Friday, February 14, 2020

Reginald Milton for General Sessions Court Clerk

As Jon noted back in January, Ed Stanton Jr. has decided not to seek re-election as General Sessions Court Clerk.  What is interesting is that the first person he informed of this decision was my friend and my County Commissioner, Reginald Milton.

After giving the matter great thought, as he does whenever he is considering such decisions, he decided to run for the Democratic nomination for that seat.  As he has spent the majority of his adult life serving others, whether it is through his non-profit South Memphis Alliance or with the Shelby County Democratic Party, or as he has since 2014, as District 10 County Commissioner, Reggie puts the people he serves first. 

He is not just a great servant, he is an even better human being.  I have no doubt that he will keep everything in great shape, hire great staff when needed, and serve the lawyers and other users of that office with the same strength and wisdom that he uses at the Alliance and on the Commission.

Early voting started on Wednesday and goes through February 25, with the regular election day at your polling place on March 3.  Please join me and so many other citizens of our County, like City Court Clerk Myron Lowery and our Mayor, Jim Strickland, in supporting Reginald Milton for General Sessions Court Clerk!

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