Monday, December 14, 2015

Well, THAT was great while it lasted.

Jackson Baker and Bill Dries, looks like it's all on you again.

Kyle Veazey, who upon becoming political editor of the Commercial Appeal, coordinated with Ryan Poe and Linda Moore to revitalize political and governmental coverage there in a way not seen since Terry Keeter was alive, stunned everyone today with his announcement that he was resigning to work in the communications office of new Mayor Jim Strickland.

He made the CA readable again for something besides sports coverage and David Waters, and his FIRST WORD column was a must read for everyone who cares about politics and government not just in the city, but the region as well.  I am certain it was a good offer for him to leave, but it's hard not to think that the recent acquisition of the CA (and Knoxville News-Sentinel) by Gannett had some part in his decision.

Gannett, who does for journalism what D-Con does for cockroaches, made all of the staff at the TENNESSEAN re-apply for their jobs in creating the "NEWSROOM OF THE FUTURE", which, in my opinion, has made the paper unreadable, Joey Garrison excepted.  Transforming what had become a good paper under Journal News Group, after years of neglect from Scripps, into USA TODAY - Memphis edition, is nothing short of disheartening for those of us who love real journalism.  I really feel for Ryan Poe and Linda Moore, who have done great work on the city and county beats, and hope that the incoming Gannetteers will allow them to do their jobs as they have done them.

Kyle, congratulations, but damn, I am going to miss FIRST WORD.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

OK, It's December 1, let's start the Holiday season properly.

More about the new Strickland administration later, it's time for the only Christmas song that makes me FEEL like Christmas:

I'm STILL NOT LISTENING to WRVR until after December 26.