Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why the RNC Bimbo ad works...

This is a multi-level attack at Ford, and it appears to be working, which is why the RNC is keeping it out there.

This is not going to bother any bubbas, who, at the very least, would be envious of Junior going to a Playboy party. This ad is not aimed at them.

It's aimed at WOMEN. First, it's aimed at the older white Christian ladies in the rural parts of the state who have thought "he's such a nice, polite, sweet young man, not at all like his family", and given very serious thought to voting for him. However, finding out that he likes to go to those filthy PLAYBOY parties have reminded them, that, yes, he is a MAN, and just like those filthy rappers they don't like. Then, they guess they'll have to vote for Corker after all, even if they do think he's not really all that devoted to his Lord.

Next, even more insidiously, it's aimed at African-American women, with the blonde bimbo put in there to remind sisters that since he ended his relationship with his former fiancee, none of them can remember seeing him out with a black woman. This, of course, leads to the inevitable "Oh, so he's TOO GOOD for a woman of color, eh?"

It is, in many ways, the moral equivalent of screaming the N-word at white people, while pissing off black women, the very HEART of his base. It's vicious, it's campy, but, unfortunately, judging from recent poll numbers, it's EFFECTIVE.


polar donkey said...

Is too much influence given to this ad? Did this ad come out about the same time as Jr's confrontation with Corker at the airport? Perhaps this would have happened even if this commercial never was aired? Many have argued rural whites weren't going to vote for Jr anyway. Faced with the media saying Jr really could win, have rural voters finally thrown their support behind Corker?

I think Jr has been really hurt by Jake and Sr, his stunt at the airport, pissing off progressives, and most importantly that cover on Newsweek. While everybody thought it was help from heaven, I think it actually hurt. Voters in Tennessee could easily feel that the media had crowned Jr the next Senator from Tennessee. People don't like being dictated too by some magazine from out of state. Plus, the title "Not his daddy's Democrat", that just reminds everyone he's a Ford. After hearing about Jake, Sr, Ophelia, and John, how many voters said to themselves "Jr's not that much different from his daddy." That's what makes the stunt at the airport even more of a disaster.

In the end, Harold being a Ford got him the Democratic nomination, but it will be a hinderance in the general election. Also, race and the Harvey Gantt effect will play a substantial part.

autoegocrat said...

I agree with PD about the ad. I think the ad might have even blunted some of the fallout from the Wilson Air confrontation, because it is a truly tasteless ad.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I don't know how much that ad will piss off the sistas. Harold already has the reputation for knocking sistas over in the street to get to white women, period. As a sista, I say he's free to date whomever he wants, regardless of race, but my position would be that he's with them because of the usual things that attract two people to each other, apart from race.

Sometimes the brothers make it damned difficult for sistas to love them, and if a sista starts dating interracially, it's not because she doesn't like Black men, nor does it mean she's given up on them, either.

But to some sistas, Harold is basically saying Black Women aren't good enough for him, and that might translate into pissing off his base. However, he still has two weeks to overcome this...unless Senior and Jake tie a bow on the crap package that does him in...

Corker just reminded East Tennessee that Harold's a Black Man, and unless he really wants to play the "high-tech lynching" card that Clarence Thomas made famous 15 years ago, he needs to go home to West Tennessee and shore up his base, kiss the asses of Black Women everywhere and promise his firstborn to get that Senate seat.

kittie said...

Clear moral choice: lynch campaign writers.
they're annoying.