Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Flyer reads my mind!

The Memphis Flyer, who has been even more critical of Harold Ford Junior than I have (if that's possible) has endorsed Ford - for the REPUBLICAN nomination for US Senate!

Their comments speak for themselves:

Congressman Ford, we suggest you immediately declare your candidacy for the Republican nomination for the Senate. Your words, your political contributors, and your votes make it clear that’s where you belong. As the Republican nominee, you would become the favorite to be Tennessee’s next senator. And you could go before the voters as what you are: a centrist who believes in the war in Iraq and who favors the budgetary, economic, and environmental policies of the Bush administration.

Best of all, your move to the Republican Party would clear the air in state politics. In 2006, the voters of Tennessee might be given a real choice at the polls: between a Republican candidate who stands on his record and for the status quo and a real Democratic candidate who might have the political courage to articulate a viable alternative to the mess in which we presently find ourselves at home and abroad.

Let’s make Harry Truman proud and give Tennessee voters a real choice.

Great job, folks!


Rusty said...

This has got to be a joke. Are you drinking some of Ken Neil's Koolaid?
Although you, like Ken Neil, may disagree with Ford that Saddam was a "bad guy" that should be taken out, there are thousands of Kurds and Turkomen that would probably agree with Ford, not you. Oh wait... there were killed in damn near genocide. Guess you and Ken support that huh?
Second, if your problem with Ford is that he goes on Imus and Fox News, you have a right to disagree with him there. He is taking the Democratic message to more people than Howard Dean, including those who really need to hear it like the people at Fox News. But that probably bothers the lazy do-nothing Democrats (wait, are you one?) that like to go to hippie conventions but don't care anything about actually winning elections or shaping the national debate.
Third, Kurita? Well good for you. Since her campaign has gone financially belly-up and is no longer viable, her campaign manager (Kim Wood) has walked out. Maybe you could fill that spot "pro-bono." Of course since organized labor endorsed Ford yesterday, I guess its too late and the nails are in Kurita's coffin. She didn't even get a single vote at the AFL-CIO convention.
Are you sure YOU aren't really the Republican in this equation?

Len said...


Um, did you not read the "Harold the Liberal?" post just below this?

Quoting Steve: ...on FOURTEEN critical Democratic issues, the man who wants to be your DEMOCRATIC nominee [i.e., Harold Ford, Jr.] voted AGAINST HIS PARTY HALF THE TIME. That's some kinda liberalism, folks, the kind that should get you BEATEN in a Democratic primary.

Harold Ford, Jr., is much closer to the Rethugnicans than he is to the Democrats on the issues, which is why I've vowed never to vote for Ford for any office whatsoever, as long as I live. And if that means the GOP takes Frist's seat again, so be it. I'd rather have an honest Rethug I didn't vote for in the seat than a dishonest Democrat I didn't vote for.

DemoBitch said...

Len, so you are really a Republican posing as a Democrat how ironic that you would cast stones at Ford. If you can't get behind the Democratic candidate (albeit after the primary) then you do not need to be involved in the Democratic party. I for one want Democratic candidates in positions and not sitting at home. I understand you have issues with Ford, however, the reason Demos continuously lose to Repubs is because of attitudes such as this. Repubs would vote for the antichrist if it meant a Repub would be in office. We would rather tear each other to shreds with stupidity.

takebackourcountry said...

DemoBitch-I guess what the "stupid" people are trying to say, is that they would vote for a Democrat, if there was one to vote for, but Jr.'s voting record is not a Democratic voting record. And I tend to agree with them, but................

since we seem to be saddled with him as a candidate, the question will ultimately be - watcha gonna do? It seems to me that this is a choice that progressive Democrats are faced with over and over - I had this argument with friends about Gore and Kerry - turns out all those people who thought there wasn't much of a difference between Gore and Bush and so voted for Nader were very, very wrong and made a very bad mistake, as history has shown.

I've thought that I could never vote for Jr. after his trifecta of crappy votes (the war, the bankruptcy act, shiavo) but if I am faced with some crackpot republican who might think Pat Robertson should be on the Supreme Court and Jr., I might have to hold my nose and take the chance that Jr. will find his roots (and vote like a democrat like his father used to) once he satisfies his insatiable ambition and gets a senate seat.

Steve Steffens said...

if I thought that would satisfy his ambition.... :)

The point is that this is a PRIMARY. Junior is of the arrogant belief that he has won the primary already and is concentrating on swing voters (if there are such things any more) and the stray Republican who might consider voting for a Democrat.

He has acted like his base will roll over for him like Don Imus has and will accept that he is the nominee.


Let's see how the public reacts when Uncle John goes to trial (as he will) and the Ford name is dragged through the mud. THEN we'll see if he still thinks he can win.

My buddy polar donkey swears Junior will be out of the race by December 23.

Rusty said...

Is this a joke? The primary IS over. Ford didn't call it. Kurita's failures FINISHED IT. She can't even raise enough money to pay her staff. Her own campaign manager walked away because she thought the campaign was falling apart and when TN Labor voted to endorse Ford, it was unanimous, Kurita couldn't even get a single vote.
There is no Democratic Primary. Ford is the man left standing.

Now, if you say he isn't liberal enough for you, fine. Go help keep Bush in power. Or, be a Canadian, they have a multi-party system. Better yet, read a book on how American government works. We have a two party system, like it or not. And for those of you who hate Al Gore for not being "liberal enough," we Americans would like to thank you and other Nader voters for putting George Bush in office. Keep it up and keep up these attacks on Ford so Bush and his cronies keep absolute power in all branches of government.

Steve Steffens said...

You, sir, are a liar. That is NOT why she left, and I have checked with the campaign to verify it.

You right-wing shills are the ones who are destroying the party of FDR. if you want to sell your soul to the highest bidder like Junior has, be my guest.

What you fail to understand is that, once Ford votes for Harry Reid for Majority Leader, any other votes he has will be to help the wealthy at the expense of the middle-class, and to prolong a war that never should have started.

The Flyer was right, Ford needs to go to the Party where his views are welcome, the GOP.

David Holt said...

Why did she leave, Cracker?

Steve Steffens said...

My understanding is that her father had been ill for some time, and that Rosalind had been aware that she would need to leave at some point to take care of him, but that she wanted to help set up the campaign.

Now that that's done, she is able to leave.

Rusty said...

Suuuuuuuuuuurreeee that's why left wing cracker.... suuuuurrreee. You go on telling yourself that. Maybe that's why she applied for other political jobs in Nashville. Maybe that's why Kurita had to lay off a bunch of other staff too.

The party of FDR is the party that supports working people (Ford's stance on taxes and education).

It is not your "We want to vote for Nader to elect Bush" party. You keep supporting Bush and his GOP cronies and keep pushing for the rich over the middle class. In the mean time, Democrats, working people and anyone else who checks the record will be in the Ford camp. (For example, TN AFL CIO unanimously endorsing Ford as the best candidate for working people). In the mean time, keep your liberal elitism and arrogance to yourself and give the Democratic Party back to working people who need a real voice, an effective voice -- Harold Ford Jr.

ydemo said...

Steve you are always right on

Chris Davis said...

If you can't get behind the Nazis after they have taken power then you aren't a German.

For the record Bitch and Rusty: Bad is Bad no matter what flag it flies. If you don't support a Democrat who displays Republican values you're--- A GOOD DEMOCRAT. And now a lesson in Quantum physics.

When you give somebody false information thek know LESS than they dod before. So, I'd say all you Junior-clingons are on the way to becoming knownothings.

Anonymous said...

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