Thursday, March 25, 2010

THIS is Why I am a DEMOCRAT and why we MUST get the TN House back

Your potential next Speaker of the House, Rep. Glen Casada (R-Franklin):


Vvixen said...

OMG! My sister-in-law lives in Franklin and has been unemployed for more than a year now! She's been receiving unemployment, but is still on the verge of losing her house. So now her representative wants to stop her unemployment checks! And she probably voted for this pissant, since she is a conservative, Bible-thumping Republican. Sometimes you get the representation you deserve!

Divers and Sundry said...

OMG. :( This is evil.

captainkona said...

She spanked that punk like the spastic sub-humanoid he is.
Judging from his body language, he might be Tweeker of the House.

autoegocrat said...

Has there ever been a Republican in the history of the planet who wasn't Hell-bent on spreading as much misery and suffering to as many people as possible?

captainkona said...

Only Lincoln, auto. Only Lincoln.

Brad Watkins said...


callmeishmael said...

Richard Nixon advocated national health care far to the left of what President Obama just signed into law. He also put the EPA into place and initiated the Philadelphia Plan for affirmative action. I'm not making this up: check Tom Wicker's _One of Us: Richard Nixon and the American Dream_. But that isn't the point here.
Of course the knucklehead from Franklin is just plain dumb. The question becomes how do we put people to work to allow them to feed their families? That really wasn't addressed here.

captainkona said...

"The question becomes how do we put people to work to allow them to feed their families? That really wasn't addressed here."


Casada will ultimately contribute absolutely nothing to the betterment of this state. That's why my last blog post was more of an appeal to voters, especially in my area, to perhaps consider the platform, or lack thereof, of the candidates for which they vote.

Though I love the way Rep. Jones castrated the fool, the fact is that little is being done create jobs in this state.
Even Dems who are intellectually challenged like Mike Turner are trying to outlaw products that protect from drug screens. Thus adding to the high unemployment numbers.

It's not getting any smarter out there, folks.

callmeishmael said...

Well said, captainkona. Opposing idiocy is easy...creating jobs anbd economic stability is hard.