Tuesday, July 17, 2018

For the State House in the Democratic Primary

I am only looking at the contested primary races here.

State House - District 85 - Ricky Dixon The veteran activist and brother of former State Senator Roscoe Dixon has the most experience in service of the candidates seeking to replace the retiring Johnnie Tuner and has my support.

State House - District 86 - I am torn.  Barbara Cooper has represented the downtown and South Memphis areas for years and has done a pretty good job.  that said, newcomers like Amber Huett Garcia have given energy and fire to the SCDP that it has desperately needed.  I am truly torn in this race and believe either would be a good choice.

State House - District 90 - Torrey Harris Just as I supported Tami Sawyer's insurgent campaign two years ago, now I support Torrey Harris in his primary challenge of John Deberry, a Democrat in Name Only these days.  Harris has worked his butt off and will be a terrific state representative, so let's give him that chance.

State House - District 91 - London Lamar I can't pretend that I am impartial here, having watched her come up through the ranks of the SCYDs to lead it and then the TYDs, having watched her work for various campaigns.  Now, it is her time, and I believe she is worthy of the support of District 91.

Oh, and I forgot the City Council SuperDistrict 9 race.

I voted for GIRLS INC. Chair Lisa Moore to get the full time slot to replace Philip Spinosa.  I am sure Ford Canale is a decent enough guy, but I don't really know him well enough to give him that seat.  Just my .02.

That is it until the fall, people, thank you as always for asking me for these, I am flattered that you think that much of them.  Keep reading!

And now for the Democratic Primary at least through the State Senate

US Senate - Phil Bredesen  You have no idea how weird it is for me to write those words, but I do, because he is going to kick Marhsa Blackburn's ass back to Brentwood this November, and it won't be close.  I will even put up a sign for him, causing long-time readers (and possibly me as well) to faint at the prospect.

Like I said, we are in triage, people.  I digress.

Governor - Craig Fitzhugh  The outgoing House Democratic Leader, from nearby Ripley, is the BEST chance that we have to beat whichever one of the horrible GOP Candidates that wins their primary.  Simply put, the last time we as Tennesseans had a candidate for this office who knew state government this well, it was 1986 and his name was Ned McWherter.  I do not throw that name around lightly; few Governors made this government work as well as Ned, and Craig Fitzhugh can do that.

What's more, Craig Fitzhugh can do something his opponent, former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, can't: he can go into rural areas and get them to vote for Democrats at every level.  If we can't flip rural seats in the legislature, folks, we are doomed as a Party in Tennessee.  Outside of Davidson County, no one cares about Nashville, and I can say that as a Memphian, because the rural folks don't like us either.

But Craig Fitzhugh, who lives 50 miles from here, DOES. If you want to save our Party and get the best Governor we have had since McWherter, vote for Craig Fitzhugh.

Congressman - 9th District - Steve Cohen  He has done a great job for us for these dozen years, and who would not want to see him preside over impeachment trials?  What else is there to say except KEEP GOIN WITH COHEN!

State Senate - District 29 - Raumesh Akbari.  The outgoing Representative from District 91 looks to step up to replace soon-to-be County Mayor Lee Harris in the District along the Big Muddy, which also includes Cooper-Young.  She is beloved by pretty much anyone who has the fortune to know her or be represented by her.

State Senate - District 31 - Gabby Salinas We have two fine candidates in the race to defenestrate current incumbent Brian Kelsey, who isn't even like by his own party that much these days.  In addition to Gabby, David Weatherspoon, a chaplain at LeBonheur Children's Hospital, also seeks the nomination and is a good guy who would be better than Kelsey.

However, the amazing story of Gabby Salinas is the story of a 3-time cancer survivor who came to Memphis to beat cancer at St. Jude, where she eventually went to work and became a scientist.  Along the way she survived a horrible car accident that killed two members of her family and crippled her mother.  However, she and her family have fought through these problems like warriors, watching with pride as she worked on her Ph.D and helped in Democratic campaigns.  Gabby Salinas is the best choice to beat Brian Kelsey, and I ask you to vote for her for Senator.

State Senate - District 33 - Katrina Robinson  This nurse, educator and single mother of two is a powerhouse who believes in Democratic values, which is more than I can say for the incumbent she wants to knock off, Reggie Tate.  Look, Reggie is a nice fellow but he has taken ALEC money and has been a weak Senator.  Robinson shares our Democratic values and is the best choice for this race,

For the rest of the County races

For Sheriff, Floyd Bonner has a sparking 34-year career, serving now as the Chief Deputy to Sheriff Bill Oldham, a Republican who endorsed this Democrat rather than the GOP nominee, Dale Lane.  Bonner is a clear choice.

Regina Morrison Newman wants the job she once held as County Trustee, and she did a great job at it which is why we need her now to go do any cleanup needed after David Lenoir leaves.  She was recognized for her great work in 2010 after she succeeded the late Paul Mattila.

Temilka Gipson was endorsed by the CA for Circuit Court Clerk, and we agree that she would be a great fit for the job, with over 25 years experience in clerk offices in this county.

Heidi Kuhn is the best candidate for Criminal Court Clerk as she has worked in County Government for 17 years, most of which is in the Criminal Justice field.  She believes in working with the Expungement movement, which incumbent Richard DeSaussure cares nothing about.  Heidi represents our values and DeSaussure, well.........

Bill Morrison wants to be your next Probate Court Clerk, and I want him there too, so please vote for him.  We need Democrats across the board, people.

My friend Wanda Halbert is clearly the best choice to succeed Wayne Mashburn as County Clerk.  People don't realize that, in addition to serving her community on the MCS Board and the Coty Council, she has years of corporate experience as an administrative professional at FedEx for many years.  She knows how to run an office and run it efficiently.  That is why you should vote for her.

If there is anyone I forgot, go look at Ross's post.

 There are 3 judicial races also.

For Circuit Court, Division IX, I support Yolanda Kight. 

For Circuit Court, Division X,  I support Jennifer Johnson Mitchell over current incumbent and former prosecutor Jennifer Nichols.  Too damned many former prosecutors on the bench these days, Lee Coffee excluded.

And for me, the most important is for Environmental Court Division 14, where Judge Patrick Dandridge, who was recently appointed to succeed his mentor, retired EC Judge Larry Potter, is the clear choice.  He was Judge Potter's right hand for many years, and a terrific public servant.  Please vote to re-elect Patrick Dandridge.


Alright aready, it's time for the picks for Mayor and the Commission

if you couldn't wait, you could have gone straight to Steve Ross and gotten almost everything I am going to give you,

He is right that this is the best Democratic countywide lineup and, while there may be one I didn't go with, I am NOT telling you which one it was in the sake of unity.

We will start straight up with the head of the ticket, LEE HARRIS for County Mayor.  He has a clear understanding of what the county needs and unlike the GOP Nominee, David Lenoir, he KNOWS that, population-wise, Memphis IS Shelby County, comprising 2/3 of its population.  He understands that the problems of poverty are NOT character-related but RESOURCE-related, and intends to do something about it.  Lenoir, on the other hand, keeps making dog-whistle noises to the SC residents outside the city limits, suggesting that he will direct as little as possible to those LAZY (INSERT SLUR HERE) who live in MEMPHIS.

Now, the new County Mayor (hopefully, LEE HARRIS) is going to need a County Commission that will work with him to achieve his goals.  This is why I implore you to vote for the Democratic nominee in EVERY DISTRICT.  Even 7, people, but more on that in a minute.

Our Nominees are as follows:
District 1- Racquel Collins
District 2- Tom Carpenter
District 3 - Monica Timmerman
District 4 - Kevin Haley
District 5 - Michael Whaley
District 6 - Willie Brooks (unopposed)
District 7 - Tami Sawyer
District 8 -Mickell Lowery (unopposed)
District 9 - Ed Ford Jr.
District 10, my friend and Commissioner Reginald Milton
District 11, Eddie Jones
District 12, one of the true heroes of statue removal, Van Turner
District 13, George Monger.

Before we move further, I need to say something about Tami Sawyer.  Ross gave her a glowing tribute, much of which I agree with, but it needs to be said that while the protestors helped bring new people into the statue removal movement that she named #TakeEmDown901, This had been in the works since January 1, 2016.  That is also the day Jim Strickland took office.

(NOTE: Our pal Hunter Demster seems to be of the opinion that none of you loyal readers are aware that since April of 2016, my lovely wife Susan has worked on the 7th Floor for Alan Crone, Dabney Ring, Ursula Madden, and oh yes, Jim Strickland.  Take any caveats from that you need to take.)

The insane law that the Mayor's legal team had to work around were passed in response to an ordinance that then-Councilor Strickland voted FOR to remove the statues.  Our Mayor had to keep a low profile and keep the statues up UNTIL THEY COULD DO IT LEGALLY.  If those protestors had managed to take down Forrest too soon, they, and you and me, all taxpayers of this city would have been forced to pay for putting them back UP.  So, this bullshit (and it truly is) that our Mayor wouldn't have moved without the protests is simply wrong.

Frankly, I am not thrilled that Tami and the protestors acted like the Mayor was the enemy, when his team were the only people in town who could get the damned things down FOR GOOD, which he did.

Having said all that, I supported Tami 2 years ago when she ran against John Deberry in District 90, and I wouldn't have changed that for anything.  She can be a bulldog, and we are going to need her to do that on the Commission, either working for Lee Harris or being the biggest PITA possible in the unfortunate event David Lenoir is elected.  We are in triage, people, at every level, and we need all hands on deck. 

Now, some day, Mr. Mayor, we need to see a damn BOOK from you about how all this went down.  Tell your story, because it is not mine to tell.

So, enough on that.