Sunday, July 19, 2015

"You Need To Be Moving"

These are the words of former President Bill Clinton yesterday at the funeral of Judge D'Army Bailey.  They are the words he uses to young people who ask his advice on what they should be doing.

We have young people in this community who are doing this trying to make this county and city better by running for office to improve the lives of everyone, not just a privileged few.  They are working to shake up things and breathe new ideas into the community at large.

John Marek, District 5 City Council

Rachel Knox, District 2 City Council

Chooch Pickard, District 5 City Council

London Lamar, Tennessee Young Democrats Chair

Zach Ferguson, District 9-3 City Council

Alvin Crook, Shelby County Young Democrats Chair

Mickell Lowery, District 8-3 City Council

All deserve your support and time and most importantly, your vote.  Get to know them.  They are the future.

Embrace the change.

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Kelly said...

Thanks for this!
Zachary looks SUPERCOOL.

I like Stephanie for 9-2, and don't like any of them for 9-1. I guess I'll have to go with that audio engineer guy who brags about being a freemason (???? who does that?) The others are one GOP wingnut and a libertarian. Audio dude is a mystery.