Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A note to Senator Paul Stanley

OK, here's how it is: Neither I, nor anyone else, cares what Mackensie Morrison did before she was an intern, because this is not about HER behavior, it's about YOUR behavior.
As a Democrat, frankly, I could care less whether you resign or not, because your political career is finished regardless. It would be better for us for you to finish the term and let the brawl for your seat take place next August, when people would have to risk their State House seats to gain yours.
However, have you noticed that more tawdry things are being leaked about you every day? I have news for you, Senator, this will not stop until you resign. By the way, it's not coming from my side of the aisle, either, I would bet dollars to donuts that this is all coming from Goopers desperate to get the stench of your actions off of their party before things get even more out of control than they already are.
You are in an untenable position, sir, you have no way out other than the honorable one. (HEY! I meant RESIGNATION!) Do the right thing and go, or at least announce that you will not run for re-election. Of course, that may not satisfy many in your party, and anything else that might be in your closet will be aired for public consumption. The decision is yours, sir, and I don't envy you in the least.

UPDATE: CA and WMC-TV5 say he's gone as of August 10. He's on with Ferguson right now at WREC 600.


Tom Guleff said...

I believe this would have gotten really ugly by the weekend. No person could have been able to refute all of the daily rumors (there was even a blog reference that the intern was involved in a murder). This was on the verge of spinning out of control; this was about to go "super nova".

callmeishmael said...

I voted for Brother Bill--God bless him--twice and did not think he should have left the Presidency due to his, well, intern misadventures. I know full well that the Cracker did not advocate his resignation either. To urge that Senator Stanley leave office for his, well, basically similar intern misadventures is a rather interesting dichotomy. Senator Stanley needs to resign, as he evidently did according to today's CA. Governor Mark Sanford ought to do the same. Neither man can serve their constituents effectively and each has marriages to repair. To say, however, that these men should leave office while not insisting that Brother Bill--God bless him--do the same for the same offense indicates not a concern for the body politic or the well-being of Tennesseans, but rank partisan favoritism rooted in a sense of moral superiority. Is it acceptable for Democrats to have intern misadventures, but inexcuseable for Republicans? Is it any wonder, among many reasons, why many of us have grown disenchanted with both politics generally and the Democratic party specifically? To criticize the Republicans for touting moral superiority and then to practice the same type of arrogance is, well, a misadventure of another sort.

Steve Steffens said...

Of course, ishmael, that conveniently ignores that Clinton never campaigned on moral superiority as Staney did.

The applicable rule here is very simple: if you can't walk it, don't talk it.

callmeishmael said...

Brother Bill-God bless him-campaigned on personal responsibility and communal accountability. I did not think he should have resigned his office and the Republicans never accepted the legitimacy of his Presidency. That being said, to excuse his behavior in spite of his clarion call for responsbility only to excuse his lack of responsibility while howling to the wind when a Republican commits the same sin--Brother Bill's word, God bless him--is little short of the blind favoritism that poisons our politics, demeans our society and inhibits the sort of policy discussions that need to desperately occur. It speaks of the arrogance that does no one any good, especially the "Other" that you Democrats claim to champion. If Brother Bill-God bless him-had avoided his, well, intern misadventure, Al Gore would have won in 2000 going away in spite of his own political ineptitude. Can you honestly say with Gore as President rather than Knucklehead that the "Other" would have been better served? From your vantage point, the answer speaks for itself. Democrats, it seems, aren't very good at walking either.

Anonymous said...

Steve with all due respect. It doesnt matter if brother Bill campaigned on it or not. He's a leader just like Stan the man was to a lesser extent. Leaders should set a better example.