Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No, we're not going to have a new Charter Commission tomorrow

What Steve Mulroy is proposing is that the Commission go on record, simply, as NOT BEING OPPOSED TO THE CONCEPT of consolidation, even though the title of this post by JB might lead you otherwise.

This charter that was defeated was hard to vote for, and it was hard to defend to people.  Don't you think for a minute that CONSOLIDATION is going away, though.  As soon as it is LEGAL to do so, there will be another proposal for another Charter Commission.  If this one is done better, with more transparency in every sense of the word, it might have a chance to pass.

Not only that, if the Mutually Assured Destruction path continues for the schools, they may already be merged by then, so it will be a moot point.  If you agree with me that consolidation is worth thinking about, come on down to the County Commission meeting around 12:30 tomorrow.  Also, email your Commissioners on the subject, they want to know what you think, and that the county is not as one-sided as they have been led to believe.

This isn't going away, folks, not now, not until it passes someday.


Tom Guleff said...

Dear My Favorite Blogger, :)

Steve Mulroy's claim that it is important to "clarify that the County Commission isn't wholly and completely against the idea" in a resolution is a stretch. The
number of votes For or Against any resolution does just that.

I think there's more at work than this.

I say let's move on. But it seems like we can't.

Steve Steffens said...

Well, My Favorite Citizen, obviously things are at work here, but let's look at this for a minute.

Nothing can legally happen regarding a new Charter for what, four years? By that time, A) we may well have a merged school system, B) we will be well into Wharton's first full term and about to go into his second, barring incident, C) we will be well along the way to fixing many of our problems, which is what you have always urged us to do.

We still have far to go to address things like poverty, and I appreciate the fact that you have been quick to point out not only problems, but possible solutions to our problems.

One hopes that by 2014, many of the problems that cause people to balk at consolidation will be on the way to being fixed. For some, there will never be a solution, but I appreciate that you are NOT one of those people.