Thursday, August 25, 2005

How did I miss this?

Steve Gillard at the NEWS BLOG did a post about the Congressman from the 9th District several days ago, and I missed it until I was told about it today. Please read it, as well as the comments, one of which refers to Junior as a "Vichy Democrat". Those of you who are of the WWII Generation know what that means...


Rusty said...

Harold Ford is the only Democratic candidate still in the Primary. Kurita's campaign has gone financially belly up and her campaign manager even walked out on the failing campaign. Ford is it. Not to mention, he's a fine candidate who can and will win and represents Tennessee's working men and women.

Yes, he said he thinks our President is fundamentally a good person who unfortunately is plagued by bad ideas and bad idealogy... uh, yeah, that's probably true.

Now while arrogant liberal elites (very strong in TN, they lost the state by 80,000 votes for our native son Gore) may seek someone angry, bitter and ranting about the past like themselves, Ford is focused on the future and fighting for working men and women in our state. It's time working people take the Democratic Party back from the elitist idealogues. The party of FDR was the party of working men and women, not the party of blogging know-it-alls.

In addition, you can criticize Ford all you want for standing by the decision to take Saddam out. Ford said Saddam was a bad guy and should be taken out. Now while you and Ken Neil etc may disagree, there are thousands of Kurds and Turkomen who would disagree with you... oh wait, I guess there aren't afterall. They faced near Genocide thanks to the guy you say should be left in power.

Steve Steffens said...

I worked in the Gore 2000 race, did you? Stick Nader up your ass, pal.

Harold Ford, Senior is someone who grew up in South Memphis, never once forgetting where he came from. He was the best congressman I have ever had, even if I didn't always agree.

Harold ford Junior grew up around the children of privilege, and he apparently hasn't forgotten it, either.

He is an elitist who has sold out to the Beltway willingly; it's the only life he's known. If you are correct and he is the nominee of the party, he will lose 93 of 95 counties.

If you're willing to let him take the party down with him, you're not much of a Democrat. You;re the one that needs to go back to the Republicans, not me.

Andy said...


Is the Ford campaign paying you to go around and visit various blogs making inflammatory remarks about Senator Kurita?

I've seen you everywhere...

You make these outrageous claims and fail to back them up with any evidence.

Kurita is in. She's in today, she'll be in tomorrow, she'll be in in August.

And come November, she'll be the next U.S. Senator from Tennessee!

Rusty said...


Judging by your poor taste in language, you should drink a little more of that Nader Koolaid and relax before you have a stroke their pal.

Good work you and all the liberal elites did for Gore. Bang up job. Now that you are taking credit for your work on behalf of Gore and the resutling landslide defeat in TN, I'm sure your new political masters will greet you happily where ever you may end up. But for now, leave the Democratic Party to the Democrats, working people who need someone like Harold Ford who proposed HIS OWN plan for the estate tax that would have relieved the tax burden on farmers and small businesses but not given a free pass to the Microsofts of the world or crippled the national coffers in so doing.

Again, we the working people of Tennessee and America need a Democrat to represent us not just on the campaign trail, but actually in office. So, take your arrogance and elitism and peddle them somewhere else.

Rusty said...


Are you crazy? Outlandish claims... that have been right. If you don't believe her campaign is financially belly-up ... read the newspaper (KnoxNews reported she raised 8 percent of what Ford did) or check her own financial disclosures. She is spending more money than she is taking in. And on top of that, she loaned herself a quarter of the money she now has on hand.

And I think the Nashville City Paper even reported about Kim Wood walking out on her.

And it was all over the web when TN organized labor gave her the total snub and endorsed Ford with every single vote.

Outlandish... maybe
True... yes
Kurita is toast... yes

By the way, Andy... didn't Kurita used to have an Andy somebody quoted in the newspapers as her spokesman?????

Rusty said...

“In addition, Kurita’s campaign manager Kimberly Wood quit recently. The campaign does not have a new campaign manager yet.”

Union Leaders Support Ford unanimously,1406,KNS_348_4024728,00.html

(from the KnoxNews archives)
U.S. Senate hopeful has down quarter
Published on July 26, 2005, Article 1 of 10 found.
WASHINGTON -- Democratic state Sen. Rosalind Kurita raised $54,000 last quarter for her 2006 U.S. Senate bid -- about 8 percent of the total of her primary opponent, U.S. Rep. Harold Ford Jr., according to her newly filed campaign report.

Ford earlier reported raising $692,000 in the second quarter, and had $1.8 million cash on hand at the end of June. Kurita reported a $221,000 balance at the end of June.

The Kurita campaign said Monday that the low quarter was a temporary setback due to

Rusty said...

FEC report for Andy's campaign

DynoDonkey said...


My new hero.

Steve Steffens said...

I'm sure that Beth Harwell is proud of both of you for working to ensure that this Senate seat remains in GOP hands, as it will if Ford wins the nomination.

Andy said...

Maybe Rusty should take Kimberly Wood's word for it in the Lebanon Democrat ... "I knew when I started I might not be here for the long haul. I had a job to do, I did it."

Or maybe he should look to the October disclosures.

Or maybe he should consider Ford's "have it both ways" position on Iraq.

DemoBitch said...

Whoa, Andy!!! I am from Lebanon and I for one would not take anything that the Democrat writes as being credible. The Democrat is now being published by raging Repubs and the paper has a true right wing slant and should not be used in a quote to support your stance for Kurita. But then again the Flyer publisher is a shady Repub posing as a Demo. Maybe you can use a quote from the Democrat.

Jackson said...

This last is ludicrous. Ken Neill is to the left of Howard Dean, and Clint Brewer, the Lebanon Democrat's editor, has for the last several years been the closest thing to a Harold Ford Jr. confidante that Tennessee journalism has possessed. Please, folks, make your agitprop at least plausible!

Steve Steffens said...

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

Ken Neill a Republican, eh? There's sure a lot of cranial-rectal inversion coming to this board on behalf of the Man Who Would Be Senator.

Obama, now he's just a memory...

Steve Steffens said...

Well, I meant to say remember when Ford was Obama before Obama, but now he's just a memory to national politics.

Oy, never mind!

polar donkey said...

Here comes Rusty! Republican rabbit.

If ind Rusty's use of catch phrases interesting.
1) Liberal elite- no democrat calls another democrat liberal elite. (Please use inside the beltway, DLCer's, Vichy Democrats, or republican-lites. Terminology is important.)
2) Estate tax helps small farmers-Now that's just a republican myth. A professor at the University of Missouri has documented how no family farm has been lost to estate taxes.
3) Party of FDR. Yes real democrats get hot in the pants for any mention of FDR, but I think it is pretty well documented Ford has not voted in the interest of working class men and women. As for banks and wall street, that's a different story and everyone knows how banks and Wall Street just loved FDR.
4) Kurds and Turkomen subject to genocide. Yes they were, in 1991 when Bush the first told them to revolt and then left them handing. They have had an autonomous region since 1992. Remember no-fly zones. If you don't believe it, just ask a Kurd. Why do you think they demand regional autonomy in the constitutional negotiations.

Rusty, try to get better at posing as a democrat. I know the RNC talking points has been drilled into people's heads and it's hard to break behavior patterns, so go back and tell Ken Mehlman to train his shock troops better.

autoegocrat said...

The AFL-CIO supports private prisons, and remember, that's where the money is in Tennessee right now. If the AFL-CIO values money over issues, their endorsement of Uncle Junior isn't worth a bucket of birdshit to me.

Rusty is a troll who, if I am not mistaken, posts on Peggy's blog from time to time. At least Rusty and Peggy's troll have the same ISP and blogging habits. They make the same typos, too.

If a Republican is trolling for Uncle Junior, and I am 90% sure the he is, what does that say about Kurita? Who is the trojan horse here? Remember what they did to Howard Dean.

This is going to be an easy primary fight if people like Rusty are all we have to deal with. Just think of the bumper stickers we can make.

Vote Kurita, because she has held a job!
Vote Kurita, because she is an adult!
Vote Kurita, because she is a Democrat!

You can't say any of that about Uncle Junior. Remember, LWC, that votes win primaries, not money. If we can beat the Ford GOTV machine, we win the primary. We need to get together in person and talk about organization.

Rusty said...

Autoegocrat and Leftwing Cracker,
Are you now denouncing Kurita since she has come out in support of Ford's position ont he war?

Bob Krumm's blog cites her opinion from a lunch interview. Attack me all you want if you can't find a legit attack against Ford. Wake up to reality.

"Sure to upset many on the left, Kurita voiced her support for the President’s decision to go to war, saying that, at the time, she would have made the same decision herself."

Anonymous said...

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