearson. We need to change the House and Erika is a much better candidate than the incumbent.

U.S. House District 9 - Steve Cohen, of course. He always makes us proud. 

Following are recommendations for the state legislature. Too many of our current legislators have been supportive of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) far-right model legislation. We don't want our legislators joining ALEC; we want ALEC's legislative agenda opposed. 

TN Senate District 29 - Raumesh Akbari. Raumesh is a star.
TN Senate District 31 - Gabby Salinas. Gabby's healthcare background will be an asset.
TN Senate District 33 - Katrina Robinson. Vote for Katrina and thank her for running since she defeated an anti-choice ALEC-supporting incumbent Democrat. 
TN House District 83 - Danielle Schonbaum. She can take Craig Fitzhugh's place as the financial guru in the legislature.
TN House District 84 - Joe Towns, Jr.
TN House District 85 - Jesse Chism
TN House District 86 - Barbara Cooper
TN House District 87 - Karen Camper
TN House District 88 - Larry Miller
TN House District 90 - John DeBerry, Jr. He is unopposed, but we hope his constituents will let him know they are displeased with his conservative votes.
TN House District 91 - London P. Lamar
TN House District 93 - G.A. Hardaway, Jr.
TN House District 95 - Sanjeev Memula
TN House District 96 - Dwayne Thompson - He has done a great job and has been supportive of healthcare expansion. 
TN House District 97 - Allan Creasy - We can't say enough about this bright, committed Democratic candidate who would bring youth and energy to the legislature. 
TN House District 98 - Antonio Parkinson
TN House District 99 - David Cambron - We love Dave Cambron and everything he has done for progressive causes. 

Your vote is critically important. It is not hyperbolic to say we are saving our democracy. Please share this ballot with your friends and family. Encourage everyone you know to vote. - 

Jocelyn D. Wurzburg, Paula F. Casey, Dottie Jones