Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Bryan Carson's statement on the Joe Brown comments

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I am out of town for a family funeral, therefore, I am submitting a written statement regarding my support, and the Shelby County Democratic Party’s support of the LGBT community.

“First, let me make it clear that no Democratic candidates speak on behalf of the Shelby County Democratic Party. Also, the SCDP does NOT condone any of its Democratic nominees personally attacking anyone regard​less​
of Party or sexual orientation. We want our candidates to conduct nothing but clean campaigns.

"As publicly stated on numerous occasions, the Democratic Party is a “big tent” party made up, of and accepts, all races and religions including members of the LGBT community. We do NOT discriminate based on sexual orientation, religion or race. We believe in fairness and equality for all people regardless of their race, religion, or gender. I am not only speaking for the Shelby County Democratic Party, I personally believe in fairness and equality for all people.”

Bryan Carson, Chairman
Shelby County Democratic Party

And now, a personal note from me: Bryan has been busting his ass trying to juggle everything that has gone on and keep our candidates focused on the task at hand.  He deserves a lot better than what he's gotten.

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