Monday, July 20, 2020

Recommendations for August 6

So, I am ok, no tests for me yet, no symptions, either. 

I was asked if I was going to do any recommendations for the Primaries and the GS court clerk race, so here we go.

I agree with some of my friends that neither Paul Boyd (R) or former councilor Joe Brown (D) deserves the job of General Sessions court clerk, considering how great a job the outgoing Ed Stanton Jr. has been doing in the position.  That said, since it is almost impossible for a write-in to win, one of these two will be the next Clerk.  Simply based on the hope that the former Councilor will have less of a turnover in that office, I held my nose and voted for Joe Brown. 

Sigh.  Can't help but wonder how many people in our March Primary thought they were voting for the former state and TV judge.

Ok, then, onto the state and Federal primnary.   James Mackler should have been our nominee against Marsha Blackburn, except that Chuck Schumer and others in Tennessee had the bright idea to force him out and replace him with Phil Bredesen.   So, how'd that work out for y'all?  Not sure that Mackler would have been closer, but I would have felt better about my vote.  There are other good people in this race, but only Mackler can (and HAS) raise enough money to compete against what ever the GOP throws up at us.  What can you say about a primary where George Flinn is the closest thing to a voice of reason.  EWWWWWWW

TN-09.  Steve Cohen still up and at it?  Ok, good enough for me.  Especially now that we have the ,majority in the US House, Nancy Pelosi is going to be Speaker, and that is why we need Steve Cohen to stay there.  He has fought for his constituents since 1984 in either the State Senate or Congress, and he does what a Congressman is supposed to do, great constituent work and keeping that Federal grany money rolling in.

Corey Strong is a good dude but when I see his commercials, I wonder if he knows what a Congressman is supposed to do.  (It looks like he is running for Mayor, not Congress).  Any way, Cohen until he decides he doesn't want to do this any more.

HOUSE 90  - TORREY HARRIS .  I am in 31 so no Senate race on my ballot this year.  The race to replace the removed John DeBerry as our Democratic nominee should go to Harris, who has government experience and and understands what is needed in our district.  The other two candidates, Catrina Smith, boasts an endorsement from TV Judge Greg Mathis (and that helps anyone how????) and Anya Parker have not really impressed me, so Harris it is.

I voted to retain the Appeals Judge, Carma Dennis McGee.

So, those are the races I voted in.  Now, to the rest of the primaries.

There are some races with no primary opposition, here they are:

Senate 32 - Julie Byrd Ashworth
House 83 - Jerri Green, our best hope to knock off Mark White.
House 87, our terrific Leader, Karen Camper!!!
House 91, our up and coming star, London Lamar
House 93, the venerable GA Hardaway
House 95, Lynette Williams, who is challenging Kevin Vaughn out east
House 96, the man you can blame for getting me into all this, Dwayne Thompson!  :)

And now, the primary battles:

SENATE 30 Senator Sara Kyle has LaTroy Williams against her in the primary.  Sara Kyle has been a public servant as long as I can remember.  She is tough as nails, a fighter for her people, and has never tried to bilk candidates into supporting a sample ballot.  no contest, Sara Kyle!

HOUSE 84.  Joe Towns, our friend of many years, has primary opposition in Dominique Primer.  I have to confess, I know nothing about her, but she seems to have some support.  Joe, yes, I will support you BUT WILL YOU HIRE A DAMN TREASURER TO DO YOUR DISCLOSURES???  Rant over.

HOUSE 85 - First term Rep. Jesse Chism has opposition from former SCYD Chair Alvin Crook.  Based on what I have seen so far, I am of the opinion that if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

HOUSE 86.  Why the hell does BARBARA COOPER have opposition in the primary every two years?  I see she has three candidates against her again, and I will bet all of them combined won't get to 40%.  She stays connected to her community, they love her and will re-nominate her.

HOUSE 88 - Larry Miller, because, again, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

HOUSE 97 - ALLAN CREASY.  He busted his butt two years ago against Jim Coley, and he made a major dent, but it is tough to unseat an incumbent.  Even though it is tough with COVID to do door to door, he has made major headway in the areas of the District, even in the giant red blob that is Bartlett.  ALLAN IS OUR BEST SHOT TO FLIP THIS SEAT.  Yes, we all love Gabby Salinas and she has raised a ton of money, but I think it would be tougher for her in November.

HOUSE 98 - Rep. Antonio Parkinson always faces primary opposition because he fights FOR public schools and AGAINST charters and vouchers.  Stick with him District 98, he always fights for you!

SCS BOARD positions.

My District, 1, is not up this time.  I was for Mauricio Calvo in 5 but he withdrew over the weekend in favor of Sheleah Harris, so I will trust him here.

I had not one but TWO friends who were planning to run since Kevin Woods had not planned to run for re-elecion.  He changed his mind and ran, they pulled out and supported him, so I will go with Kevin Woods in 4.

Re-elect Stephanie Love in District 3 and Miska Clay Bibbs in 7 and that rounds out my suggestions.

EITHER REQUEST AN ABSENTEE BALLOT OR EARLY VOTE!  You have until 4 PM on Saturday, August 1.

As always, be careful out there AND WEAR A DAMN MASK WHEN YOU LEAVE YOUR HOUSE!


T. Laurel Sulfate said...

You're back! Hooray!

old man winter said...

Wearing here on the Plains. Ecstatic about passing our Medicaid expansion a few weeks back. The vote distribution is suggestive of how to work toward a more reasonable state.

Steve Steffens said...

Thanks, glad to be back. Ah, Medicaid expansion, I hope I will see that here someday.