Tuesday, July 17, 2018

And now for the Democratic Primary at least through the State Senate

US Senate - Phil Bredesen  You have no idea how weird it is for me to write those words, but I do, because he is going to kick Marhsa Blackburn's ass back to Brentwood this November, and it won't be close.  I will even put up a sign for him, causing long-time readers (and possibly me as well) to faint at the prospect.

Like I said, we are in triage, people.  I digress.

Governor - Craig Fitzhugh  The outgoing House Democratic Leader, from nearby Ripley, is the BEST chance that we have to beat whichever one of the horrible GOP Candidates that wins their primary.  Simply put, the last time we as Tennesseans had a candidate for this office who knew state government this well, it was 1986 and his name was Ned McWherter.  I do not throw that name around lightly; few Governors made this government work as well as Ned, and Craig Fitzhugh can do that.

What's more, Craig Fitzhugh can do something his opponent, former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, can't: he can go into rural areas and get them to vote for Democrats at every level.  If we can't flip rural seats in the legislature, folks, we are doomed as a Party in Tennessee.  Outside of Davidson County, no one cares about Nashville, and I can say that as a Memphian, because the rural folks don't like us either.

But Craig Fitzhugh, who lives 50 miles from here, DOES. If you want to save our Party and get the best Governor we have had since McWherter, vote for Craig Fitzhugh.

Congressman - 9th District - Steve Cohen  He has done a great job for us for these dozen years, and who would not want to see him preside over impeachment trials?  What else is there to say except KEEP GOIN WITH COHEN!

State Senate - District 29 - Raumesh Akbari.  The outgoing Representative from District 91 looks to step up to replace soon-to-be County Mayor Lee Harris in the District along the Big Muddy, which also includes Cooper-Young.  She is beloved by pretty much anyone who has the fortune to know her or be represented by her.

State Senate - District 31 - Gabby Salinas We have two fine candidates in the race to defenestrate current incumbent Brian Kelsey, who isn't even like by his own party that much these days.  In addition to Gabby, David Weatherspoon, a chaplain at LeBonheur Children's Hospital, also seeks the nomination and is a good guy who would be better than Kelsey.

However, the amazing story of Gabby Salinas is the story of a 3-time cancer survivor who came to Memphis to beat cancer at St. Jude, where she eventually went to work and became a scientist.  Along the way she survived a horrible car accident that killed two members of her family and crippled her mother.  However, she and her family have fought through these problems like warriors, watching with pride as she worked on her Ph.D and helped in Democratic campaigns.  Gabby Salinas is the best choice to beat Brian Kelsey, and I ask you to vote for her for Senator.

State Senate - District 33 - Katrina Robinson  This nurse, educator and single mother of two is a powerhouse who believes in Democratic values, which is more than I can say for the incumbent she wants to knock off, Reggie Tate.  Look, Reggie is a nice fellow but he has taken ALEC money and has been a weak Senator.  Robinson shares our Democratic values and is the best choice for this race,

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