Monday, July 31, 2006

This is what Politics and Public Service are supposed to be about

Yesterday, on the steps of 1278 Sledge, we had an old-fashioned political rally from the front porch of Steve Haley's house. Steve, as you know, is the Cracker endorsee for the Democratic nomination for Senate 29 and is running opposite Ophelia Ford.

I sent out Rick's terrific post at the Freedonian to my list earlier, and some issue was taken over it. Yesterday was not at all about Ophelia, it's about changing the way we do politics in Memphis, Shelby County, the state of Tennessee, and hopefully all over the country. It's why I support Ned Lamont over Joe Lieberman, and why I support Steve Haley. Ophelia Ford, as I said earlier, is a nice person who works hard, and that's great.

This is about clean money and clean elections, period.

We were fortunate to have, in addition to the candidate, Brad Watkins of Democracy for Memphis, and State Representative John Deberry (D-90) speak to us about clean money and not-so-clean money and its effects on politics, especially here.

Even more fortunately, if you weren't able to be there, Autoegocrat recorded and transcribed the speeches, and posted them at the Pesky Fly. I really want you to take time to read them, and download them for listening. John Deberry was particularly powerful, and after having heard him, made me proud that he represents us in the General Assembly.

One of the comments I received indicated that, after the ethics bill passed the GA last year, that campaign reform is dead for a long time. Well, only if we fail to DEMAND that things change.

Realize that we have a crappy, self-serving media here (the FLYER excepted, of course) and realize that the lobbyists and corporate-owned media don't want people to realize that they are not alone in demanding change. It will not easy; in fact it will be a long struggle to right this ship.

However, if we fail to act, we have no one to blame but ourselves. As Brad Watkins says, DEMAND CHANGE, to which I would add, then BE THAT CHANGE.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bill Winter for Congress!

Yeah, I know, he's in Colorado, but click here to go read what he said in a DailyKos post about his campaign and how the DCCC is screwing him over. The good news is, he may well win any way.

Up yours, Rahm Emanuel, you triangulating bastard. Hat tip to Auto for this!

We're testing BLOG THIS

And I hope it works...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Tinker Trolls are out en masse

and they are being laughed at in several places, like Auto at Pesky's place, at the Freedonian, and at WTL's lovely blog. This comes after a Tinker hitpiece on our future Congressman, Steve Cohen, backfired badly.

But now, the Polar Donkey takes it NATIONAL with a DailyKos diary and hits her locally on his blog, so check them out!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


It just dawned on me that I had not made any endorsements in the State and Federal primaries, other than the obvious one. I now seek to rectify this oversight.

GOVERNOR - John Jay Hooker

I know, he's older than Methuselah and he has only one issue, but he is RIGHT about campaign finance reform. You know that I believe that Phil Bredesen is nothing short of a murderer with his TennCare cuts, and I cannot and will not support him, now or in the future. I have had good Democrats tell me that he has done everything possible to save TennCare, and some people are just going to have to die. However, none of them seem to want to volunteer to do so for the sake of the program, so WE NEED TO PUT INCOME TAXES ON THOSE WILLIAMSON COUNTY BLOODSUCKERS SO WE CAN PROPERLY FUND TENNCARE. Rant over.

US SENATE - Jim Maynard (Write-In)

Yeah, I know, he only has one issue, too, or so you think. Actually, he's very close to where the Democrats used to be, and need to return in order to win elections. You know how I feel about Little Harold, that is not an option, as I only vote for Democrats.

STATE SENATE District 29 - Steve Haley

I like Ophelia Ford, and if she is the nominee, could support her again. She is well-meaning, and my sources tell me she was a quick study and worked hard. So why not vote to send her back? Simply put, she just carries too much baggage, and this election saga (which I remain convinced she had NO part of) will follow her around like the Flying Dutchman as long as she is in Nashville.

Steve Haley is a good solid Democrat as well, and is conducting a "Front Porch Campaign" as a protest over the way elections are run these days, with too much money being required to run for ANY office. He will donate his salary to scholarships for students in the District, and will be an outstanding public servant.

STATE SENATE District 33 - Steve Webster

It seriously hurts me to have to endorse someone other than Kathryn Bowers, who I have respected and admired for years. You know why I can't, not until this Tennessee Waltz business is resolved. What I like about Webster's campaign is that he is spending his time talking about why he SHOULD be Senator, and not why anyone else should NOT, so he is my choice.

STATE HOUSE District 84 - Joe Towns

Now that he has returned to his senses and is running for re-election, I believe he has served his South Memphis and Whitehaven district well, and deserves to be returned to Nashville.

STATE HOUSE District 85 - Larry Turner

Again, a solid, thoughtful legislator who is always opposed in the primary, yet is returned due to his diligence on behalf of his district, and deservedly so.

STATE HOUSE District 87 - Gary Rowe

He has been solid so far, let's give him a chance to prove himself in Nashville.

STATE HOUSE District 89 - Beverly Robison Marrero

She is a tiger when it comes to fighting for her district, and she's won the overwhelming respect of her colleagues. She MUST be returned.

STATE HOUSE District 91 - Lois Deberry

What on earth is Kavin Carter thinking? Yes, she boo-booed by taking that $200 at Tunica, but she has more power in Nashville than any other legislator, and we need to keep her there.

STATE HOUSE District 92 - Elbert Rich, Jr.

Elbert has toiled in obscurity doing yeoman work for Democrats all over town, and he would be the better choice to succeed Henri Brooks, whose name is unfortunately still on the ballot, even though her primary campaign is for County Commission. It's time for Elbert Rich to represent this Midtown and South Memphis district.

I don't know either Eric P. Jones or Mike "Cotton" Young, who are both running for the Democratic Nomination in District 99 (Northeast Shelby County), so no recommendations will be made.

Freedonian: 9th District Revisited

Oh yeah, that's what we're ALL talking about! Great job, Freedonian! Click and READ THIS.

The Christian Progressive Liberal smacks down Little Harold

She had been away from blogging while she relocated from Oakland to DC, but she is back with a vengeance over at the Pesky Fly. Today, she asks the question, "What Are You Offering, Harold?"

Here's a taste, but go read ALL of it:

You don't engage in outreach to your opposition unless you have something to offer that your opponents might be interested in. I want to know what is Harold offering that could persuade any of us to change our minds about him.

Is he offering to vote like a real Democrat? Is he offering not to act ashamed of being affiliated with the Democratic party?

Is he offering to change his mind on issues that matter like school vouchers, infant mortality rates, affordable housing, improving the environment and sponsoring legislation to offset the effects of global warming, and advocate for social justice issues?

Is he offering to apologize for voting like a well-trained ReThug?

Is he offering to quit insulting our intelligence and explain his voting record without sounding like the second coming of Joe Lieberman? Is he offering to start listining to us, his base?


MemphisBlue returns...

with a terrific post about Bush's speech to the NAACP, and his cluelessness, among other things, go read it!

There's a new button in the blogroll!

With thanks to Egalia, we have a button for VOTE NO ON 1, the horrific amendment to the State Constitution that would forever ban gay people from being allowed to marry in Tennessee.

Keeping with the theme CIVIL RIGHTS IS CIVIL RIGHTS, I urge all of you to vote NO on this amendment this November because, if we don't have civil rights for ALL, we have civil rights for NONE.

Thanks again, Egalia!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I should have known better...

than to get in the middle of a Gooper primary battle, but I did, and now all hell is busting loose.

As you may have know, I decided to root for Jim Coley in House District 97, because I have known him through mutual friends for years. One of his opponents, Austin Farley, was even proud that I had endorsed Coley, because, I, well, how do I say this, am a..


You know, one of those people who believes in equal opportunity for all, even if they are immigrants (my great-grandfather was one once, from Poland in 1865), which of course makes me a


The folks in the Farley camp have been visiting the site, and why not, it's a good one. However, SOMEONE involved in their campaign (and I have my suspicions, which I have made known) took part of the blog where I announced my support for Coley, and took part of the post where I attacked the anti-gay marriage position, and combined them, along with the picture from up in the corner, made copies, and distributed them apparently with the intent of suggesting that Coley shared my position on gay marriage, which HE DOES NOT.

This, as you can imagine, pissed me off. I hate getting lawyers involved, because 999 times out of 1000, it complicates things. However, if this does not stop, I will get them involved.

Mr. Farley, as a first-time candidate, let this be a lesson that you need to pay more attention as to what's being done on your behalf, because it reflects on YOU. I am certainly willing to believe that you had nothing to do with this; however, SOMEONE supporting you is behind this, and it had better stop.


Fischerspooner: We Need a War

Hat tip to my friend Joe Young, who sent this to me!

WARNING: This video contains graphic and political material. It is not for the faint of heart.

Inspiration from "Why We Fight", a movie about the Industrial-Military Complex. Eisenhower said, "God help this country if someone sits at this desk who knows less about the military as I do." Do you think Bush knows as much about the military - and war - as Eisenhower?

Friday, July 21, 2006

A Non-Partisan Message of Public Service

I sent this to every one on my email list from Shelby County, and it's important.

This is NOT to ask you to vote for any candidate or party in the August elections.

However, if you are a registered voter in Shelby County (and I hope that you are) and you intend to vote in the August 3 County General Elections and State & Federal Primary elections (and I hope that you do), I must beg, plead, beseech and IMPLORE you to VOTE EARLY.


Two events are occurring that could lead to a "perfect storm" on August 3 that could result in voters still waiting in line to vote two to three hours AFTER the polls have closed. As you may know, we have new touch-screen voting machines. Despite the fact that the election commission has sent workers all over town to have voters test these machines, on August 3 there will be lots of people who have not seen these machines, and will be confused by them.

Adding to this is the fact that this is the largest ballot in the history of the County, with over 730 candidates in over 140 races from everything from Governor to Memphis Charter Commission. In short, it is horribly confusing even for an old hack like me.

Today, I early voted at White Station Church of Christ on Colonial, where I have voted early in the past. Normally, I would be in and out within 10 minutes; due to the number of people in line and the length of the ballot, I had to wait 20 minutes AFTER I got my ballot card before I could vote. Then, it took me 15 minutes to vote, and I pretty much whizzed through. Imagine how it will be on election day when you will have people who are unfamiliar with the machines and may take up to 30 minutes to vote!

Below are the Early Voting sites and times of operation; there WILL be early voting at ALL locations through July 29.

Please, please, PLEASE do yourself a favor and vote EARLY this time; you will be glad you did.


Satellite Locations, Dates and Times

Shelby County Election Commission (157 Poplar Ave., Suite 121)
BEGINNING on Friday, July 14, 2006, 10 AM to 7 PM
SATURDAY: July 15, 2006 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
WEEKDAYS: July 17 through 19, 2006, 10 AM to 8 PM
WEEKDAYS: July 20 through 28, 2006, 10 AM to 7 PM
SATURDAY: July 22, 2006 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
LAST DAY: Saturday July 29, 2006, 10 AM to 4 PM

Satellite Locations Throughout Shelby County
BEGINNING on Friday, July 14, 2006, 10 AM to 7 PM
SATURDAY: July 15, 2006 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
WEEKDAYS: July 17 through 28, 2006, 10 AM to 7 PM
SATURDAY: July 22, 2006 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
LAST DAY: Saturday July 29, 2006, 10 AM to 4 PM

Agri Center (Rotunda Hallway) 7777 Walnut Grove Rd.,38120
Anointed Temple Of Praise (Youth Room) 3939 Riverdale Rd., 38141
Baker Community Center 7942 Church St. , 38053
Bartlett United Methodist Church 5676 Stage Rd., 38134
Berclair Church of Christ 4536 Summer Ave., 38122
Bishop Byrne High School 1475 E. Shelby Dr., 38116
Collierville Church of Christ 575 W. Shelton Rd. , 38017
Dave Wells Community Center 915 Chelsea Ave., 38107
Shiloh Baptist Church 3121 Rangeline Rd . , 38127
(replaces Ed Rice Comm. Center)
Greater Middle Baptist Church 4982 Knight Arnold Rd., 38118
(Fellowship Hall)
Mississippi Blvd. Christian Church 70 N. Bellevue Blvd., 38104
(Counseling Center)
New Salem M. B. Church 2231 S. Parkway E., 38114
(Fellowship Hall)
Pyramid Recovery Center 1833 S. Third St. , 38109
Raleigh United Methodist Church 3295 Powers Rd., 38128
St. George's Episcopal Church 8250 Poplar Ave. , 38138
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church 3045 Chelsea Ave., 38108
(formerly known as St. Stephen Baptist Church)
Westwood High School 4480 Westmont St. , 38109
White Station Church of Christ 1106 Colonial Rd., 38117

Thursday, July 20, 2006

This sums it up for me

After an earlier post on Ford by Autoegocrat, Chris D. Jackson gave a thoughtful response, and Auto responds to him in like manner. This is how such things should be done, and you should read this.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm back, tired, and grumpy, however...

I've been on the road for two days after a terrific vacation, and I need to be washing clothes. However, I am making two endorsements in the REPUBLICAN primary (Gasp! Shock! Quel Horreur!).

In District 97, where I don't believe we have a candidate, I am supporting JIM COLEY for State Representative. Coley, a Bartlett resident and teacher at Hamilton High School, is far and away the best candidate in the race. His opponents are Charles Thomas Pitman, of whom I have no knowledge, and Austin Farley, he of "Political Cesspool" fame.

I have known Coley for many years, and he represents what the Republican party USED to stand for, conservative, WELL-RUN fiscal management. Go click on the link to learn more about Farley.

My other endorsement applies only to the GOP 9th District Primary, because, well, go look at the COHEN button on the blogroll. While Tom Guleff is not my choice in the fall, I like the way he is running his campaign. He is taking NO campaign contributions and is doing things the right way. To do this as a Republican in this day and age deserves applause, and I am willing to provide it.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Civil Rights is Civil Rights

This is a comment from my co-"Cue blogger Jeff in response to another comment at a Pesky Fly post on racism, and it got me to thinking...

I want the candidate to support gay rights, for one thing. But supporting gay rights is just a part of a larger and more important issue, and that is religion. If the candidate is religious, that's fine, as long as he or she keeps his or her religion out of his or her politics.

Gay marriage is the litmus test on this. As an issue of civil law, purely and simply there is no question that gay people should have be allowed to marry. You can't argue otherwise without quoting the Bible. If a candidate is against it, it's either because they're afraid to offend certain pastors, or they themselves believe that gay marriage is an affront to GAWD.

If you believe gay marriage is an affront to GAWD, then you are letting your religious beliefs determine how you will make civil law, and that puts you right out, in my book. Sorry. I don't want theologians writing the laws of this land.

Ok then. This has been on my mind for a while, and I wanted to get this out before I take off for an undisclosed location for a long weekend. One of the most frustrating things for me occurs when African-Americans recoil at the (correct) notion that to reject civil rights for homosexuals is to reject ALL civil rights.

I am deeply aware that the major theistic religions of Earth have documented prohibitions against homosexuality. This is because when their major scriptures were written (all by human beings, by the way), there were far fewer humans on Earth than their are today. Not only that, if you were sleeping with someone of your own gender, you weren't producing future members of your religion, and those dirty (fill in the blank) would overrun your religion, which was obviously God's own religion, or you wouldn't be in it. Right?

Well, a couple of millennia later, the Earth is overpopulated to its seams, resources are tighter than ever (Peak Oil is just the start) and the major theistic religions of Earth still have the same beliefs as they did in 3 BC.

If you have gay friends (if you read this blog, you probably do) and you have spoken with them for any length of time, you have been told that they KNEW, in the deepest recesses of their hearts, that something was different when they were in the single digits of age. When you're seven or eight years old, you don't wake up one morning and decide to be a member of arguably the world's most oppressd minority; that just doesn't happen.

Science has yet to be able to figure out why they are as they are, but we all have a sneaking suspicion that it doesn't have a damn thing to do with choice.

Therefore, if we are to grant full civil rights to homosexual adults, marriage has to be there. Here's the thing, though: even if the US Supreme court were to rule tomorrow that gay marriage could not be prohibited by the states, all it would mean is that gay couples could march proudly to their local County Clerk's office, and as long as they were of the age of consent and not related (at least no closer than second cousin), they could receive a marraiage license.

Now, especially if you're gay and live in a rural community, have fun trying to find anyone to perform the ceremony! The point is this: the right to a marriage license does not include the right to force religious institutions to perform these ceremonies, because that would be an infringement of their religious freedom.

And, frankly, that's fair.

However, when I think of a gay couple that are friends of mine, I am grateful that their parents are supportive, so that there won't be a problem if one became critically ill or died. For most, this would be a serious problem because of legal prohibitions that prevent gay couples from having any legal rights as straight married couples do with regard to property and the ability to make decisions on the partner's behalf.

This, I believe is IMMORAL.

So, even though I'm just a boring straight white guy, I believe in civil rights for ALL people, regardless of RACE, CREED, COLOR, RELIGION, or SEXUAL ORIENTATION.

If you don't believe in Civil Rights for all, then at heart you're really no different than Bull Connor.

Have a great weekend, I'm outta here!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The 'Cue's first PODCAST!

NOTE: I am going to keep this at the top for a while, but realize there will be fresh posts below it...

Wow. It was a GREAT time and I really want you to listen to the stream or download it to your computer or mp3 player. Thanks to all who participated and to the tech crew...

On Sunday, July 9th, 2006, the recording of the very first session of The 'Cue was produced. Seven local, liberal bloggers gathered around a table and talked politics. The seven included West Tennessee Liberal, The Pesky Fly, Wintermute, Brassmask, The Freedonian, MemphisBlue and LeftWingCracker.

The discussion ranged from local politics to national, from personal mindsets to Memphian mentalities. Harold Ford Jr, Steve Cohen, Nikki Tinker, Ed Stanton. All these names were mentioned and more. This is must-listen material.

Here now is that conversation.

The 'Cue Podcast (streaming)

The 'Cue Podcast (download)

Running Time: 62 minutes

We welcome all comments.

Special hat tip to BT at for the podcast hosting! Check it out!

Ned Lamont has a MESSY DESK

THIS is a great campaign ad...

Day of Absence

Pesky has a wonderful post up about race, Steve Cohen and the SCDP, please read it.


Hat tip to Hecate for this...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hail Freedonian!

The Freedonian has set me free by pointing me to new templates, and thus, the hot new look.

In addition, perhaps in preparation for November, I have de-Forded myself, and it was not that painful at all. Enjoy, look around, all the lovely links you've come to know and love are still here, although they are a little further down the line.

All right, we'll end this madness with a GOOD video

Live from Stockholm, the inventors of Power Pop, our own beloved Big Star from earlier this year...


Pesky, your puny 80s videos are no match for THIS!

Friday, July 07, 2006

My county race endorsements

It may anger many of you to know that there are some Democratic candidates that I am endorsing, and some that I am not. I am NOT endorsing any Republicans, since the only good ones (Lincoln, TR, Ike, Everett Dirksen, the Rockefellers) are all rotting away in the cold, cold ground.

However, in good conscience, there are some people running under the Democratic banner who deserve our support, and some who have no business running a county-wide office. With that in mind, here we go...

County Mayor - AC Wharton. Come on, he's going to win, he's the most popular politician in Big Shelby and he is trying to fix the mess left him by Jim Rout. Yes, I know he's part of the BLP (the Bobby Lanier Party) but still, you think Willingham will do better?

Sheriff - NO ENDORSEMENT. Mark Luttrell has managed in four short years to piss off almost every single employee he has to the point of mutiny, and I wish I could point to our nominee, Reginald French, and say he would be better, but I can't. I will probably write in John Harvey here, but YMMV.

District Attorney General - Gail Mathes. This race is critical, because Bill Gibbons has been an unmitigated disaster as AG and he has to be held accountable for the meteoric rise in crime in Memphis. Gail Mathes has plans to work every day and not just be a figurehead as Gibbons has. No Deals my ass.

Trustee - Rebecca Clark. Since Bob Patterson seems to live under the delusion that he is a state, and not a county, employee, let's go one better and make him an INVOLUNTARILY RETIRED employee. Rebecca Clark will make that office run like a top!

Register - Coleman Thompson. I have worked alongside Coleman Thompson in Democratic circles for years, and I know his capabilities, and I heartily endorse his candidacy. After what happened to John Freeman in 2000, I want this back BAD.

Circuit Court Clerk - NO ENDORSEMENT. Come on, we don't want Jimmy Moore, of course, but Roderic Ford?? He's 24 years old, what the hell does HE know about running a downtown clerk's office? The ONLY reason to support this kid is to give my friend and brother Del Gill a job, and that, sadly, is not enough.

Criminal Court Clerk - NO ENDORSEMENT. Don't even ask.

Probate Court Clerk - Sondra Becton. If for no other reason that she is persistent and would be a DRAMATIC improvement over Chris Thomas.

Juvenile Court Clerk - Shep Wilbun. I said I would support him in the general, and I am. He's at heart a good and decent man; we'll see if the voters give him another chance.

County Clerk - NO ENDORSEMENT. Now it's time for ME to get petty and pissy. After what Otis Jackson did to John Freeman in 2000, I wouldn't vote for him for street-cleaner. I don't care if he played for the U of M; after 2000, he might as well be wearing the red and black of Louisville for all I care. Yes, this is personal.

County Commission, District 5 - Steve Mulroy. YA THINK? this guy has a FUTURE, he's bright, he's sharp, and he will give the County Commission to the Democrats. On the other hand, let's look at...

County Comission District 2 - Henri Brooks OR Novella Smith Arnold. Look, I STILL don't understand why Novella Smith Arnold is a Republican, because she is one of the most progressive people I've ever met, and she is an absolute delight. Still, Henri Brooks has come a long way from the point where she used to piss off people in Nashville. After what happened last year in the District 29 race, she deserves this, too, but I can't pick against either one. Yeah, call me chickenshit if you want, but I like them both.

Flame away!

Free Shots at the CRACKER!

No, I'm not buying drinks, get that out of your head.

Last night, in a fit of rage, I had decided NOT to attend any of the Democratic functions on Saturday, after consigning the SCDP to the wastebin of history.

However, as I feel CLEANSED this morning (and I've not even showered yet!), I thought of Jay Mariotti, the Chicago Sun-Times columnist who writes nasty things about the White Sox and its players, but never shows up in the clubhouse to defend himself. That's a violation of baseball's unwritten moral code if there ever was one, and I'll be damned if I do that.

Therefore, I WILL attend the annual Sidney Chism picnic tomorrow, between 12:30 and 2:30 thereabouts (the picnic itself is from 12-5) so feel free to come up and tell me I'm right, I'm wrong, I said it beautifully and accurately, or that I'm a worthless racist old son-of-a-bitch. Or all of the above, really, it's your call!

It's not funny any more........

FREDO, you're nothing to me now, you're not a brother, you're not a friend, I don't want to know you or what you do -- I don't want to see you at the hotels -- I don't want you near my house -- when you see our mother I want to know a day in advance, so I won't be there -- you understand.

- From The Godfather, Part II, 1975

I did something I can't ever remember doing before. I left a SCDP Executive Committee meeting early, and I did so because I was afraid that I would throw a punch if I didn't leave.

You will notice that the link to the SCDP website is gone. It's not coming back, either.

I have been hearing that Republicans are going around saying that this is the year that the Democrats sweep everything. Right.

If Bill Giannini had walked into the clusterfuck that was tonight's meeting, he would have smiled, left quietly, and driven to Buster's to order plenty of champagne for the night of August 3, because NO ONE in that room could agree on ANYTHING, even on what they were disagreeing about.

Matt Kuhn, bless his heart, tried to keep control, but no one showed him ANY respect whatsoever. To my friend and brother Del Gill, if I had been the chair tonight, I would have had John Bratcher throw you out on your ass. AND I LIKE YOU!

If I were Desi Franklin and I had worked as hard as she and her committee did to make the judicial recommendations and seen them tossed aside like month-old kitty litter, I would tell the SCDP to do something anatomically impossible and resign from the whole ExecCom.

To the members of the ExecCom, you acted like spoiled children, like out-and-out damn fools, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. When we get our asses kicked on August 3, it's partly your fault. Only partly, because, let's face it, the SCDP has a bunch of underfunded, WEAK candidates who only campaign on one side of town because they live under the delusion that enough African-Americans will turn out so that they don't have to get white votes. And again, they will learn (maybe) at their own peril.

AC Wharton's going to win; hell, he could campaign in a tiara and ball gown every day from here on out and still get 70% of the vote.

The Cracker is DONE with the SCDP. I will support local candidates on a candidate by candidate basis, but I'm not spending one more cent until they can show me that they give a rat's ass about anything more than their own personal agendas.

Hell yes, I've been guilty of that, too, I remember 2000 and the judicial endorsements then, and I was just guilty and just as big an asshole as every one was tonight.

You know what, though, kiddies? I've gotten older, I've gotten smarter and I have survived 6 years of Emperor Bush and I realize the stakes are higher now, and they are a hell of lot more important than the petty warring that goes on at the SCDP. You're all fighting over CRUMBS instead of trying to work together to bake a better pie.

I hate to blow another illusion to bloody bits, there's another reason that we're going to be trounced on August 3: the 9th district Congressional race. If 28 years in local politics has taught me anything, it's that the African-American community rarely turns out that heavily in August, and it's especially so when they are not of one mind. They are very much divided about the candidates in this race, and so are more likely to stay home and wait to see who wins so they can get behind them in November.

(Note: this is one reason why it is INSANE that county races and judgeships have their general elections at the same time as state primaries, it KILLS party-building. That's a state law, so, legislators, get off your collective asses and FIX THIS.)

Back to the judicial recommendations for a moment. I thought the screening committee made good recommendations and had good balance racially (if you think that's not necessary, you're really kidding yourselves) but the ExecCom, led by my brother Mr. Gill and William Larsha (who I have always liked, but had serious troubles even eexplaining HIS OWN amendments!) was having NONE of it.

When the dust settled, Carlee McCullough had replaced Arnold Goldin (???), Lee Coffee (a Cracker endorsee) saw his recommendation changed to no endorsement (apparently because he was the Republican endorsee, and we'll get to THAT in a minute) and Mark Ward only kept his recommendation because Matt Kuhn was forced to break a tie vote.

My sources tell me that this all started, innocently enough, when Gale Jones Carson sent out on her list (of which I am a member) the list of Republican endorsees. This started a chain reaction that had people on the ExecCom insisting that if they had the GOP endorsement, they sure as hell weren't getting ours.

Gee, so what if maybe they were, well, QUALIFIED????? Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, what the hell were you people thinking???

Somewhere in his office, I suspect Matt Kuhn is counting down the days until August 10, when either he will refuse re-nomination as SCDP Chair in disgust or be outright beaten. Then, he can go back to his business and his family, where his talents will be appreciated and the SCDP can complete its descent into irrelevance.

I don't plan to be there to watch it, it's too damned painful.

No, I have no plans to become a Republican, why? Are the Rockefellers coming back from the dead?

I will support real Democrats, like Ned Lamont, Steve Cohen, Barack Obama, John Deberry, Carol Chumney, Mike Kernell, Steve Mulroy, Deidre Malone. I'll do it on an individual basis, where it makes more of a difference. I have no intention of throwing any more time or money down the SCDP rathole; they can fight over the corpse on their own time.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Early Voting Information

Hat tip to Gale Jones Carson for this information..

"Please Vote Early: July 14-29, 2006:Vote Your Hopes, Not Your Fears"

Satellite Locations, Dates and Times

Shelby County Election Commission (157 Poplar Ave., Suite 121)
BEGINNING on Friday, July 14, 2006, 10 AM to 7 PM
SATURDAY: July 15, 2006 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
WEEKDAYS: July 17 through 19, 2006, 10 AM to 8 PM
WEEKDAYS: July 20 through 28, 2006, 10 AM to 7 PM
SATURDAY: July 22, 2006 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
LAST DAY: Saturday July 29, 2006, 10 AM to 4 PM

Satellite Locations Throughout Shelby County
BEGINNING on Friday, July 14, 2006, 10 AM to 7 PM
SATURDAY: July 15, 2006 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
WEEKDAYS: July 17 through 28, 2006, 10 AM to 7 PM
SATURDAY: July 22, 2006 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
LAST DAY: Saturday July 29, 2006, 10 AM to 4 PM

Agri Center (Rotunda Hallway) 7777 Walnut Grove Rd.,38120
Anointed Temple Of Praise (Youth Room) 3939 Riverdale Rd., 38141
Baker Community Center 7942 Church St. , 38053
Bartlett United Methodist Church 5676 Stage Rd., 38134
Berclair Church of Christ 4536 Summer Ave., 38122
Bishop Byrne High School 1475 E. Shelby Dr., 38116
Collierville Church of Christ 575 W. Shelton Rd. , 38017
Dave Wells Community Center 915 Chelsea Ave., 38107
Shiloh Baptist Church 3121 Rangeline Rd . , 38127
(replaces Ed Rice Comm. Center)
Greater Middle Baptist Church 4982 Knight Arnold Rd., 38118
(Fellowship Hall)
Mississippi Blvd. Christian Church 70 N. Bellevue Blvd., 38104
(Counseling Center)
New Salem M. B. Church 2231 S. Parkway E., 38114
(Fellowship Hall)
Pyramid Recovery Center 1833 S. Third St. , 38109
Raleigh United Methodist Church 3295 Powers Rd., 38128
St. George's Episcopal Church 8250 Poplar Ave. , 38138
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church 3045 Chelsea Ave., 38108
(formerly known as St. Stephen Baptist Church)
Westwood High School 4480 Westmont St. , 38109
White Station Church of Christ 1106 Colonial Rd., 38117

Sunday, July 02, 2006

As promised, your Charter Commission recommendations..

POSITION 1 - Willie Brooks - He's really the only person I am familiar with in that race, and he did a decent job on the School Board, so I am supporting him.

POSITION 2 - John Malmo - This is an interesting race, with people like formaer Time Warner exec Dean Deyo, the legendary Jack Eaton, and Bill Boyd
. As much as I would relish the idea of a bomb-thrower like Jack Eaton on this body, we really need somebody who has great creativity. I am supporting Malmo.

POSITION 3 - Pick 'em - I just can't make up my mind here. Anyone who is spending as much money as Darrell K. Thomas for this position makes me very nervous; who's behind him and WHY? Sherman Perkins Kilimanjaro? No. Rome Withers? Maybe. I don't know anyone else, so no endorsement.

POSITION 4 - Howard Richardson - There are lots of good people here, from former Councilmen Fred Davis and Buck Wellford to Janis Fullilove, but I have seen Richardson at work for the SCDP, and I am impressed.

POSITION 5 - Mary Wilder - Branston would have been good here, as would former Supreme Court Justice George Brown. However, we have no women yet, and Mary Wilder has been tireless in her neighborhood association and understands city problems and would provide a great voice on this body.

POSITION 6 - Paul Shaffer - Passing over Reginald Tate is only justified by the presence of IBEW Business Manager Paul Shaffer, whom you know as a STRONG Democrat and labor leader. I have known him for many years, and his time has come.

POSITION 7 - Myron Lowery - Are you kidding? No one else comes close in this race; Myron will provide needed perspective, and he is VERY open to change.

As always, YMMV.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

And now, the Judgeships

One by one, slowly I turn, step by step, until...

OK, let's review the CONTESTED Judgeships and make endorsements.

Circuit Judge 2 - Curtis Johnson OR James Russell, you pick it. What, I have to do EVERYTHING for you?
Circuit 6 - Jerry Stokes
Circuit 8 - D'Army Bailey
Chancellor 2 - Arnold Goldin
Chancellor 3 - Karen Tyler
Criminal 1 - PAULA SKAHAN!
Criminal 4 - Carolyn Wade Blackett
Criminal 5 - Dewun R. Settle
Criminal 6 - Latonya Sue Burrow
Criminal 7 - LEE COFFEE!
Criminal 9 - Mark Ward
General Sessions 3 - John Donald
General Sessions 4 - REGINA MORRISON NEWMAN!
General Sessions 5 - Evan Nahmias
General Sessions 7 - Tyrone Paylor
General Sessions 11 - Mischelle Alexander-Best
General Sessions 12 - Gwen Rooks
General Sessions 13 - Terrance Tatum
Juvenile Court Judge - Veronica Coleman-Davis
Probate Court 2 - Donn Southern

OK, I talked to more lawyers than just my own attorney, and that's why I picked who I picked, and your mileage may vary.

The three in ALL CAPS of course, were my initial endorsees, made before I went home to Dixon for the celebration. I do urge you to support these folks, as I sincerely believe these are the best choices.