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You asked for it and you are going to GET IT, Part 3 - State and Federal Democratic Primaries

 Thank you for your patience.

Ok then.  As always, your mileage may vary, but here we go!

GOVERNOR - Jason Brantley Martin - While the good ER doctor from Nashville is not what I would call a powerhouse on the stump, he does have the best chance to defeat Bill Lee.  Nothing against Councilor JB Smiley Jr or Carnita Atwater, but ask yourself this question: Of the three, who do you think could get the most votes in Dyer County?  Lincoln County?  Polk County?  

Yes, that is what we are up against, and every vote we can pull away from the worst Governor in the history of this state helps us down the ballot, and down the road as we fight the Party that supports seditionists.  Smiley has a future, but he is moving too fast by half.  Nice guy, I agree with him on a lot of things, but I don't think he can win.  Atwater has less of a chance than I do and I am not running. 

So, Dr. Martin it is.


Steve Cohen until he doesn't want to do this anymore, which won't be any time soon, thankfully.

As with most of these seats, there is no primary opposition, I will skip them and jump ahead.


When Katrina Robinson was forced to resign after her federal conviction, there was only one real possibility to fill this seat, and LONDON LAMAR was that person.  She has done so much even before she was elected to State Representative District 91, having built the Shelby County and Tennessee Young Democrats into powerhouses.  She was a terrific representative, fighting hard for her district and getting bills passed in both houses despite being in a super minority as a Democrat. In the redistricting, I was moved from Brian Kelsey's District 31 to her District 33.  It does not get much better than that!  Please vote and support LONDON LAMAR for a full term in the State Senate!

Tennessee House of Representatives, District 84  Surprisingly, Joe Towns Jr faces opposition in Brandon Price.  No idea who this person is, I am sticking with Joe Towns!

Tennessee House of Representatives, District 85 - Jesse Chism is the choice over Phyllis Parks, he has been solid and steady since arriving in Nashville.

Tennessee House of Representatives, District 86

Every year someone runs against Barbara Cooper and every year they LOSE.  She may be in her 90s but she is always out in her district and is a familiar sight there.  I wish I had that much energy!

Tennessee House of Representatives, District 91

We have all heard the saying that when one door closes, another one opens.  TORREY HARRIS can tell you firsthand about that.  When his district was combined with District 91 and District 90 was sent into the hinterlands, it wasn't long before Katrina Robinson's departure from the Senate led to the elevation of London Lamar to her seat and House 91 was left open.  While the County Commission decided to wait for the August election,. Harris, who was now living in 91, filed for the seat.  He was a good representative for 90 and he should be nominated and elected in November to this seat full time.

Tennessee House of Representatives, District 97

My address was moved from 90 to 97, which used to be primarily Bartlett, Raleigh and Berclair, where Allan Creasy and Gabby Salinas each attempted to capture it.  However, Rep. John Gillespie got Bartlett and Raleigh out of the district in order to get more of the Poplar Corridor into it, where the fundraising was presumably better.  That said, it is also a more flippable district now, since it reaches all the way to Humes Heights!  No, I am not running, but HOUSTON WOLF is, and I voted for him today, and if you now live in House 97, I want you to do so as well!

State Executive  Committeewoman  District 30  In all of the state Democratic Executive Committee races, this one is the only contested race, with Committeewomen Allison Brownlee (Senate 29), Sarah W. Freeman (31), Deborah K. Reed (32) and Rosemanry Winters (33) join Committeemen Darrick "Dee" Harris (29), Allan Creasy (30), Dave Cambron (31), and Jonathan Carroll (33) in advancing to the Committee.  Yes, before you ask, that is OUR Jon Carroll, delighted to see him and Allan Creasy going to the TNDPEC to shake things up.

In the State Executive  Committeewoman  District 30 race, there are two powerhouses.  Anyone who reads this blog knows Norma Lester, who has been involved as long or longer than I have, having served on the SCDPEC, the Shelby County Election Commission and various campaigns, and there is relative newcomer Jasmine Boyd.  Ms. Boyd has brought energy and organizational ability to each campaign she has worked with, and has developed a lot of support in a lot of Democratic areas.

I adore Norma Lester, it is hardly a secret and all who know her do as well.  That said, for the work that is ahead in building back the state party, especially in each Senate District, needs energy and organization.  Norma has done so much for this Party in this county, her advice is always listened to when given.  However, for what needs to be done, I am going to support JASMINE BOYD for this office.  We need to maximize the Democratic vote in EVERY SENATE DISTRICT FROM 1 TO 33, and I believe that for the task at hand, Ms. Boyd will be the best for this position.  No doubt Norma is always going to be a part of this Party and is and will be treasured by all Democrats, but Jasmine Boyd is best suited for this role at this time.

All right, fire away y'all!  Lets beat every Republican wherever we can!

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