Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Smart City represents on Living Wage!

A great post from Smart City calls on Mayor Herenton and the City Council to stand up and get on board the Living Wage train for city employees.

An excerpt:

Meanwhile, back in Memphis, we continue to grapple with the living wage issue. City Council has dragged its feet on this issue, but like so many issues that dissipate with time, this one is not going away, particularly as long as tax freezes are handed out as casually as they are by city and county governments.

The Living Wage Campaign is calling on the City Council to pay its workers $10 an hour with health insurance or $12 an hour without insurance. In addition, it makes the case that if companies are going to have their property taxes waived, they should at least agree to pay a living wage to their workers in return. The $10 an hour would bring a family of four to the federal poverty level.


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polar donkey said...

I don't mean to be cynical, but it looks like Carol Colletta and Smart City Consulting is positioning itself for a post-Herenton political evironment. I'm glad she endorsed the Living Wage but prior to this posting I had seen Living Wage mentioned a grand total of 1 other time and that was in relation to tax abatements and incentives. I haven't seen Smart City or Carol Colletta's name on the Living Wage Coalition either. Six months ago, the Living Wage Coalition could have really used Smart City's self-promotion skills to help the cause. That didn't happen though. Smart City was too involved in promoting "progressive change", while never coming to terms with the fact that Herenton's adminstration is blatantly incompetent and corrupt. But you know what, I don't care what brings people to the correct side of a debate, whether it is political expediency or just economic survival, welcome to the party Smart City.