Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Two things of note today!

One, if you are in the Memphis area, go to the Germantown Democratic Club meeting tonight at Coletta's Restaurant, 2850 Appling Road; Dinner will begin at 6 P.M. and the speaker starts at 6:45.  Who's the speaker, you ask?  None other than our own VIBINC, Steve Ross, who will discuss the new County Commission districts.  Nobody is more prepared than he is, so it will be informative and fun.. I gotta work late tonight, so I can't be there, but you should go!

Next, stop what you are doing and go read NEWSCOMA right now.  Go ahead, I'll wait.

Again, she asks the right questions, but will the TNDP have the right answers?  I like this part right here:
A lot of folks I talk to discuss the wealth of Haslam and it is a fair discussion. He has a great deal of money and how much is something that no one truly knows. It’s hard to fathom what kind of money would be needed to set up a serious gubernatorial challenger. And it’s not just democrats raising eyebrows but moderate republicans as well.
And then I think about Wendy Davis from Texas. I think that what it really takes is someone opposing what is happening in this state right now just as she did. She stood up for something she believed in.
Bingo.  It's time for the TNDP to wake up and realize that GOP-lite will not work any more.  Until we find candidates that EXCITE and INSPIRE people, we are screwed.

Ok, that's all for the moment, I will try to get back here more often.

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