Thursday, March 16, 2006

All right, do you want to put your sweat equity into some campaign work?

UPDATE!!! Please note changes to the Mulroy event for Saturday!!!!!

OK then.

If you agree with me that Joe Young should be our next County Clerk, he needs your help. if you support Joe and can volunteer your time and effort, email him at

Looking to help Steve Mulroy? They are looking for door-to-door help this weekend. Lynn Strickland explains:

Steve Mulroy is going door to door Saturday and would like some enthusiastic company. If you have map reading skills that will be a plus, but not a requirement. We will meet at 755A Graham Street, Campaign HQ, near the U of M Campus at 11:30 am. The plan is to work the selected neighborhoods for a while into the afternoon.

Join Steve for a fun day in the sun participating in grass roots politics at its best. Sign on for the morning, afternoon or both sessions. Love to have you!

Please respond by reply back to me, Lynn Strickland -, or reach Steve directly at ALSO if you have not visited the website at and filled out the Volunteer Registration page, please do so at your very earliest convenience.

Lynn Strickland

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